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In case anyone wonders, Brielle is completely fictional, as are her mentioned family. Brielle's only real character traits derived from me are her devious sense of humor (she's a brat) and she's a teacher.  Otherwise, I threw her together and we had lots of fun putting Buck through hell. I hope you have as much fun reading this as I did writing it.

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Buck's Rescue
by Aletha

"How did I get myself into this? How DID I I get myself into this? HOW did I get myself into this??" Brielle whispered to herself as she paced the floor in the fancy hotel room. She stopped to stare in the mirror at herself. Beautiful thick black hair framing what some people thought was a pretty face and large green eyes stared back at her. Frowning at herself she muttered, "Oh yes! Now I remember!" "You have to save him, Brielle! You just have to!" Kari had insisted wringing her hands together with worry. "How could you NOT go save him?"

"He's just in-" Brielle had started to say and Kari grimaced, put her hands over her ears and shook her pretty blonde angelic head.

"No! I won't hear you say it! If you dare say it I swear you will NEVER be my cousin again. I will be sure to kill you off! I can do that you know. And then you will NEVER get them all!"

"Oh Kari! Don't be silly-"

"Silly? You call being in cold storage and threatened to have your personality completely changed silly?" Kari demanded, her voice rising with outrage.

"Well…" Brielle sighed. "It's not like he's-"

"DON'T you dare suggest he's FAKE!!" Kari screeched.

"All right," Brielle sagged against the wall and eyed Kari. The tiny angelic woman stared at her with her big pleading pale blue eyes.

"I can't go back in and rescue him. I took care of Vin already. The poor man! What he had to go through!" Kari sighed with a dramatic flair and gave the LOOK that made Brielle groan. She was definitely outclassed at the moment.


"Pleeezxzzzeee!!" Kari begged. Brielle gave in. After all, who could say no to the 'Angel"?

"Oh all right! I'll go rescue the man! But he's going to be all confused and-"

"Buck is easy going. You won't have any problems with him! Besides, he LIKES you!" Kari said impishly. Her whole manner had changed back into that sweet darling angel personality that Brielle knew better than to trust.

"LIKES ME?" Brielle snorted. "He LIKES all women!"

"Why then of course he LIKES you!" Kari nodded as though she had won the point.

"I'll go just so you don't give me that damn look again!" Brielle muttered refusing to follow the discussion any further.

"When will you go? What will you do? How will you do it?" Kari demanded immediately.

"Don't you wish you knew!" Brielle replied with a wicked grin. Kari actually had the good grace to look alarmed.

"Now Brielle. Do be careful with him! I mean, he's, uh… not from this time you know and you wouldn't want to, uhm… well don't alarm him too much," Kari stammered.

"I wouldn't dream of it," Brielle shrugged. "He's going to have the time of his life!"

"You will be careful?" Kari asked.

"Do you want me to get him or not?" Brielle demanded. Kari looked like she was changing her mind.


"You know Kari, I have to get ready. I have things to do. I have to go buy a…a, uhm, a," Brielle glanced wickedly over at Kari and then burst out with the most outrageous thing she could think of, "a motorcycle!" Kari lost all color and stared uncertainly at her cousin. Brielle smiled winsomely as she continued, "And I need to get a…a gun and you know those things that shoot out of it….oh yeah, bullets! Yes! And of course I'll need to plan an escape route to Las Vegas so you need to go now. Buck and I will see you in Vegas safe and sound!"

"Brielle! A motorcycle? But you don't know how to drive one of those things and a gun? What do you know about shooting a gun?" Kari gasped.

"Oh I'm sure I'll figure it out!" Brielle told Kari pushing her out the door. "Vegas!"

"But Brielle!" Kari cried and Brielle shut the door in her face. Kari had protested one more time before leaving.  So now Brielle was pacing in a fancy hotel room considering what she was going to do.

5 days later…

Well, she had made it inside without being noticed. It took some doing but the CBS guards were too busy trying to secure the storage rooms. Brielle had ducked into a bathroom and changed for part two of her plan. She really was hoping to not get caught until she was inside the storage areas, otherwise her plan might not work at all. Brielle surveyed herself in the mirror and decided that she looked as ready as she could for this silly plan of hers. The fake ID bracelet was secure and the pinned ID stood out against the black leather.  Brielle shook her head thinking that she never wore such ridiculous stuff and her mother would faint at the very sight of her should she ever have the chance to see her dressed this way. (She would not! Brielle vowed.) Her mother would always view her daughter as the sweet tempered pretty baby girl of the family. The one not so smart since she was only a Kindergarten Teacher unlike the rest of her siblings. Brielle shook hear head, again contemplating how silly it was of her to take off her Spring Break from school and go rescue some TV character for her cousin. Of course he was a mighty fine man so it wouldn't exactly be a waste. And so far things had been far more exciting than the spring-cleaning she'd had planned for her apartment.

Brielle's thoughts returned to her outfit, satisfied that she'd reasoned everything out again. So far the only real problem was that the tight black leather skirt of her disguise rode up her thighs a little more when she walked. She pulled it down once again and gave up as it scooted back up mid thigh. How was she going to ride a motorcycle in this get up? She wouldn't have time to change back into plain clothes once the whole rescue thing began. Frowning at herself in the mirror, she decided that at least she could admire the leather jacket. It was very nice and she might actually keep it once this crazy rescue thing was over. The four hidden pockets on the inside of the jacket were great! Kindergarten teachers could never have enough pockets! Even in their coats.

Brielle nervously checked each pocket for the items stored there. One pocket had a nifty little gun that Brielle knew absolutely nothing about firing. Aim and shoot she figured. Besides that funny guy on the corner in the middle of New York City had assured her she would have no problems. She didn't think she should question him and she wasn't about to discuss her reasons for wanting a gun with her younger brother. Although brilliant, he was the true black sheep of the family but occasionally he was useful.

The next pocket contained the other important thawing directions and the pressure shot. It was good to have such smart people in the family. Brielle "borrowed" that bit of information from her older brother. He was always busy making stuff to save and defend the world so why not some poor misplaced TV guy? DJ worked for the department of defense research. His research on some of the latest weapons had been used for really cool advancements in modern technology. Of course this little bit she "borrowed" from her brother was still in developing stages. She only hoped it would work.

In the third pocket she had the serum that would reverse the effects of the drugs in Buck's poor frozen system. Brielle again thanked her sister for the help that she wasn't aware of providing. Having a sister that worked in research and development for a pharmaceutical company finally had a fringe benefit. Of course her sister wouldn't be too pleased if she found out what Brielle had done. If she did find out Brielle would direct her to cousin Kari!

A quick pat on the fourth pocket to make sure the contents were safe, then she disposed of the bag that she had been carrying her clothes in and took a deep breath to calm her nerves. Fluffing her long black hair a bit, checking the ID bracelet and pin to be sure it was in the correct position, she nodded satisfied with the outfit and crept out of the bathroom.

She ducked into the first unlocked storage room trying to flee the guards. They were busy locking down the area with big metal gates. Brielle gaped when she turned around and looked into the darkened room. She pulled out her keychain flashlight and double checked.  Cheers storage? Yep! There was Sam Malone's container. EMPTY! Brielle read the little docket on the clipboard. Oh yeah! He had been reprogrammed to be a doctor on some show. That was okay with Brielle. He always seemed a bit dense when he was Sam. The next container was empty too. Fraiser had moved on to have his very own show. Brielle peeked back out the door to see if the guards had moved on. They had.

Brielle slipped out the door and hurried on but again she heard guards so she quickly took refuge in another room. Turning around she blinked twice. So this was Beauty and the Beast? Ahh yes! And right on the docket it stated his latest incarnation….Josiah! Just the thought of that big strong man gave Brielle a shiver. He wasn't bad as Vincent.  No, not at all bad, but as Josiah…. Well he was just fine that way. No sense in having him changed yet again! Brielle peeked out again and groaned.

