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Ukelele Blues
by Palaytia Dream

The ladies man stepped off the elevator, same as he'd been doing for the past few months now at Children's Mercy. He'd grown quite fond of the little ones on the cancer ward, driven to them by their courage.

Nothing, not even the job he performed on a routine basis, could compare to what these young ones faced on a daily basis. That's why, when young April asked Buck for a special favour, he couldn't turn her down.

"Morning Buck," The floor nurse greeted the ATF agent with a warm smile, nodding over to the day room filled with anxious children. "They're waiting for you." A sparkle in her eye made Buck a bit nervous as he nodded his acknowledgment.

"Thanks Sandy," he replied, "you uh...you promise to keep..."

Sandy nodded before he could finish his sentence, grinning now at the seemingly nervous agent as she crossed her heart.

"Go on now, don't know how much longer we can keep them distracted."

Once more Buck nodded, clearing his throat as he headed for the sunny day room. His countenance changed as one of the children spotted him.

"He's here, he's here!" a small boy Buck had come to know as Danny excitedly cried out to the room. Buck could feel his cheeks warm as he shifted a small black case from one hand to the other, welcoming the outpouring of children into his arms.

"Told ya I would be." he smiled, patting the shoulders of his young counterparts as he made his way over to a single chair prepared in the middle of the room just for him. Looking around he saw his friend April, seated in her hospital bed, her eyes shining.

"Hey," he said softly as he approached, glancing up at the IV that hung from her bedside, "See ya brought a friend" he joked, relishing the smile she returned in reply.

"I brought it," he nodded to the black case, "Ya sure you want me to do this?" he questioned as he raised it for her to see. "They might not let me back in after this ya know," he grinned as his tone played with the bright eyed lass. Once more she nodded her answer, leaving Buck the only thing left to do.

With a feigned sigh he placed the case on her bed and opened it. "If you're sure..." he winked taking out a small ukelele to the delight of the children who had gathered round him.

Buck opted to sit on the edge of April's bed as the crowd gathered on the floor in front of him. With a few strums to tune the instrument, Buck looked at the smiling faces. After an exaggerated clearing of his throat he began to strum a tune, his mind free from the cares of the office. Right now, as far as he was concerned, he was on the tiny little island of Mookie Pookie as he began to sing in a drawled out voice.

"There's a tiny little island and they call it Mookie Pookie in the middle of Maka-laka Bay," he began. Hearing the giggles, he continued on, smiling as he strummed, "where the birds and the fishes and the animals play, and a turtle named Gert does the hula all day."

One little boy in the back stood up, waving his arms to and fro, much to the delight of the AFT agent as he continued on.

"But when the sun goes down, everybody gathers round, and they listen to the coconut band, play the lullaby that everybody knows," he stopped long enough to imitate knocking a beat on a nearby child's head, "And this is how it goes." he waited a beat before he turned to April

"Wouldn't ya like a little kiss, mwah." he blew a kiss to the giggling girl, "maka-laka, what a kookie mookie pookie lullaby." He continued amongst the further erupting giggles from the group as he turned to them.

"Just a little kiss like this, mwah," he blew one to the crowd, "maka-laka what kookie mookie pookie lullaby. If you give a little kiss to me, I'll give it back yes sir're. And that's the maka laka, what a kookie mookie pookie lullaby."

Buck's eyes closed briefly as he set the mood, swaying unconsciously in time with the rhythm as the youngsters looked on in.

"Just hear the music play, just feel the palm trees swing and sway. You're sure to lose your blues and close your eyes and snooze to the music of this lullaby.

While Buck was "channeling" his perfect vacation spot, Chris and his men were standing outside the day room doorway, in the here and now, much to the chagrin of Sandy, who had crossed her fingers as she had crossed her heart just moments before.

"He'll never let me hear the end of this, she whispered to the man in black as they continued to watch the rogue, now totally enthralled in his song.

"Who says he has to know," Chris grinned back, making her feel more at ease.

With a nod, Sandy glanced to the five other men who were as entranced as the children around Buck. She stifled a laugh as she returned to her duties, wishing she could be at the office with them to see what antics they would pull on their fellow Agent. Chris returned his attention to the day room.

"In their pajamas made of silk, they drink a glass of milk and they eat a cookie ookie or two. Then down in the sand they lay and the band begins to play. Wouldn't you like a little kiss..mwah...maka laka....just a little kiss like this."

Chris' grin widened as the group joined in at the end of the song.

"If you give a little kiss to me, I'll give it back yes sir're." their tiny voices rising above Buck's. "And that's the maka laka what a kookie mookie pookie lala, maka laka what a kookie mookie pookie lullaby."

Buck strummed out the last notes with a bittersweet ending. His face shone with as much delight as those around him, chuckling as he held his ground from the arms and kisses that threatened to smother him as April watched on with a satisfied smile.

He turned to her, not seeing as the six men quietly left the doorway.

