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Gone Fishing
by JOby

It was just past dawn and nobody was about yet. Buck ambled slowly down the sidewalk. Unable to sleep and without company, he had decided he might as well get out of bed. Movement ahead caught his eye and he noted Chris taking his customary chair on the boardwalk, a steaming cup of coffee in his hand.

It was worry about Chris that had caused Buck to toss and turn these past few days. This was just the third morning since the "Larabee Gang" returned from Jericho. The prison experience and numerous days in the hole had taken an obvious toll on Chris. Although Chris had been appreciative of the assistance of his friends, he had become if anything more quiet and introspective these last few days, only making conversation when absolutely required.

Buck decided Chris needed a change of scenery from Four Corners and he was just the man to provide the diversion. Buck quickly turned and headed to the livery to saddle their horses.

"Hey Chris." Buck called from his saddle. "Let's get out of here and go fishing." Buck had led Chris' horse to where he was sitting and had two poles tied to his saddle.

A broad smile crossed Chris' face. "That's the best suggestion I've heard in weeks. The usual spot?"

Now, the broad smile crossed Buck's face. "No, I've a special place."

"Let's go." Chris agreed eagerly.

Buck was gratified to see how Chris already seemed to have more energy. Conversation was sparse on the 30-minute ride, but it was a comfortable silence between friends. As they approached a cabin., Buck explained, "We're on my friend's property. Just want to let her know we're here."

"Her?" Chris inquired.

A broad grin crossed Buck's face. "Meg", Buck shouted.

The door of cabin was flung open. Buck heard Chris' sharp intake of breath as he caught sight of the vivacious woman at the door. Buck agreed she was quite a vision. Though plainly dressed in a white

blouse and dark gray skirt, her beautiful features and thick sable hair were stunning. A melodious voice greeted them, "You're up awfully early," her query directed to Buck.

Chris laughed knowingly (she was obviously well acquainted with Buck).

Buck turned his eyes sideways to Chris. Boy, it had been awhile since he had heard that laugh. "Good morning to you too." Buck returned dryly.

Meg smiled at the greeting. "Who's your friend?"

"Meg, this is Chris. Chris, Meg." They both nodded heads. "We're going down to the river and fish. Want to join us?"

"I can't right now. I have some work I need to finish. Did you want some breakfast?" Meg inquired.

Chris shook his head no. Buck answered for them both, "Thanks, but not right now."

"Tell you what. I'll come down when I've finished and cook up some of that fresh fish for our breakfast later."

"Sounds great." Buck smiled. "See ya later."

Buck and Chris turned their horses to the river. Buck was waiting forChris to ask about Meg, but knowing his penchant for privacy, Buck realized Chris wasn't going to say anything. So Buck offered. "Known Meg for years. She's a widow. Her husband was a lawman in Texas. She stayed there and is a dress designer and seamstress. This here is her father's place. She's here for a visit but he left this morning to fulfill a contract to deliver some horses to Fort Yuma. I said I'd keep an eye out for Meg, though she really doesn't need my help, she can take care of herself." Chris acknowledged the information but didn't ask any questions.

It was a short ride to the river. Chris, all business, quickly readied his equipment, removed his boots, and waded into the water to fly fish. On his first cast, he hooked a nice-sized trout. Yup, this was heaven he thought. Buck wasn't much of a fisherman. He desultory cast from the bank but kept up a pleasant steam of conversation on "safe" subjects. Chris felt more relaxed than he had in ages.

About an hour later, Meg came down to the river. By this time, Buck had given up all pretense of fishing and had relaxed on a large rock near the bank. Not that he needed to contribute to the fish count,

long ago Chris had caught plenty of fish for breakfast. Now he was just playing, releasing the fish he caught.

As Meg approached, Buck stood. She walked up to Buck and stood in front of him. Buck wrapped her arms around her and pulled her back against him. She leaned back into him. Chris noted the exchange enviously. Meg greeted Chris, "How did you do?"

Chris smiled. "Very well, thank you."