The guards had locked the gate securing this section. Brielle had at least made it into the storage areas but she had really wanted to be further in. Too bad they were so quick locking down each section. In order to get to the Magnificent Seven storage area she would have to be 'captured". Stepping out into the hall she began walking in the direction she needed to go waiting for a guard to notice her locked between storage areas. MASH was down here and so were a few other shows. Most of them were dusty looking.

The halls beyond the locked gate were in an uproar. The guards were still busy locking down all the storage rooms and hardly noticed her except to stare at her legs and figure. They never made it to her face because once they reached the ID pinned on the breast of her jacket, the stopped and stared at the steep v between her breasts that was showing because the jacket was open. Being pretty had its uses, Brielle thought, but this was ridiculous

"Uhm, sirs! Sirs! Could you help me?" Brielle asked very sweetly and fluttered her thick black fan-like eyelashes. Immediately four guards surrounded her, their guns pointed at her. Brielle raised her fine eyebrows at them and slowly licked her full lips.

"Who are you?" the first guard demanded sharply, but his eyes were still on Brielle's chest.

"I'm no one yet!" Brielle snorted. "This technician was in such a hurry to get my new leading man thawed out that she left me behind! And I am LOST! Without a personality!"

"Personality?" the guard frowned pulling his eyes up and staring at Brielle's face.

"Well I was supposed to be in some new show this coming fall but…" Brielle shrugged and pointed to her head. "They forgot to do my programming what with all the racket out here and of course they had to go get my leading man!"

"Let the execs take care of it," the guard in charge decided taking hold of Brielle's arm. "Come along this way."

"Well my technician is down that hall getting one of those 7 guys….uhm, I'm afraid she forgot to tell me the names," Brielle told them as she walked with the guards.  She looked up at the guard escorting her. He was a very tall and broad man and apparently oblivious to her big green eyes. The other three guards were oogling her, but this big brute just ignored her! He had to be gay! That was the ONLY explanation! Men seldom ignored Brielle.

"She said something about wanting to get him reprogrammed as quickly as possible before he is stolen," Brielle told the guard.

"Well now that's probably the truth," the guard agreed as he led her towards the Magnificent Seven storage room. Brielle silently fumed.

"Don't you think we should stop and see if she's in there? I mean, maybe she needs some help?" Brielle asked deliberately slowing the guards down as they began walking by the room. "The room looks strange. I mean, the door is partially open. Isn't that odd?"

The guards stopped and frowned. Two of them opened the door and entered. Brielle pulled the other two guards towards the door.

"Is everything okay in there? Is my leading guy in there?" Brielle called and made it into the storage area itself before the guards pulled her to a halt.

"Who are you?" the guard in charge demanded suspiciously now. He was clearly not the trusting sort.

"No one. I told you!" Brielle smiled and from her fourth pocket pulled out a canister of sleeping gas, pulled the pin and covered her face with her heavy leather jacket to protect herself from the effects. The guards were down before they knew what happened. The air cleared quickly and Brielle walked down the line of cases pausing at JD and Nathan's case. Ahhh! They were such handsome men!! She moved on finding Chris and Vin and Josiah's case empty. Looking in Buck's case she about died. Hot damn was he one fine man. They had caught the poor guy with only a towel!! Now how in the hell was she going to get him on a motorcycle in nothing but a towel and his hat??

No matter. Brielle would figure it out. She found the switch to open the case and then pulled out that experimental research project of her brother's. DJ had better have this cryogenics stuff worked out! Praying that he did, Brielle used the pressure shot on Buck. He went from frozen solid to dead weight. Brielle screeched as he toppled, (losing the towel!) on top oh her and pinning her down. Now it wouldn't normally be such a bad position but as the situation wasn't exactly conducive for this sort of thing and he wasn't aware of anything or anyone yet…. Brielle sighed. Later! Definitely later! That was good. The directions had said that if a subject thawed too quickly it could cause the subject's heart to stop.

Laying there trying to figure out what to do next, Brielle could at least feel a slow sluggish pulse in the man. He had thawed damn fast but he didn't seem affected.  Brielle managed to crawl from under him and then sat up looking at the cutest behind! What a set of buns on that man! Brielle pulled out the drugs that she had gotten from her poor unaware sister and taking a deep breath, stabbed his sexy behind and injected the serum that would reverse the affects of the drugs in his system.

It sort of worked. Buck moaned slightly and rubbed his forehead but missed his head the first time. Brielle retrieved his hat as he unsteadily sat up. What a chest on that man!! Brielle tried not to look any further but couldn't help herself. She felt her face flush red and sighed again. He was a very fine male specimen indeed.

"Where the hell am I?" Buck groaned staring around the room. He was squinting so things weren't very clear to him yet and luckily he couldn't see Nathan or JD from where he was.  Brielle would have to figure out how to get him out without him seeing them because if he did see them he would no doubt want to get them out.

"Uhm…prison!" Brielle told him. It was close to the truth!

"Who the hell are you and what did you do with my clothes?" he snarled rubbing his forehead. He obviously had a splitting headache.

"I didn't do anything with your clothes!" Brielle told him retrieving his hat that had fallen off his head when he'd dropped out of that case. She threw it to him but he couldn't catch it yet. No reflexes yet. He glared at her in disbelief.

"I'm certain you did that yourself. They put you here like that." Brielle motioned to the four guards out on the floor.

"I don't remember that!" Buck growled. He was shivering now but clearly too angry to notice.

"Well of course you don't! You were drunk and drugged at the time!" Brielle told him.

"Now why should I trust you? You don't look right!" Buck said standing slowly, wobbly, up. He was a HUGE man! Brielle took a step back as he took a step towards her and then she stopped and stood her ground. He was not going to intimidate her! (Okay she wouldn't let him know that he was intimidating her.)

"What's wrong with me?" Brielle snapped.

"You dress a lot differently than other women," Buck told her, his voice quite mellow. All of a sudden Brielle went hot as he studied her slowly from her feet to her head.

"No I don't. It's the drugs they gave you! They make you hallucinate," Brielle told him. "Now we gotta get out of here!"

"How long did you say I was out for?" Buck asked.

"I didn't say," Brielle snapped. "For a while I suppose."

"No problem. My partners will be along any minute. They're bound to notice I'm missing," Buck told her.

"Uhm, I don't think so. Not soon enough. I heard those men. They were going to…uh, put you to death!" Brielle told him. After all, reprogramming him was a death of a sort! "So I decided to save you. I'm sure we can meet up with your friends once we're out of here!"

"You're going to save me?" Buck raised his eyebrows. "What a fine day this will be!"

"Will you be serious!" Brielle snapped studying the man. He was big but maybe that one guard's clothes would fit him. Brielle moved quickly past Buck to the guard and whacked him hard on the head just to make sure he was out.

"What in tarnation did you do that for? What the hell are you doing?" Buck sputtered.

"You need his clothes. Unless you plan to escape in your natural state there!" Brielle told him. "I'm sure you wouldn't want to do that!"

"What did you hit him for?" Buck asked looking down and really taking notice of the fact that he had nothing on except of course his hat.

"To make sure he doesn't wake up!" Brielle grunted as she unbuckled the guard's pants and tried to pull them off.

"You mean to tell me he ain't dead?" Buck demanded. "He kidnaps me, drugs me and puts me in jail and you just knock him out?"

"Well I wouldn't want to do any unnecessary killing," Brielle stuttered.

"Unnecessary? Hell, you call that unnecessary?" Buck stared at her.

"Oh come on! Get these pants on!" Brielle threw the pants at Buck. He looked at them and frowned.

"Must be some fancy city type clothes. Ezra would like these," Buck muttered.

"Right!" Brielle agreed nervously. They had to get out of this place! "Here! His shoes too!"

"These things?" Buck looked doubtfully at her.

"Just put them on! We can get you some new things later!" Brielle exclaimed, her voice sounded frantic even to her own ears.

