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This is kind of a sequel to Moonlit Interlude. I wasn't going to post it, cos it doesn't work nearly as well as Moonlit did, due to being written when I was plastered, but the list has been so quiet, I thought I'd make a 'noise.'

There are absolutely no prizes for guessing who and what it's about, this one's pretty obvious. No plot, no point, no sex, just, well, just? erm, read it. Or not?:o)

Firelight Solace
by Chya

Once more, he had faced death and come out on top.

Once more, he had faced death so that another might live.

Once more, he had faced death and not given damn.

Now, he gazed at the one that made his life bearable. When he was in her arms he could forget his demons, let them be consumed by the heat of her love.

She was the only one who would always be there for him, come hell or high water.

She was the one that was loving him to death oh, so slowly.

He gazed into her amber depths, and lost himself there for a time, allowing her to burn through his soul.

He tasted her once, and felt her burning kisses trail from his mouth, to flow lazily downwards, and pool at his navel.

Her heat permeated his every pore, and he broke out in mild sweat, before tasting her again.

The more he drank of her, the more the flames inside him grew hotter and higher, razing the ghosts that dwelt in his heart.

The heat grew so intense, exacerbated by the taste, he could almost see the flames, and it was all he could do not to finish her there and then.

He worked down from her neck, feeling the fire consuming him inside and out, begging for release. He strived to reach the warm comfort he knew he would find at her bottom.

Finally he took the drink that quenched the fire, leaving him swimming in a blessed pool of warm security. The outside world, unable to touch him, moved on without him.

With a slight smile, he reached for her sister, and started working on her, knowing that she would easily keep him in his cotton wool world.

Knowing she would finish him off before he was half way done.

As Buck hauled his best friend to his once again, the two bottles sat on the table, gently winking in the firelight.


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