Meg's eyes never left Chris. She smiled and slowly, sensually licked her lips. It was an obvious invitation. Chris looked to Buck. A slow smile crossed Buck's face. Chris returned his gaze to Meg, still in Buck's arm. His groin was already tight with longing. He deliberately approached the couple.

Meg's smile broadened. As soon as he was close enough, she raised a hand to stroke Chris' cheek. He caught the hand and held it there, walking into the circle of her arms. Chris' eyes were locked with

Meg's as he slowly lowered his head. Their first kiss was a wary meeting, a whisper of contact. Chris felt her breath catch at the first contact. As he withdrew, she brushed his lips with her tongue. Chris moaned and quickly grasped her face in both his hands for a long, deep kiss. Meg's hands had moved and were now both on Chris' chest playing with opening vee at the collar of his shirt. She was moving her body in a sensual rhythm against Buck who was nibbling at her neck and his hands were caressing her breasts through her clothes.

Meg was appreciating the attention from Buck but her eyes were only focused on Chris. She carefully watched him as she undid the top button of his shirt. When there was no protest, she continued to unbutton the rest while caressing the skin beneath. She bent slightly forward at the waist, keeping her hips locked with Buck's through their clothes, but close enough to Chris that she could follow her hands with her lips on his chest. Chris hands were stroking her head, urging the contact with him. His eyes were closed as he savored the contact. Her lips approached some of the scars from past wounds. She didn't comment but slowly traced the raised tissue with her lips. Chris couldn't believe how sensitive he was to her touch. As she teased his nipples with her tongue, her hands had lowered to his pant's closure. She paused briefly to look up at him and smiled. She opened his pants and reached in with her hands to grasp him. Chris' hips bucked against her hands urging harder contact, his head tossed back and he groaned with each intimate caress.

Buck had not been an idle bystander. As Meg removed Chris' clothes, he had opened the buttons to her blouse. She wore nothing beneath and Buck growled appreciatively in her ear. Buck could hear her soft laugh at the growl and rewarded him with a tantalizing grinding of her hips against his hard member but she stayed focused on Chris. Buck completely removed Meg's blouse. Buck continued to caress her breasts but didn't move lower. After several minutes, Buck pulled Meg back slightly but completely from Chris. Meg groaned in obvious longing, rocking her hips.

Chris took a half step back to examine Meg. His eyes flick over her, stopping and lingering at her full breasts that tightened with his perusal. Chris smiled his approval and moved his hands to the closure on Meg's skirt. "Please," she panted softly. Chris smiled knowingly and undid the closure. Pulling slightly, the waist loosened and skirt billowed at Meg's feet. She was now naked. Meg had removed her undergarments prior to walking down to the river. If there were any doubts in Chris' mind left about her willingness, they were gone. Chris' hand quickly swept across her lower abdomen, she parted her thighs for his caress, and his hand lowered between her legs. Meg stepped forward into Chris' arms and Buck backed away, nodding at Chris.

It was now just Chris and Meg. Chris kissed Meg hungrily and probed her with a finger. Her warm, moist heat surrounded his finger and he quickly inserted a second finger and started a grinding rhythm in and out of her. Meg returned Chris' kisses and caresses and fiercely begged to be taken. "Please, Chris. I want you now," she pleaded.

Chris lowered Meg down to a blanket she had laid out. She parted her legs widely in invitation. As Chris hesitated, Meg groaned and pleaded. "Please, Chris."

Chris had removed his fingers and rocked back on his heels no longer in contact with this beautiful, sensual woman.

Her body writhed with longing. "Tell me what you want?" Meg asked.

Chris was almost clinically examining her. She was so wet with longing, she didn't know how long she could hold out before breaking down completely and begging for fulfillment.

Quietly Chris demanded she open her legs wider. She complied, rocking her hips up in invitation. "Pull your knees up to your chest." She complied, now more open than ever to his perusal. But still Chris didn't lower himself to her. He waited a minute, then with his fingers probed again at her opening. She groaned at the delay and pulled her legs further back. He was so hungry for this woman that he knew he had to bring her to the edge. Chris quickly entered her with three fingers and began a rough rhythm. He was so hard and hot for her, it wouldn't take long to come and when he did, he wanted her with him.

