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A Moonlit Interlude
by Lynn

He gently pulled her coat away, discarding it carelessly, as he exposed her naked body to the soft moonlight.

He took her into his hands, and for the longest while, he simply held her, gazing at her in adoration.

Slowly, so slowly, he examined every inch of her long, sleek body, taking care not to miss a single solitary spot.

Eventually, tentatively, he began to softly caress her length, taking his time, exploring her most intimate detail.

Gently, delicately, he opened her up, leaving her exposed and vulnerable, while he pulled away. He returned with a whisper and a touch, before plunging inside her, to explore every fold and crevasse he found there.

His fingers were coated now in the oils that she loved so much. He caressed her, and rubbed her by turns, driving deeper and deeper inside her, not stopping until finally he knew she was done.

Even then, he gently continued to spread the lubrication until he was sure that she was liberally coated in all of her intimate places.

Only when he was satisfied with his work there, did he return to massaging her body, marvelling at her strength and her beauty.

Finally, he came to just holding her once more, examining her proudly. When the moon hid her face behind a passing cloud, he gave a small sigh and slipped her back into her soft leather coat.

"I swear, Buck," came Chris' low voice behind him, startling him slightly. "There's nobody as cleans their gun quite the same as you do."

Buck simply answered with a smile.

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