All he saw was the adoration she held for the big man and that's all that mattered.

"He's coming, he's coming," JD's voice warned as he quickly headed back inside the office of the ATF, sending a flurry of agents scurrying about to regain their positions.

Ever since the incident at the hospital, the men had all been walking around with "maka- laka" on the mind and Vin and JD had decided to do something about it. Having spent some time on one of the Hawiian Islands himself, Josiah proudly offered to volunteer some of his, souvenirs for "the cause."

"Gentlemen," Ezra acknowledged the figure stepping into the door with a quiet nod of his head.

"Morning Buck," Nathan greeted first as Buck approached looking a bit haggard, "You uh...you have a nice weekend?" he smiled brightly, a twinkle in his eyes.

"No different then any other," Buck answered as he strolled over to his desk.

"What the?" he stopped short of the site before him.

An animated hula dancer doll swayed her grass hips back and forth in the middle of his desk, book ended by two blow up palm trees. Along side his desk, a makeshift beach made up of a pile of sand spread over a tarp, with a beach chair strategically placed beside a small blow up pool of water. A colourful beach ball floated lazily in the middle. Upon closer examination of the bottom of the pool he could make out shells and little plastic...

"Mermaids?!" he voiced aloud.

Buck frowned as he turned, the strumming of a ukelele catching his attention from behind. He didn't know wether to laugh or cry at the site of JD and Vin, side by side, each in a grass skirt, coconut shell bikini tops over their button up work shirts as they swayed to the rhythm Josiah provided for them.

From his doorway, Chris leaned, arms folded across his chest, a wide grin growing as the scene before him played out. Across the room a similar gesture was being spread between Ezra and Nathan as JD and Vin broke out into song.

"Wouldn't ya like a little kiss," they sang teasingly to the grown man before them, who's mustached twitched nervously as they approached.

"Hey now," Buck held up his hands to stop the forward motion as he felt the desk against the back of his knees. But they continued forward stepping aside to let Ezra present Buck with a shirt louder than the rogue himself.

"You're attire for the afternoon sir," Ezra's gold tooth made an appearance as he held the shirt up for Buck to see, "I can't say much for the designer, but regardless I suppose it'll suit your need."

Buck reached for the shirt, unsure what was taking place as he watched Ezra step aside, Nathan taking his place.

"Best if you watch your carbohydrates." he held up a wicker tray with a tall bamboo glass, a pink umbrella dotting the rim. Beside it a plate of homemade cookies. "Ezra made them, so I won't be far in case you need me."

Ezra frowned at the comment before looking back as a speechless Buck shifted the Hawaiian shirt over his arm to accept the tray.

"You boys mind telling me just what in the blue blazes is going on here?" he questioned apprehensively watching from the corner of his eye as Chris strolled out the door of the office.

"Just thought you needed a little vacation is all," Josiah answered, strumming away happily.

"Yeah Buck," JD piped in still donned in his skirt and bikini top, "thought since you sang so fondly of that island..." he squirreled up his face trying to remember the name.

"I believe it was Mookie Pookie," Ezra drawled him the answer, with a relished grin.

"Yeah that's it..Mookie Pookie," he repeated excitedly, "well, we know how hard you work and all, so we thought we'd help ya out. You know, a vacation."

"Just next time," Vin added removing his costume, "pick someplace a little less, foreign."

Before Buck could answer, the sound of a rapid jungle drum beat made it's way into the office followed by two authentic Hawaiian drummers in loin clothes, behind them, long legs in grass skirts.

A smile appeared on Buck's face as the dancers shimmed and swayed in time to the drums on the floor of the ATF office.

"Don't know Vin," Buck drawled with a sheepish grin, "I kinda like exotic." He turned to the sharpshooter who's attention now too was refocused.

"If I may," Ezra informed, watching as intently, "I might suggest that Mr. Tanner and Mr, Dunne do not quit their day job."

Chris made his way over to Buck's side, not surprised at how easily his men were caught up in the show before them.

"You heard?" Buck questioned softly, his arms now folded across his chest, aware of Chris' presence.

The man nodded silently.

"She uh.." Buck swallowed back his emotions, not paying attention as the five others advanced themselves to get a closer look at the dark skinned dancers with waist length raven hair leaving him alone with Chris.

"She would have been twelve ya know."

Once more Chris nodded, well aware of his partners hurt.

An outburst of laughter caused Buck to turn his attention back to the performance, JD now in the middle of the Hawaiian ladies, trying his best to keep up.

A chuckle escaped Buck's lips. He watched for a moment more before shifting the shirt in his hands.

"Well," he sighed as he straightened with a grin, "Guess I best start my vacation."

Chris grinned, nodding his head, "Guess you best."

With a pat on Buck's back Chris watched as his long time friend headed off to change, leaving a sing song trail behind him.

"There's a tiny little island and they call it Mookie Pookie...."


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