For several minutes, Chris rode her hard with his fingers. Her head was thrashing against the blanket and she was riding his fingers vigorously. Chris withdrew his fingers, placing both hands behind her knees and forcefully thrust his member into her. She bucked hard against him and gasped at the full penetration. He was so thick and long. Chris paused briefly, and then started a pounding rhythm in and out of her hot sheath. Occasionally, he would withdraw completely with his tip at her opening, only to drive his cock fully into her again. When he came, she climaxed with him. His satisfaction was so complete, he continued to thrust hard in and out of her until the last when he held her tightly to his chest.

Chris released her legs letting them relax down the sides of his body and lowered his head to kiss Meg. It was a slow, deep kiss showing his obvious appreciation of this woman beneath him. He withdrew leaving her on the blanket. He stood and looked at Buck. He turned, walked away, and dove into the nearby watering hole leaving Buck and Meg alone.

Meg turned over onto to her stomach to look at Buck. He had returned to his rock and was reclining against it. Buck feigned casualness but Meg didn't doubt he had watched her with Chris. She raised onto to her hands and knees, and then she stood and slowly approached Buck. She was completely naked while Buck was still fully clothed. She swayed her hips sensually in invitation as she walked over to him.

She stopped just short of Buck. She was a little leery of his serious expression. He normally was so carefree.

"Come here," he growled. Meg laughed and walked into the circle of his arms. Buck pulled her tight to his chest and lowered his head. At first he teased her lips with quick and then, long, hard kisses.

He ground his hips into hers seeking relief to ache in his groin from his very hard cock. She quickly removed his shirt and then lowered her hands to unfasten his pants. She stroked him through his clothes and Buck leaned back against the rock to enjoy her ministrations.

She pulled his cock free from his pants and lowered her head to him. Buck groaned in appreciation and rocked his hips against her lips. Her luscious mouth encircled him and began to stroke him. Sometimes she would graze him with her teeth, causing him to buck more with his hips. She would withdraw and use her tongue against the opening at his tip, only to pull him deeply into her mouth again. Buck writhed against the rock, finally succumbing to his own needs. She didn't pull away continuing her sucking of his cock and swallowing his cum.

After she rested briefly with her mouth around him, she stood in front of him again. Buck kicked off his boots and pants then, stood. He lifted her against his now nude body and kissed her deeply. With Meg in his arms, he carried her to the blanket and followed her down. Again, he kissed her deeply on the lips and then continued his kisses lower.

Meg arched her back as Buck placed kisses across the smooth skin of her abdomen. Buck left his ministration to deliver a hard kiss to her lips, his tongue plunging into her mouth. He could hear her groan of frustration and he chuckled softly. "That's not what you wanted?" he inquired.

Meg swatted his shoulder. "Stop teasing!"

Buck lowered his head again. He paused at her breasts, paying attention to each globe. He squeezed her breasts with his hands, bringing the nipple to his mouth where he would nip it, kiss it, and caress it with his tongue. Meg groaned in appreciation, arching her back to bring her body closer to him.

Buck's attention shifted to her abdomen. It was flat and slightly concave. Buck loved the softness and sensitivity of her skin. She gasped when he delivered tiny nips and then soothed them with his tongue. Her hips raised, urging his head lower.

His legs had been outside Meg's. He used his knee to demand Meg open her legs. His head dropped lower. With one hand, he opened the lips between her legs. "Buck" she gasped as he swept his tongue over her sensitive flesh. Meg's body arched at the contact. Buck continued to sweep his tongue over her until her breath's came in tiny gasps and she was near to climaxing.

Buck quickly entered her, but then he held still while her body adjusted to him. Meg rocked her hips to deepen the contact. Only then, did Buck start to thrust in and out of her until both climaxed.

After resting for several minutes, Meg said she was going to take a swim. She slowly waded into her waist, then dove getting the rest of her body wet. She leisurely swam over to Chris. "Hi," she said as she stood up in the water.

Chris smiled and gave her a light kiss.