"We can get MY clothes back. Don't you worry that pretty little head of yours. Buck knows how to take care of himself," Buck said.

"No we can't! You're drugged and still partially drunk. Please Buck! Just wear those for now. Later you can come back and find your clothes," Brielle coaxed.

"Women," Buck rolled his eyes but put the shoes on frowning as he did so. Brielle threw the shirt at him and dragged him quickly past JD and Nathan. Buck was trying to button the shirt and keep track of Brielle so he didn't see them, much to the relief of Brielle.

"I need my gun," Buck told Brielle.

"I'm sure we can get it later. As soon as we find out where it is," Brielle quickly told him. He seemed willing to accept that for the moment.

"Where did you say I am?" Buck whispered as Brielle peeked out the door.

"Federal Prison!" Brielle snapped hoping such a thing existed in his time. He stared at her for a moment and then out into the hall.

"Interesting place," Buck murmured.

"It's clear for now. Come on!" Brielle said and pulled the man with her. Buck was still having problems with his balance and reflexes. He fell when she dragged him into a nook in the wall to get out of sight of the guards. Holding her breath she hoped the guards hadn't heard anything. No such luck. But then again, maybe it was for the better. To investigate they would have to unlock the gate which was the gate that led to the main hall and the way out of this place!!

"They're coming! There's only three of them. Can you help me knock them out?" Brielle asked.

"Got a gun? It would even the odds a bit," Buck asked. Brielle shook her head. "Yeah I didn't think so."

"Buck!" Brielle whispered impatiently.

"Not a problem. Quit your worrying. You'll be safe with me," Buck reassured her even as he almost hit his head into the wall of the nook they were hiding in. Brielle rolled her eyes and offered up a quick prayer. You never knew. It might just help.

Disclaimer stated in part 1.

Buck's Rescue 2

Buck was more help than she thought he'd be. Except that after he knocked them out he took their gun belts and kept them.

"They'll be useful," Buck told her. Brielle groaned and dragged him under the closing gate. It was apparently on a timer.  The main hall had the exit to the parking garage. With Buck dressed as a security guard and Brielle with her id tag on her, no one paid them much mind. They actually made it to the parking garage where the motorcycle was. "What the hell?" Buck did a dead stop and stared around the garage. "It's a horse corral! You'd think you never saw one!" Brielle snapped and tugged on him. "Lady, this isn't like any corral I've ever seen!" Buck told her.

"Of course it is! You're still hallucinating from the drugs they gave you!" Brielle snapped. "And my horse is tired of waiting for us. Come on!"

"What the hell drug did they give me?" Buck muttered following Brielle for lack of any other idea at the moment.

"I don't know. Maybe Nathan knows," Brielle replied nervously looking at the motorcycle that she had purchased. On credit no less. Oh lordy was her credit card payment going to be outrageous!"

"What the hell kind of horse is that?" Buck demanded.

"Listen!" Brielle snapped and then realized that her horse needed a name. Uh… Amnesty is VERY sensitive!"

"Amnesty? What the hell kind of name is that for a horse?" Buck laughed.

"My kind of horse's name! Now just get on!" Brielle snapped as she climbed on. The skirt rode up and you could probably see her underwear.

"No offense but that's a mighty small horse you got," Buck told her still trying to 'see' the horse.

"Buck Wilmington! You are DRUNK! You are DRUGGED! For all you know this is a very strange dream! You are NOT seeing anything the way it really is! Trust me when I tell you that MY HORSE is very BIG and VERY FAST!" Brielle exclaimed tugging on his arm to pull him onto the motorcycle.  He finally gave in but more because he was staring at Brielle's sexy legs than anything.

Brielle didn't care. She had him on the bike sitting behind her and was… oh damn he was going to have to hold on to her! She hardly knew how to operate the bike alone but with his hands distracting her??? Brielle groaned and started the bike. Buck practically jumped up and off the bike. Except that Brielle let up the clutch and hit the gas----and turned the gas too fast. They whipped out of the garage, Brielle hardly able to steer the bike.

"Oh damn, oh damn, oh damn!" Brielle breathed hating the feel of such power. She would NEVER get used to the gas being in the control of her hand!! And the break! She had to remember NOT to hit the break with her other hand or they'd go flying over the top of the damn thing!

The sirens began now. The CBS cops were after them. Brielle had known they'd find out she took Buck but she'd hoped it would be later rather than sooner! And damn it! The front gates were secured and there was a roadblock. Brielle swerved off the road and headed around back knowing the cars couldn't handle off road as well. Buck just held onto her with a death grip. His silence worried Brielle but then again, she was a little too busy trying to drive the damn motorcycle and get them off the center grounds. She knew there was a back road entrance. If she could find it!

Luck was with her. There it was. She raced through the gates even as they began to close, narrowly missing them. Unfortunately they were met by another group of cops.

"I'm an outlaw now! One tiny favor and boom! I'm on the most wanted list!" Brielle shouted angrily. She began fumbling with her jacket trying to get out that gun. Not that she could really remember how to fire it. " Maybe I should take the reins now?" Buck said in her ear.

"Not of my horse you don't!" Brielle snapped finally pulling out the tiny gun.

"What in the world are you gonna do with that, honey?" Buck asked.   "Shoot at them!" Brielle snapped and tried to fire it behind her. Buck swore, the bike swerved and they both held on for dear life.   "Give me the damn gun!" Buck roared. "I mean it!"   "But I've got to shoot them! They're firing at us!" Brielle cried.

"Honey, I'll shoot! You just keep this horse moving! And when we stop we'll have ourselves a nice friendly conversation," Buck warned her. Then he pulled out the guns that he had taken from the guards. Seemed to hesitate a moment and then began firing.

His shot was much better. She heard a car swerve behind her and then the pile up of the rest trying to break and avoid the first car. From the sound of it, clearly it didn't work. Brielle picked up the speed moving onto the interstate until she could get off and start taking the back roads. It was gonna be a LONG damn ride to Vegas!

Brielle did get off the main highway and was traveling through back country roads. They would need to rest. So far they'd evaded any more cops sent their way and there were a LOT of them out. Probably out still searching for the other rescue teams.

Buck needed food, clothes and rest. For that matter, so did Brielle. She began looking for some place to stay. Hotels probably wouldn't be good right now but they needed a break after so many hours on the bike.  Brielle finally found what she was looking for; a camping area near Bridgeport somewhere in Pennsylvania. It was a big national park! Brielle had been hoping to run across something like that. Even though she'd stayed off the main highway, she'd traveled close to them; first 84 and then 81. She had been VERY lucky. There were plenty of campsites to choose from. Brielle managed to get Buck out of the way by directing him to an outhouse. When he came out of it she had dragged him back on the motorcycle and had driven to their campsite that she'd already registered. It was out of the way, next to a stream that ran into a small lake. It was perfect. Brielle shut down the bike and climbed off. She was so sore and tired! She turned to look at Buck.

"This okay for you?" Brielle asked as she pulled out sleeping bags from the storage on the back of the bike. "Can you start a fire?"

Buck nodded for the moment but his eyes had that determined look that made Brielle want to groan. He didn't really believe what she'd told him so far. Oh well. She just had to keep him moving until they made it to Las Vegas.

"I'm going to go get you some clothes. Okay? You'd best stay out of sight or those people that want you will find you!" Brielle told him.

"Right. You do that. And make sure you bring me a pair of boots!" Buck agreed as he gathered wood and set to work building a fire. Brielle wondered just what he was thinking as she drove off.

Finding attire for a man such as Buck proved to be easier than Brielle had expected. She found a small shopping mall and once again had to use her credit card. She would never be allowed to have another credit card after this spending spree! Brielle sighed and winced as the total price came up. The jeans hadn't been too expensive but the boots and leather belt had cost since they had to come from a leather shop! And the shirt looked comfy enough. She had gotten that at the Mexican Import shop. Brielle had debated on underwear and had selected a pair but she doubted if Buck would even wear them. None the less, she did purchase them. Then she stopped at a store and got a spitted chicken to roast over the fire along with a salad and paper plates, napkins and plastic ware. All set, she tucked the items into the storage on her bike, having to stuff them in and then force the lid down.

