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by EA aka Angel

Merilee was never quite sure what it was that woke her; the feel of his hair roughened legs as they brushed against hers, the press of his smooth, hard chest against her back, or the satiny feel of his lips as they began to slowly move over her shoulder. Sighing she arched herself against him pressing, her bottom against his thick shaft, loving the sensation of his flesh against hers as she began to slow rock back and forth.

Her eyes stayed closed but she could picture the look of intense passion in his coal black eyes as her body began moving against his. She could see his lips as they started to suck gently at the skin of her shoulder, sucking and licking against her skin. Picturing his lips moving from her shoulder to her neck, making her body began to dampen in pleasure. She could imagine his hand as it moved around to the front of her body, the fingers kneading the flesh as he moved them lower, skimming the soft curls that covered her mound, dipping into the wet heat, slowly parting the tender flesh as his thick finger teased her opening.

He raised suddenly, looked briefly at her surging hips as he played with her flesh, she heard herself groan, heard his grunt of pleasure as he worked his finger into her. She barely heard the rustle as he threw off the covers.

"Merilee." Her name sounded like a plea, as if her name held all the answers he would ever need.

"JD" she sighed back in the same tone, imploring him, taunting him, calling to him like a siren.

JD hummed her name against her skin as he put his lips against her cheek, slowly, so very slowly, he began to leave little kisses on her face, all the while hearing her whimper as his finger began to move in her damp heat. His tongue skimming down her cheek, as if tasting its sweet texture, as if it were a delicacy to his lips. Suddenly his lips were against the back of her neck. Nipping and nibbled as if he were biting into the finest candy, while his tongue swirled and sucked as if he were eating a creamy dessert. He moved down her neck, tasting her flesh, consuming her with its scalding heat. Slowly, so very slowly, he removed his finger, dragging a moan from her as he did.

"Turn over." He commanded as she lay moaning under him. To help her he lifted himself just enough so she could do as he bid.

As she turned under him his scent enveloped her. Calling to her at a primitive level with each breath she took. The scent of Man, strong yet gentle, bold yet giving. Surrounding her, like an phantom, seducing her with that clean, masculine scent that was unique to him alone. JD could feel her soft body under his, the smooth skin of her legs rubbing against his hair covered legs. The downy, wet heat of her mound surrounding his hard shaft, the velvety skin of her belly against his flat stomach. The hard nipples of her satiny breast against his own as he moved his chest softly over hers in a sensual caress, all of these combined to make his desire burn hotter and hotter.

He saw the flush of desire on her cheeks, the look of lust in her eyes, the rapid rise and fall of her breast as he moved his hand back down to her soft cleft. He saw her close her eyes and tip her head back as he began to stroke the delicate flesh between her legs and he smiled with heated passion.

"JD please..ohhh..yessss." she begged and pleaded in a ragged breath, a sound like music to his ears as he parted her flesh and once more worked his finger into her wetness. Than he began to move his finger slowly in and out, knowing this was one of her favorite ways to achieve pleasure. "Oh yes. Faster, please JD!" "You like that donít you?" He growled softly as he used his other hand to caress one of her breast, kneading the flesh, while squeezing gently on the nipple. "Oh, yes. Yes. Yes." Her hips were moving quickly against his hands as he played with her. He continued on for a few more minutes, listening to her hot words of pleasure. He loved watching her reach her pleasure this way, but their time was limited and he wanted her one more time before he had to leave, so he suddenly removed his hands and reaching up gripped her arms with his hands and holding them down beside her head.

"JD?" she asked in a confused voice, as she looked questioningly up at him.

"I want to be in you when you cum this time." He said simply as he leaned down to take her mouth with his while his hands left her wrists and he reached down to guide himself to her entrance.

They moaned their pleasure in each others mouth as he slowly sank into her softness.

Her mouth tasted like the sweetest ambrosia, JD thought as he moved his tongue inside her mouth in rhythm to the thrusting of his shaft in her velvety cavern. Licking and sucking, then clashing their tongues fought a duel as intimate as the mating of their bodies.

Her scent was that of Woman, sweet yet tangy, gentle yet untamed. Surrounding him like a perfume. Seducing him with that clean, feminine scent that was her uniquely hers.

Their bodies began to dance in a rhythm that was as old as mankind itself. At first a slow, steady tempo that got faster and faster, harder and harder. The beat picking up with each move of their hips; each kiss of their lips, each caress of breast against breast. Her fingers dug into the smooth firm skin of his back as her legs reached up to clasp his hips, his hands tangled in her blond hair as he held her head so his lips could plunder her mouth while he plundered her body with his. And the tempo increased. The hard planes of his chest and stomach moved over hers, forward in a hard caress, backward in a teasing caress. And the tempo increased even more. They moved together, than apart. His shaft stroking her cavern with each lunge and withdraw, her muscles gripping his in a tight caress as if to keep him within her forever. And as the tempo increased, their bodies becoming slick with sweat.

"Yes, oh please. . . donít. . . stop. . .yes. . JD!" he heard Merilee begging, pleading with him. But JD was incapable of doing anything but moving faster as he felt the pressure of his desire winding tighter and tighter.

"Merilee. . .merilee. . .MERILEE!" Merilee heard JD chanting her name in supplication or benediction she could not tell. She just kept thrusting back at him until suddenly the world exploded around her in white hot fire as the tempo of desire sent her over the edge.

Merilee lay slowly stroking JDís hair as he lay with his head on her breast. Neither spoke as they watched the sun rise out the window.

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