Meg pulled back to look at him. She noticed his gauntness, really for the first time. The hollows in his cheeks, the dark circles under his eyes, his melancholy despite his attempts to hide it. Somebody needed to take care of this man. She raised a hand to his cheek and gently stroked pondering the problem.

"I need a shave," Chris commented.

"Will you let me?" Meg asked.

Chris' eyes sought hers. "Yeah, that would be nice. I have supplies in my saddlebag."

Meg admired Chris' his lean, hard body as he waded over to the horses and claimed the bathing supplies. She moved to shallower water and took the supplies from him. They were in water up to their waists, near some boulders, and Meg encouraged Chris to lean back and relax.

Meg slowly lathered his face and expertly wielded the razor. Chris' eyes were closed and his body relaxed that he surprised Meg when he asked, "Did Buck tell you about the last shave I gave him?"

Meg withdrew the razor from Chris' face and leaned back to assess his mood. Chris opened his eyes slightly to look at her.

"Yes, he did." Meg said warily.

"So, I suppose you know about me?" Chris inquired blandly.

This was not the type of conversation Meg was expecting on this topic. She hesitated before answering. "You know, you weren't the only one shattered by Sarah's and Adam's deaths."

Now, it was Chris' turn to be startled. Not only did she know about him, she knew his family's names. But it was her statement about Buck that caused him to re-evaluate the effect of his family's deaths on Buck. He'd always knew he felt guilty about suggesting they spend that extra night in Mexico, but shattered seem to take it to a level he'd never considered.

When Chris didn't say anything, Meg continued. "Buck came to me. That's the nature of our relationship, we're there for each other. And he's there for you."

Chris glanced over to where Buck was laying and then smiled. "Yes, he is. Is that what today is all about?"

A brief melancholy look crossed her face followed by a mischievous grin. "Yup."

Meg finished shaving Chris' face and then she had him turn. She applied lather to back of his neck and cleaned his hairline as well. She placed the shaving supplies on a nearby rock and grabbed the bar of soap that Chris also brought. Meg began to lather the soap up in her hands. She began to soap Chris' entire body starting at his shoulders. It was part bath/part massage but Chris could feel the tension leaving his shoulders.

Her hands slid around to his chest, across his abdomen and then, to his lower body. When her hands slid between his legs, he felt a rush of arousal go through him. A moan escaped Chris' lips and she gently grasped him. But the contact was brief as she continued down his body soaping his legs. After she had completing bathed him, Chris turned and wrapped his arms around her. "Hold your breath," he warned as he dove under, taking Meg with him, to rinse the soap off.

As they broke the surface, his arms were tightly around her and his lips lowered to hers. Chris reached over for the soap and gently caressed her body with his lathered hands. As he finished, he again wrapped his arms around her to dive together to rinse.

Chris looked into her face as they broke the surface. Meg arched back to smooth her long hair bringing her hips tight against his. Chris hands traced the outside curve of her hips and then he lifted her so he could enter her. After a few brief strokes, Chris walked her back to the blanket and gently laid her down. She reached her arms up to him and he followed her down and quickly reentered her.

Their rhythm was slow and sensual compared to their furious mating earlier. Chris would pause frequently, give her slow, sensual kisses and then resume his stroke.

Although Meg appreciated his tenderness, she started to meet his thrusts with a hard rock of her hips. Chris increased his pace and was thrusting fast and deeply when he came.

They rested together briefly until Buck purposefully cleared his throat. "Hey Chris, how about that breakfast?" Buck had already dressed and was leading his horse.

Chris looked down at Meg and she nodded. He stood and then extended his hand to pull her up. They returned to the pool for a quick dip and then clothed. Walking hand-in-hand, they returned to the cabin, Chris leading his horse.

Meg had already done much of the breakfast preparations. The coffee was ready, biscuits baked, the table set. As she quickly prepared some of the fish Chris caught, the men relaxed at the table and enjoyed a cup of coffee.

Breakfast was a leisurely affair. As they finished, Chris commented, "Meg, that was delicious. Thank you." He turned to Buck. "I need to be getting back to Four Corners. I need Nathan to redress my knife wound and I promised that I would see him this morning to check it. Buck, you coming?"