Having been gone for over an hour, Brielle began to worry about Buck. Leaving him alone may not have been a good idea but then again, taking him with her would have been worse. She couldn't think of a better story to tell him other than he was drugged and drunk. It had worked so far but she knew it wasn't going to work much longer. She pulled up into the campsite and looked around. He was no where to be found.

"Uh. Buck?" Brielle called as she nervously got off the bike. She opened the hatch and pulled out the stuff she'd purchased and put it down on the small picnic table along with her leather jacket. It was getting heavy after wearing it all day. She did pull out the small gun and kept her flashlight. Looking around she could see that the fire wasn't built yet but there was a stack of sticks and wood ready in the fire ring and the bedrolls were laid out side by side. But no sign otherwise of Buck

"Buck? Where are you?" Brielle called again turning on the small flashlight that she had. The woods seemed eerie and dark to her and there were all kinds of noises. "This isn't funny! Please, Buck!" Still no sound or answer. Brielle stood very still trying not to get too scared as she tried to think. What would he do? As she sat there trying to think she heard a splash. Swimming?

"Buck?" Brielle called as she started down the path towards the stream. As she came around the bend, in the moonlight she could see him. Relief filled her and then anger.

"Buck! How dare you sneak off from camp! I had no idea where you were!" Brielle yelled at him standing on the edge of the stream. It was fairly fast moving from what Brielle could see and up to his waist until he took a step towards her. That one step had the water mid-thigh and the next step he was standing almost next to her and the water was only at his knees. He came close to even with her height now except that he was actually a little bit taller!

"Care to join me? Miss…" Buck raised his eyebrows at her.

"My name is Brielle! And no I don't care to join you!" Brielle snapped. "I was worried sick about you!"

"Now honey, I told you there's no need to worry about me. I can take care of myself," Buck told her.

"I don't even have any towels!" Brielle sighed staring at the dripping man and feeling her insides go all jelly like. That cute face with the wet drooping mustache tugged on her heart.

"There are ways to dry off without a towel," Buck told her playfully.

"But not now," Brielle shivered as she took a step back.

"Now is fine with me, honey," Buck told her and swept her into his arms.

"Buck!" Brielle squeaked.

"Don't worry now. I've gotcha!" Buck told her. "I just want to thank you for getting me out of that prison place."

"Could you just put me down?" Brielle whispered holding on to him tightly.

"Of course," Buck agreed and before she knew it she was in the stream sputtering. Shockingly, it was warm!

"You dropped me!" Brielle accused standing up. Her v black silk muscle shirt was stuck to her like a second skin and the leather skirt was dripping. Probably ruined! Her long hair was plastered to her back and dripping.

"You told me to put you down," Buck said to her. "You should take that off before you ruin it, honey."

"Take what off?" Brielle snapped.

"Your stuff," Buck motioned to her clothes. Brielle bit her lip.

"I can help you," Buck offered with an enticing grin.

"I just bet you could!" Brielle started to say but he swept her up into a kiss. Brielle moaned and allowed herself to be caught up in the kiss. Why not? Who would he tell anyway? (Besides, who could resist him? He was such a damn good kisser!)

"I told you I could take care of you," Buck told her when he broke off the kiss. Brielle nodded mutely and just waited to see what would happen next.

A much dryer, much warmer but no less nervous Brielle lay curled in Buck's arms by the coals of the now dying fire that Buck had started. He was sleeping soundly with his big strong arms holding tightly to her. Brielle squirmed out from under him and sat up. What in the world was she doing? He had seduced her on a whim and she had fallen hook, line, and sinker for him! And there was so much traveling to do. Buck wouldn't be safe until they reached Las Vegas. She needed to review the map and think about which way to go now.

Brielle stood up and pulled on her only other set of clothes, sighing at the ruined skirt. Not that she'd ever wear it again. Besides, it wasn't exactly the smartest thing to wear while riding a motorcycle.

With her blue jeans and light tee shirt on, she sat down on the picnic table and turned on her flashlight to view the map. Buck stirred, groping for her. He was still very worn out from the deep freeze and quick thaw. Brielle tensed but he stilled and she breathed with relief. Shivering, she pulled on her black leather jacket and slipped on her boots before going back to the map.  Satisfied that she knew where she was going, Brielle put the map back into the storage on the motorcycle and tucked Buck's new clothes in so they wouldn't get damp with the morning dew. That was when she heard the strange noise. That was when she noticed how quiet the forest around them was. That was when Buck was suddenly up with only his hat and new boots on.

"They've found us!" Brielle whispered in a panic. Before Brielle could say anything else, Buck had jumped onto her motorcycle and was kicking it.

"Yah!" he whistled. It roared to life startling him. "Whoa!"  He grasped the bars and the bike began to take off with a naked Buck on it. Brielle screeched in shock.

"Buck! What do you think you're doing?" Brielle shouted trying to catch up with him while trying to see who was after them. Lucky for her he grabbed the handles even tight and slammed the front break on. He flipped over the front of the bike and landed in the stream sputtering.

"Oh shit, oh shit, oh shit!" Brielle chanted as she pulled the bike upright.

"Buck! Come on!" Buck came out of the water dazed but the first gun shot had him moving. He was on the bike behind her, wet and naked.

"I told you Amnesty doesn't like any one but me riding her!" Brielle shouted at him as she tried to remember to shift and NOT hit the front break. (Who in their right mind would put one break at your fingertips along with the gas while your other break was at your foot?)

"Awe, shit!" Buck muttered. "It might be easier to go back to prison!"

"Oh no you don't!" Brielle screamed and ducked almost wiping the bike out as a bullet rushed past. "I can't believe it! They're shooting real guns!"

"Well what did you expect?" Buck demanded.

"In my jacket is my gun. Do you think you could shoot at them and maybe hit them so they DON'T hit us?" Brielle screamed frantically. Buck reached into her coat and drew out the gun.

"With this? You did say you wanted me to hit them!" Buck snorted.

"For crying out loud, my little gun is better than NO gun! Will ya just try?" Brielle yelled. Buck held onto her tightly with one arm and turned around.

"Those don't look like horses," Buck muttered.

"They're fancy carriages that don't need horses to operate! Hit the damn wheels!" Brielle directed still in her mind chanting, "oh shit, oh shit, oh shit! She heard the gun go off and the pop of one wheel.

"Hit another one!" Brielle told him but he'd already taken aim. Two shots to get the next car out of action. And then there was that corner. In the darkness, Brielle didn't see it until she was there. There was no way she could make that turn and so they jumped. Brielle screamed in panic. Closed her eyes and then opened them when she remembered that she had to see where they were going. Then closed them again because she was afraid to see where they were going and then opened them again because she was afraid to NOT see where they would land. She landed the bike and was shocked when she landed the bike up right. The weeds they landed in slowed the bike down and Brielle brought the bike to a halt.

"I, uh, think we should cover Amnesty with these vines and hide!" Brielle told Buck as a strong searchlight began arcing across the darkness to toward their landing area.  With the bike well hidden they crouched down behind the bike and stayed still for what seemed like hours until the search light from above finally moved off.

"Don't ever try to ride my horse without me again!" Brielle told Buck finally as they stood up. Then she looked at him in the bright moonlight and began to laugh. The poor man was still naked as a jay-bird with only (miraculously enough) his hat and boots on. He was shivering too.

"You think this is funny?" Buck demanded. Brielle shook her head no even as she continued to laugh. "I'll show you funny!"

"Buck! No wait!" Brielle backed away too late. He had her in his grasp and he dropped her into a big mud puddle that they had been next to in the weeds.