"No, I thing I'll hang around here awhile." Buck replied.

Chris rose and Meg joined him as he walked outside to his horse. She smiled up at him. "Thank you for today." They both had spoken simultaneously and then chuckled. Chris leaned forward to deliver a lingering kiss. He released Meg and then mounted his horse.

"Take care of yourself," Meg said. Chris tipped his hat in assent, turned and spurred his horse into a gallop towards Four Corners.

Meg lingered in the front yard until he turned onto the main road and out of her sight.

While Meg was outside, Buck cleared the table and poured two more cups of coffee.

Buck's expression was serious as Meg rejoined him at the table. "What about us?"

"What about us?" she replied as she took a seat.

"Is this enough for you?" he inquired.

She chuckled and writhed her hips in a sensual motion. "Oh yes, more than enough."

"Meg," Buck pleaded, "that's not what I meant?"

"I know." She responded seriously. "I don't have any more to give. I miss Greg, more than you can imagine, but I love our times together. Does that make sense?"

"Yeah, it makes sense" Buck responded.

"I'm not the woman for you. Never have been. We have our days like today, but we don't have a future. I can't have children and I'm afraid to marry again, especially another gunslinger." Meg tilted her head and looked at Buck. " Even if he is a respectable one." She smiled ruefully. "You've changed."

Buck nodded to acknowledge the observation.

"I love you, Buck, so much. But this is all we can have together. Don't ask for more and don't give me any less." Meg implored.

I need to have my head examined, Buck thought. This woman is perfect. Beautiful, sensual, and sexually adventurous, a woman to satisfy a man's appetites with no demands except her equal pleasure.

Buck wondered why he felt like such a heel.

"Buck," Meg whispered, "make love to me."

Buck's eyes narrowed to assess her mood. Meg's eyes locked with his. Buck read the message, she wanted him and he wasn't about to deny himself. He reclined back in his chair and in a gravelly voice, he ordered her to stand. "Remove your blouse."

Meg swallowed deeply, her hands went to the top button of her blouse and she slowly released it. Her hands continued down the row. As she finished with the buttons, Buck inclined his head to indicate that the blouse was to be removed.

He still didn't say anything for several minutes. He made no move. Meg shivered, and he smiled. Oh yes, girl, just how do I want you?

Meg started to speak, "I want…"

"Me to make love to you," he finished for her.

Meg started to speak again, but he shushed her. Buck quietly added, "this is for me."

Meg nodded.

"Place your hands under your breasts and lift them." Buck ordered. "Now, squeeze them together."

Meg followed the orders when given. She sensually caressed her breasts. Her eyes were closed and her head was tilted back. Buck wasn't touching her at all.

"Look at me," he asked. She opened her eyes. "Are you wet?"

Meg opened her mouth to reply but Buck shushed her again. "Don't tell me, show me."

Meg looked at him again for several seconds. The room was quiet except for her panting breaths. She lowered her hands from her breasts to her skirts. She started to lift them. As she lifted her skirt high enough to expose the vee at her thighs, she transferred the skirt material to one hand. She placed her other hand between her legs and inserted two fingers inside. Her eyes never left Buck, but his eyes were following her every move. She rode her fingers for a few seconds, then removed them and brought them up to Buck's lips. He opened his mouth and took the fingers in. He suckled them. Her knees buckled from the sensations. Buck chuckled. "That was good."

He lounged back in his chair and eyed her again. "Hold your skirts up and come here." He undid his pants and lowered them. "Put your legs on each side of the chair." She did as she was told. Buck again made no move to touch her and kept her standing there his eyes examining her body with no further touching, kissing, or demands.

Meg started to ask him but Buck placed his fingers to her lips, "Shhhh."

"Do you want me?" Buck asked.

As she started to respond, Buck stopped her again. "Show me."

Meg's eyes widened at the demand. She paused and then with one hand she took hold of his hard length and guided it to her opening as she lowered herself on him. She released her hold so his full length was embedded in her. She arched her back and ground her hips against him. Using her hands on the back of the chair for leverage, she started to stroke him with her body, rising and falling on his shaft. Buck firmly grasped her hips to help accelerate the pace. She had her feet on the rails of the chair, also using them for leverage, and continued to pound against him.