"Now how's that for funny?" Buck asked.

"Oh Buck! I don't have any more clean clothes!" Brielle cried climbing out of the mud puddle. "Now we'd better find someplace to get cleaned up. Morning will be here soon."

"Not on your horse!" Buck said.

"My horse is the best bet! I see a trail right over there so we'd best get moving," Brielle ordered him opening up the storage and pulling out his jeans and shirt. He pulled them on grumbling the whole time. Once he was dressed she set off down the trail with him hanging onto her as she drove the bike slowly down the muddy pothole ridden trail. Luck finally shined on them in the form of a hunting cabin. A well stocked one with running water if nothing else. Brielle took both their clothes and washed them, then hung them to dry in the picking up wind as they took a nap in the early morning light.

Some five hours later, the sun bright and shining and the skies clear blue, Brielle was driving Buck down back roads hoping to find some place to eat. Fully dressed now, Buck held onto Brielle and watched the dizzying countryside fly by. Three times now he had questioned her about the things he was seeing. He didn't believe the drunk and drugged stuff but he wasn't ready to not believe her either.

Brielle finally spotted a little diner in the distance. It was probably the only restaurant in the tiny village they were passing through, possibly the only one for many miles. The back roads had proved to be scenic with the many hills they were driving through. So far no run ins with the CBS people. SO FAR! She pulled the bike up into the lot and motioned for Buck to get off.

He did and stretched. Brielle sighed. He was such a big, handsome man. He smiled at her and nodded for her to go ahead of him. They entered the tiny little diner and sat down at a cheerful table with a red and white checkered cloth. A pretty, young waitress came over.

"Hello. My name is Amy and I'll be your waitress," Amy greeted.

"Hi, darlin'," Buck greeted her with one of those 'to die for smiles'. Buck immediately began flirting with her and she of course responded.

Brielle glared at Buck and then up at the too pretty, country fresh waitress. The waitress fluttered her eyes at Brielle and Brielle seethed.

"And what can I get ya?" Amy coldly asked Brielle. The cute Pennsylvania hills accent wasn't too cute too Brielle. "You look like you could use an ice water or a diet soda?"

"I'll take a Coke! Regular Coke!" Brielle snapped out and the girl nodded saucily before walking over behind the counter. Brielle groaned inwardly. She HATED regular Coke but there was no way she was going to admit that she had even one FAT cell on her! At least she didn't disappear when she turned sideways!!

"Buck! Stop that!" Brielle hissed at him the moment the girl had walked away.

"Now why would I do that?" Buck asked smiling at her as she came back with their drinks. "Thank you, honey."

"No problem, cowboy!" Amy smiled at him and he pinched her bottom. Brielle thought about throwing her drink on them but decided that she would NOT WASTE a perfectly good drink. She would take care of him LATER!

Buck ordered a huge meal and Brielle glared at Amy the whole time she ordered a burger and fries and a HUGE slice of chocolate cake. Silently fuming she paid the bill but she DID NOT leave a tip. Buck took care of that in his own way anyhow. Brielle was ready to shoot the man. It took Brielle ten minutes to disengage Buck from Amy and drag him out to the bike. He seemed amused by the whole process but Brielle was spitting mad. It was at least two hours before she even considered speaking to him. He was quiet for the most part, which was a good thing too!

"Darlin', I think we've got company," Buck said into her ear. Brielle glanced back but she didn't quite have the steering and looking thing down. The bike began to swerve but Buck grabbed the bars and straightened it out. Brielle elbowed him as she took control again.

"Why didn't you say something earlier?" Brielle demanded. By her count there was at least three CBS cars back there. They weren't labeled or anything but they had that 'look' and Brielle thought she recognized one of them.

"They weren't there earlier," Buck replied calmly as he pulled out Brielle's little gun and began to load it. "We've got to get me a damn gun worth shooting. Shit this won't even hurt a fly!"

"It's worked so far," Brielle snapped.

"Uh-huh. That's why they can still find us," Buck replied calmly.

"We-we can't kill them!" Brielle gasped trying to make the bike go faster. The hills were getting smaller now that they'd reached Ohio but the flatter land was still about an hour away.

"Why not?" Buck asked as he took aim. Brielle couldn't help being startled when he fired the gun. It was SOOOOO MUCH LOUDER than in the movies or from what she ever imagined.

"Because!" Brielle exclaimed trying to figure out how to tell him he wasn't exactly real and that the bullets he was firing were real and that people would really die, not just move on to a new show if he shot them. But then as far as he was concerned they were dead and when they came back on his show they were really another person and not just the bad guy that was shot dead last week! Oh she was making herself dizzy just trying to think about it. Brielle had to think fast. And there was a sign! The Toll Road! Yes! She could get on there and get lost among the trucks!

"What are you doing?" Buck hollered as Brielle suddenly changed directions and cut across lanes to gain access to the toll road. She managed to slip them in between two semi's scaring herself the drivers and Buck! He was holding on to her just staring in shock at the huge semis.

"Trains!" Brielle told him grabbing the ticket, stuffing it safely in her jacket and then picking up speed. Hey! She was getting better at this!! She didn't almost flip them again!!

"Trains?" Buck swore something colorful and Brielle felt her face flush red-hot.

"Trains!" Brielle insisted as they whipped past dozens of cars and trucks scaring them all. Especially since she was driving on the shoulder of the road. And so far no cops!!!

It was the fastest ride she'd ever been on too and by the time it was dark the CBS men were no where to be found. Brielle decided to stop off in Sandusky to camp. She had the perfect campsite in mind too! After all, they wouldn't think she would camp near (or in this case) in an amusement park! It was too perfect. Well, hell, maybe she'd spring for a hotel room. A hot bath would be damn nice and some clean fresh clothes!

"We're going to the town called Cedar Point," Brielle told Buck. "They have some really nice hotels and good, hot food. There's a train and a mine also."

"Cedar Point? Never heard of it," Buck told her.

"Well I don't imagine you'll ever forget it and I'm thinking the men after us won't think to look there. Let's hope I'm right," Brielle replied. She pulled up to the tollbooth and paid quickly not giving Buck a chance to take much in.

"It's a protected highway," Brielle offered as explanation.

"You pay for that?" Buck demanded in disbelief.

"Well what else would you suggest?" Brielle asked. "Don't the people in Four Corners pay you?"

"Honey, you need to get your facts straight," Buck said, disgruntled.

"Go ahead and set me straight. I'm listening," Brielle said. Buck muttered a few choice words but never did quite say anything back.

Brielle chose the Historic Hotel thinking it would be more familiar to Buck. She hated the small rooms, but they were exactly what were from the approximate time period of Buck's show. With one exception (and a DAMN FINE exception as far as Brielle was concerned), there was a full bath. The hotel sat on the grounds of the Amusement park, which was silent and mostly unlit at the very late hour that she pulled up to it.

"Two rooms," Brielle told the desk clerk as she briefly wondered how they could stand wearing those 'of the time' uniforms.

"Two?" Buck raised his eyebrows at her and smiled at her, lifting his chin ever so slightly. "Darlin' you'll miss me."

"Connecting rooms then," Brielle told the clerk.

"Darlin' you think you'll be in that connected room?" Buck asked her with that endearing teasing smile.

"Oh fine! One room but two beds!" Brielle told the clerk.

"Two beds?" Buck folded his arms and cocked his head to the side.

"Oh all right! One room one bed!" Brielle stomped her foot.

"Yes ma'am. And how will you be paying for this?"

"Plastic of course," Brielle muttered handing her card over and signing for the key.

"You take a bath first," Brielle told Buck flopping down on the bed. "The clerk said there's a 24 hour laundry service so at least we'll get all cleaned up."

"Brielle," Buck said and waited until she looked up and then he ran a finger down her fine cheek. "You sure are a pretty little thing, all ice and fire. Why don't you join me in the bath?"

"I…" Brielle lost her thought staring up at his playful smile.

"It seems to me it would be a shame to waste a perfectly nice bath on me alone," Buck added watching the indecision in her face.

"We shouldn't-"

"Oh yes we should. Why there is nothing better than pleasing a fine woman," Buck grinned. Brielle sighed.

"Why do I give in to you?" she demanded trying to find her anger with him again.

"Because I'm right," Buck responded offering her kisses as he tried to figure out her clothing. It didn't take him long either. Brielle forgot to be angry with him and she experienced the most interesting bath of her life!

Brielle wasn't sure what woke her up out of her sleep. The distant rumble of thunder? The heavy weight on her back? Perhaps the fact that her bladder was insisting that she go to the bathroom? Then a dull knocking managed to clear her head. Their laundry was being delivered. Brielle managed to get out from under the heavy warmth of Buck and wrap a towel around herself before answering the door. She took the package and quickly paid the woman before locking the door again. When she turned around Buck was lazily watching her from hooded eyes.

"Our clothes are clean," Brielle told him.

"We don't need clothes for what I have in mind," Buck told her.

"We have to get going, Buck. We need to head out to Vegas. Your friends will be there," Brielle reminded him, flushing red at the heat in his voice.

"They'll wait for me," Buck shrugged.

"But the people after you might find us if we don't get moving," Brielle said as she sorted her clothes out from his. "And I only have a few more days before I have to get back to real life."

"Real life? Exactly what is that?" Buck asked her as she began dress. He watched her intently and Brielle tried to ignore him.

"I teach school," Brielle told him while throwing him his clothes.

"A teacher? Well now! I can't say I've ever had the pleasure of enjoying such an educated woman before!" Buck told her.

"And if you don't get your butt up out of bed you may not enjoy another woman again!" Brielle snapped.

"You're a mite grouchy in the morning," Buck told her as he stretched and began pulling on his clothes.

"So I am!" Brielle snorted and put on her shoes. "Damn it's gonna rain too!"

"We could wait the rain out. Riding that fancy horse of yours in the rain ain't sitting well with me," Buck told her as he pulled on his boots.

"Believe me, I won't ride Amnesty in the rain. I can hardly control her under normal circumstances!" Brielle said emphatically as worry began to gnaw at her stomach. "We need a…a horse-less carriage!"

"A what?" Buck demanded. Brielle began throwing the few items that they did have into her one bag ignoring Buck for the moment. She finished her task and surveyed the room for anything left behind.

"You'll see!" Brielle replied.

"How about breakfast first?" Buck suggested following her down the hall.

"Yeah, right," Brielle nodded. "We'll need that."

"Now you're talking," Buck said walking leisurely next to Brielle's hurried walk.

"Not here," Brielle decided as she came to a stop and poked her head around the corner of the lobby.

"They don't have a restaurant here?" Buck asked.

"They do but damn those men found us!" Brielle whispered to him.

"You should let me kill them for you darlin' and then they won't worry you none," Buck said peeking around the corner to see the men.

"We CAN'T! I told you that!" Brielle insisted. "Come on. Lucky for you I worked here once and know another way out." She led him back down the hall and then changed directions and took him out through what looked like a servant's entrance.

"What in the hell is that?!" Buck exclaimed coming to a stop.

"It's a….oh it's a very fast train!" Brielle said looking up to see what he was looking at.

"That sure don't look like any train I've ever seen!" Buck told her.

"Have you seen a train before?" Brielle asked him pulling him with her.

"Of course I have!" Buck told her as she stopped at a ticket booth and purchased two tickets. Then she pulled him along through a gate handing the tickets over.

"Oh damn they've spotted us!" Brielle hissed. "Come on!"

"Where are we going?" Buck asked following her even as he kept an eye on the men following them.

"Uhm…" Brielle looked around frantically trying to figure out how to loose them men. Buck was trying to watch the men and look around at the amazing world around him. He wasn't very successful since he had to keep up with Brielle too. And she was dodging around and moving quickly through the odd streets.

"In here! Quick before they see you. And take off that hat!" Brielle told him. "Oh damn I hope it doesn't rain!"

"Take my hat off?" Buck asked pulling to a stop as they approached an odd walkway and a wooden crisscross structure. Suddenly something went squealing by.

"Shit! What the hell is that?" Buck exclaimed almost dropping to the ground for cover. Brielle tugged on him,

"I thought you said you'd seen a train before?" Brielle told him.

"That ain't no train, lady!" Buck insisted.

"Yes it is and if it rains they'll catch us cause we won't be able to get on. Now come on!" Brielle told him. Buck followed her reluctantly.

"We are buying me a real gun and I am blowing them to hell!" Buck told her.

"We are getting on this train so they can't find us and then we are heading to Vegas. No guns involved!" Brielle insisted pulling him up into an odd looking station. She could see the men trying to find their way through the growing line. But they weren't making much headway.

"That ain't a train!" Buck insisted.

"He's scared!" Brielle told the lovely lady attendant.

"I am not!" Buck exclaimed.

"Then get on!" Brielle hissed.

"On?" Buck looked at the train. It was small! No roof! Hell no doors! Brielle nudged him from behind and he lost his balance.

"Sit and put the seatbelt on!" Brielle told him. Buck stared at her.

"Like this!" Brielle sighed impatiently. She reached over him and locked him into place. "And hold onto to this!"

"Oh hell!" Buck muttered as the train took off just in time. The men following them just missed their train "What in-"

"Just a little hill," Brielle assured him taking his hat. She could see the men being pushed into the next train behind them.

"You call this a little hill?" Buck exclaimed. He was white in the face. In fact he didn't look well.

"It'll be okay. Just hold onto the bar," Brielle told him.

Buck couldn't believe this train. It climbed to the top of a huge hill… and dropped. At first he couldn't breath and then he closed his eyes. Then he opened them. Once he got used to the sensation of the ride he actually enjoyed it. "Yahooo!" he hollered.

"See! I knew you'd like it!" Brielle smiled at him all the while trying to spot the train that the men following them were in. "Buck, get ready. We're coming into the station and we have to get out quickly!"

"Already?" Buck asked.

"Yes!" Brielle began unbuckling his seatbelt and when they arrived back in a station (Buck could have sworn it was the same station!) Brielle nudged him out of the seat as lightening streakedacross the sky and thunder rumbled. A torrent of rain poured down. The trains out on the track all came to a stop! Brielle laughed in relief. They could loose them now!

"There's a saloon we can duck into to get out of this!" Brielle gasped as the rain soaked them. She handed him back his hat.

"Saloon? Now that's the first sensible thing you've said since I met you!" Buck said cheerfully following her through the doors into Lusty Lil's Saloon. "And do I get to meet Lusty Lil?"

"Oh just sit down!" Brielle rolled her eyes at him and nudged him over to the tables. The rain was pouring down outside and the saloon was filling up just in time for the first show. They should head out of there but Brielle was tired and hungry since they'd missed breakfast and she was too relieved to have lost the CBS men to care too much about anything. Just a drink and they'd move on.

While she stood in line to get them drinks she could hear the show begin. She quickly paid for the beer and soda then made her way over to the table Buck had selected. Of course Buck had chosen a table up near the stage. He grinned at her cheerfully when she handed him the mug of beer and took a long drink.

"Not bad," Buck told her thoughtfully but his eyes were on the stage where the piano player was playing the opening tune. The curtain opened and there were the singers/dancers in old west showgirl outfits. Buck leaned forward staring at the fishnet stocking legs of the girls.

"Oh quit drooling!" Brielle hissed at Buck, but he merely grinned at her for a moment before sending his eyes back to the stage.

"Well hello there, everyone!" the lead singer called out as soon as their basic welcoming song was complete. "Ya'll havin' fun here in the Amazement Park?"

"Whooeee! Yes!" Buck called out to her. She looked down at him from the stage and smiled brightly. Brielle shook her head trying to decide how old the girl on stage was. What?  Nineteen? Twenty? Twenty-one at most!