Buck then stood, still embedded in her, he turned and lowered her to the table. He pulled her towards the edge of the table. "Put your feet on my shoulders," Buck ordered, "and your hands at your sides."

Meg complied. Buck restrained her wrists with his hands. He then leaned forward, penetrating her even deeper. She gasped but her hips rocked up to meet him. He then resumed his hard thrusts into her.

She climaxed almost immediately but Buck held back enjoying the squeezing of her walls around him. He barely let her catch her breath when he resumed his deep, hard thrusts. As she began climaxing again,

Buck groaned deeply as he came as well.

Buck lowered her legs slowly and pulled her up from the table. He gave her a long kiss and she sat at the edge of the table, then he scooped her into his arms and carried her to the bed. "Thank you," he said.

She chuckled. 'You're welcome."

Buck removed her skirts and the rest of his clothes and lay down with her. He gently caressed her as they both let themselves fall asleep for a nap.

Several hours later, Meg woke to the feel of Buck spooned against her back, his hands caressing her breasts. Meg shifted her hips to indicate she was awake. Buck's hands lowered to her buttocks. She raised the knee of her upper leg up, opening access to the area between her legs. His fingers probed between her legs and felt her dampness.

She groaned from the impact of his touch. "Please, Buck," she pleaded.


"Yes," she groaned. She raised herself on her knees, spreading them to allow him access to her from behind. Her hips were raised and her chest was down. "Now, Buck."

Buck needed no further prompting. He quickly thrust into her womanhood. She gasped at his penetration. "Do you want me to stop?"

"NO," she practically screamed.

His hard thrusts continued until they both climaxed.

She got up from the bed and dressed. Buck observed her from the bed. She brought over some water in a jug to the nightstand. She poured some into the bowl and proceeded to bathe Buck. Buck relaxed and enjoyed her ministrations. He eyed her thoughtfully but sensed she didn't want to talk right then. She dried him off and kissed him. Buck knew she was inviting him to leave.

"You don't want me to stay the night, do you? Buck asked.

Meg rolled her eyes and smiled. "No."

Buck chuckled.

She then became serious and tears started to fill her eyes. "I really need some time to myself."

"I understand. It's four years today."

She nodded solemnly. She wasn't surprised he remembered the exact date Greg had died. He had been with her every anniversary of his death. Buck kissed her and then proceeded to put on his clothes. Meg walked him to the door.

"Thank you," she told him huskily.

"Hey, hey. Thank you." Buck kissed her again. "You need anything, don't hesitate to come to town. I'll check on you everyday."

Meg smiled her appreciation. Buck gave her one final kiss. Then he mounted his horse and with a jaunty wave, he galloped off towards Four Corners.

It was late afternoon and most of the "Larabee Gang" had congregated in the saloon, except for Buck who had yet to return from Meg's. Ezra, the gambler, was at his customary table, playing poker with some ranch hands and Josiah, the erstwhile preacher. J.D. and Nathan were casually standing at the bar. When Chris entered, he sat at his usual table with Vin.

Vin slid the bottle across to Chris, who helped himself to a drink. Vin leaned back in his chair and eyed Chris. He couldn't put his finger on it but something had definitely changed between yesterday and today. Chris seemed happier and more relaxed than he had been in ages.

Vin risked asking Chris about his day. "Where'd you go off to this morning?"

"Fishing with Buck," was Chris' casual response.

As Vin pondered the response, Buck burst into the saloon, his buoyant steps quickly covering the distance to the bar. A smile was plastered across his face. "Howdy, boys," he greeted the gang.

"Where the hell have you been?" JD demanded.

"Why, Chris and I went to do a little fishing," Buck drawled.

Yeah, right. Vin thought.

Chris quickly downed his drink and stood. "Buck, thanks" he said quietly, extending his hand.

Buck nodded and returned the shake. "Anytime, pard, anytime."

Vin's eyes tracked Chris as he exited the saloon. Fishing huh?

The End.

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