"Well that's sure good! Welcome to Lusty Lil's! I'm Lusty Lil and ya'll just sit back and enjoy the show!"

"Yer Lusty Lil? You want ta show me that lust, darlin?" Buck called out to her. Brielle contemplated killing him as she slid down in her seat while the audience laughed.

"Looks like we've got ourselves a true cowboy!" the girl called out to the audience. "You just stick around and we'll try and show you our stuff!"

"My pleasure!" Buck said and the girl smiled then turned to her band.

"Hit it!" she called and they began another tune.

"Buck, we need to go now," Brielle said as the girls on stage went backstage to change clothes.

"Now sugar, they're just gettin' started," Buck replied.

"But I think I hear the rain slowing a bit and we need to get out here before those men find us again!" Brielle said urgently, but Buck was ignoring her as "Lil" came back out on stage and began a slow song. She swayed her hips and did a slow, sexy step down the side stairs of the stage and over to Buck. Brielle groaned as the singer sent her a smile before slipping her arm around Buck and singing to him. The girl was of course playing her role while Buck really didn't get the idea that it was just a show for the benefit of the guests of the Amusement Park. She drew him up and led him up the steps to the stage as Brielle's protest was drowned out by the music.  Buck went willingly up the stage and of course hammed it up much to the entertainment of the audience.

"And who do we have here?" the singer asked as the music came to a stop.

"The name's Buck, ma'am!" Buck replied tipping his hat.

"Buck? I like that! What do you think girls? Think Buck can help us with our dance?" Lil asked her back up singers.

"Why I surely do!" gushed one of the other girls. With Buck in the middle the girls on either side of him they began trying to get him to follow their dance. The 'high' cancan kicks and the little steps. Buck gamely played along while the audience roared its approval as he did more and more silly steps. Brielle nervously watched the back of the Saloon for any CBS men. It was no surprise to her when they appeared.

"Let's hear it for our guest!" Lil called out.

"Let's not!" Brielle exclaimed as she dashed up the steps and took Buck by the arm. She dragged him into the backstage area and out the back door into the rain that had slowed to steady drizzle. Brielle could hear shouts of surprise and alarm and the sound of chaos happening inside the saloon.

"I swear you aren't worth all this trouble!" Brielle told Buck.

"If you'd just let me-"

"I will not let you shoot them!" Brielle snapped looking behind her. They weren't being followed at least. Brielle led him down the Frontier trail. They could make their get away at the harbor!

The Frontier trail was a pretty wooded area with  log cabin gift shops, woodworking, leather shops and a smithy. Brielle was leading Buck along and turned to speak with him when she realized he was missing. Her heart stopped for a moment as she scanned behind her looking for the CBS executives. She could see them but they were still a ways down the trail and Buck was definitely not with them. He towered practically over everyone so he was fairly easy to spot. She scanned the area and her eyes fell on the leather shop. The CBS men were going to spot her soon so she sent a little wish to the heaven above and darted into the leather working shop. It didn't take her eyes long to spy Buck checking out the various leather items. He was closely studying a belt of some type when Brielle managed to get through the crowd to him.

"What are you doing, taking off on me like that!" Brielle exclaimed loudly and then lowered her voice as the occupants in the shop turned and looked at her.

"You found me just fine," Buck said to her putting the belt on and trying it out.

"Buck! What are you doing? Those men are going to come in here any minute and find us!" Brielle whispered anxiously to him.

"You shouldn't worry your pretty head so. I can take care of you, sweet heart," Buck replied. "Yep this'll do!"

"Huh?" Brielle looked at the belt and groaned. It was a gun belt minus the guns of course.

"Buck!" Brielle could see the men outside the leather shop stalking.

"Here! Let's buy it and get out of here!" Brielle said realizing that he meant to take the belt with him. She cut in front of a woman and handed her credit card over to the clerk.

"He's in a hurry," Brielle told the woman who was glaring at her. The woman quit glaring at Buck's nod.

"And I'll take this too," Buck told the clerk handing up a new pair of boots, a hat, a pair of leather pants and a vest.

"Buck! That'll cost me a fortune!" Brielle gasped.

"Fortune? You haven't used a cent yet!" Buck replied. Brielle seethed wondering whether she should bother to explain the concept of credit cards. Sighing because she knew it was a pointless thought, she signed the damn bill and then took the bag of new items. Directing Buck into the next room she pointed up to the loft.

"We aren't suppose to go up there but you took such a nice shopping trip they caught up with us and we've got to hide for a few minutes! Go on!" Brielle nudged him up the ladder, which he willingly climbed. The clerks were too busy and the rest of the shoppers didn't seem to know what to think, so chose to ignore them. Meanwhile, Buck seemed more amused than anything, but they were hidden nicely away looking through a knothole in the floor when the CBS executives entered the shop. Brielle watched them look around and she held her breath as they looked up the ladder. But they looked about the shop and apparently decided no one would climb the ladder in such a crowded place and not be noticed. Brielle was just thankful that the crowd was so indifferent. In fact, she'd been counting on it when she'd led Buck up into the loft.

"There's another way out back here," Buck told Brielle.

"It's not safe," Brielle replied. "I used to sneak up here with my boyfriend and…never mind. It's not safe!"

"And what, sugar?" Buck drawled.

"Never mind, Buck!" Brielle hissed.

"It's plenty safe," Buck said. Brielle would have argued but it apparently a CBS executive decided to look up in the loft after all.

"Go! Go! Go!" Brielle told Buck trying to be quiet as she made her way into the darkness. Buck led her down a ladder into a pitch-black tunnel that opened up into the rain and the backside of the leather shop. A small path led down to the backside of the next shop. Brielle recognized it as an employee's path. She hurriedly led Buck through the rain that was beginning to fall hard again. Thunder was rumbling too and lightening flashed through sky before down pour began again.

Brielle led Buck to the marina, noting, thankfully, that they had finally lost the CBS executives. The storm had passed over but the Ferry wasn't running yet.  Brielle tried to figure a way back to the hotel to get Amnesty but there was just no way to get back there without being spotted again. Then the Ferry bell rang so Brielle decided they would take it after all.   "Darlin'," Buck began.

"My name is Brielle!" She snapped at him.

"Right. Brielle," Buck nodded. "I don't go on boats."

"Yes you do," Brielle said.

"No I don't," Buck disagreed.

"You're afraid of a boat?" Brielle asked with surprise. The crowd behind them was getting impatient and the boatman was getting impatient as well.

"Not the boat," Buck said. "Why don't we just take Amensty. I'm getting down right fond of that nasty horse of yours."

"The Ferry is leaving and Amnesty will be well taken care of! Now come on!" Brielle insisted shrugging apologetically to the boatman. Buck shook his head. Brielle gave him a shove and since he wasn't expecting her to do that he lost his balance and fell onto the ferry.  The boatman closed the gate much to the anger of the crowd that had been standing behind them waiting to get on, and the bell rang as the ferry began to pull out. Buck sat up and glared at Brielle but his glare was short lived since his stomach did a lurch with the shifting of the boat. He made it to the side just in time.

"You get seasick? Why didn't you say something?" Brielle exclaimed, then muttered under her breath, "Not that it would have made a difference!"  Buck said nothing as he heaved again.  He spent his entire trip across the bay with his head over the side. Brielle did feel badly about it but the brighter side was that the CBS executives were no where to be found. And when they reached the other side she could borrow some transportation and they would again be on their way.

"Look, Buck, we're docking now," Brielle said. Buck nodded, looking green and miserable. There was a hint of something in the depths of his eyes that caused Brielle to shiver with some concern.  The ferry bumped hard front and then back and finally the lines were tied off. Buck was more than eager to get off the ferry and so they made their way to the exit and were soon standing on the pier.

"Where exactly am I?" Buck asked her again. He was no longer quite so pale. In fact, color was beginning to come back into his face.

"On your way to Vegas," Brielle told him fumbling with the phone and enough change to pay for a call.

"What are you doing now?" Buck asked leaning against the phone booth and watching her. She ignored him for the moment and spoke into the odd looking thing.

"I was getting us some transportation. We can't take Amnesty and we need something to protect us from the rains. Those clouds don't look like they're done raining on us," Brielle said.

"A rain sure as hell ain't gonna melt you none!" Buck snorted, apparently amusing himself with some private joke. Brielle glared and then grabbed his arm and pulled him towards the parking lot. About two minutes later a taxi arrived. Brielle got Buck into the taxi and then had the driver take them to her parent's house. She silently led Buck into the huge white house. No one was home, which is what Brielle had expected. No one was ever home at her parent's house! (And in this case it was very good. Nice to be able to count on tradition!)

"I can make us something to eat and then we have to get going before we are found again," Brielle told Buck.

"You live here?" Buck asked walking around and looking at the pictures hanging and sitting out.

"No, my parents do," Brielle said.

"Well I'll be!" Buck whistled and Brielle stopped what she was doing in the kitchen long enough to look.

"What?" Brielle asked.

"You weren't kiddin'. You are a teacher!" Buck chuckled.

"What made you think I was kidding?" Brielle asked setting the one end of the large kitchen table and putting the waffles (toaster kind) out with some orange juice, syrup and sausage (microwave kind). (Sometimes it was a blessing her young cousins were living with her parents!! They liked those convenience foods.) Buck came out into the kitchen and sat down.

"And you cook too?" Buck said.

"Hmph!" was all Brielle could say. At least he wouldn't know the difference. They ate in silence and then Brielle went and changed her clothes. She kept one spare outfit at her parent's house. Then Brielle wrote her parent's a quick note and took the keys to the old car.

"This is a horse-less carriage," Brielle told Buck opening the door of the vehicle for him.

"Carriage?" Buck frowned. "Like that train you took me on?"

"Uh…no," Brielle laughed.

"Right," Buck considered her for a moment. She handed him his packages from Cedar Point and nudged him into the car. He sat down and Brielle slammed the door shut. Buck jumped slightly and then turned his attention to the dashboard of the car. Brielle got in and smiled at Buck for a moment.

"Those CBS men won't think to look for us in this thing!" Brielle said and started up the old car. It sputtered once and then was fine. Brielle pulled out onto the road as thunder again roared and rain poured down. Luck would have it, the windshield wipers worked! Brielle silently breathed a sigh of relief as she turned the car onto the highway. Buck seemed nervous at first but then he relaxed. Brielle flicked on the radio and Buck dozed off. For once, it was a nice quiet ride with only the thunder and lightening and Buck's snoring stirring the air.

Buck woke up and he was pleasant enough but kept looking out the back searching for anyone following them. Brielle even got him to talk about the rest of the men he rode with. He spoke fondly of them, lingering several moments on JD. He was unable to hide his concern for his young friend.

"Ahh, don't worry about them. They'll all make it safely to Las Vegas. You'll see," Brielle told him pulling into a small somewhat run down hotel. She checked them in and then led him to their room. To Brielle's relief, the room was clean and stocked with soap and towels. She dropped tiredly on the bed. Two more days and she'd have him to Vegas. Buck was moving around the tiny room, cautiously checking out the window.

"They didn't follow us," Brielle told him.

"I wouldn't be so trustin' darlin'. They done followed us on that crazy train so I wouldn't put it past 'em to be showing up here! And you not letting me use my guns sure puts the odds against us," Buck told her

"Yes well, I told you we can't kill them," Brielle said.

"So you keep saying," Buck muttered.

"We'll be in Vegas soon and your friends will be there and this will all be like a dream to you Buck," Brielle told him. He was so tense she that hoped maybe that would help. Buck came to a stop and looked over at her then asked,

"Where will you go once we reach this Vegas you keep talking about?"

"Home to teach," Brielle shrugged. "But I'll always remember this."

"Now you know, I can make those memories even better darlin'," Buck said after one last cautious look out the window and a quick glance at the locked door.

"Now Buck," Brielle began but he was already looming over her.

"Yes?" he drawled as he dropped his pants.

"Um, nothing…" Brielle sighed accepting his steamy kisses.

"That's what I thought, sweetheart," Buck chuckled. "We got some more memories to make."

"Uh-huh," Brielle sighed again. It wasn't exactly the most restful night Brielle spent but it was a lot of fun.

"Come on Buck, wake up!" Brielle nudged him. He was still snoring lightly, wrapped in blankets with his arm lovingly around the pillow where Brielle had been less than ten minutes ago.

"Later," Buck mumbled.

"No! Now! Before those men find us again!" Brielle insisted. Buck unwillingly opened his eyes and stared up at Brielle.

"What god awful hour are you gettin' me up at?" Buck demanded, still not moving.

"Never mind, just get dressed!" Brielle said. "And then we could get some breakfast! How about pancakes and eggs? The desk clerk said there was a little diner up the road."

"Breakfast?" Buck did sit up then. And ten minutes later Brielle was regretting it. Buck was flirting cheerfully with the waitresses. Not just theirs but the waitress at the table next to them too. Brielle managed to drag Buck out of there and once again they were on the road. Buck passed the time chatting to Brielle and playing with her little gun.

Hours later and in the middle of no where, Brielle discovered she had a problem. She really REALLY needed to go to the bathroom. Three cups of coffee at the diner and a bottle of diet coke from the machine at the gas station for the ride was finally getting to her.  She had seen nothing for miles. The country around her was completely unfamiliar.

"We've got to find a place to stop," Brielle finally muttered.

"There ain't nothing out here. Why do we have to stop?' Buck asked eyeing her while twirling his mustache thoughtfully.

"Nature calls," Brielle said turning red.

"Nature? Oh! Shoot just pull over and go," Buck shrugged.

"I CAN'T do that!" Brielle exclaimed.

"Course you can," Buck told her.

"No way," Brielle shook her head.

"Well then, maybe you ought to stop there," Buck said.

"There?" Brielle frowned and as they went down the hill, and then she could see what Buck was talking about. One look at the sign and Brielle shook her head.

"No, no. I can wait," Brielle decided.

"Are you sure?" Buck inquired. Brielle sighed. No, she wasn't sure and she really, REALLY had to go. So reluctantly she pulled into the lot, rolling her eyes at the name of the store.  In the middle of no where there was no place to go to the bathroom… no gas stations or McDonalds, but there was a stupid Gun Store! Guns of America! This was trouble for the asking! Buck was out the door even before Brielle had stopped the car.

"Buck! Buck!" Brielle called racing after him and trying to put her backpack on. "We aren't getting anything! ANYTHING! You hear me?" Brielle demanded racing to catch up with him.

"Oh, of course not," Buck smiled down at her holding the door open for her.

"I mean it!" Brielle insisted as she finally got the pack on.

"Why I know you do, darlin'," Buck replied as he stepped in the shop behind her. Brielle sighed. There was no hope for it. She shook her head and headed for the bathroom. It was down a short hall. There were two doors. One labled heifer and one next to it labeled bulls. Brielle snorted in disgust but her bladder was ready to burst so she really couldn't be picky.  Brielle figured she wasn't a bull and while she sure wasn't a heifer either, she locked the door and thankfully could relieve her bursting bladder, seething the entire time.

The bathroom was actually clean and on the walls were fliers about gun shows. There was actually a gun show going on in Vegas in a couple of days. Brielle finished drying her hands and wondered just how she was going to get Buck out of the gun shop. When she walked back out into the main gun shop area she was ready to give up. He was listening intently to an older gentleman talk while holding up a gun. Brielle walked over to Buck and cleared her throat. Buck ignored her.

"You wanna give 'er a try?" the man asked Buck.

"Hell yes!" Buck agreed.

"Hell no!" Brielle disagreed. The men walked around her, and completely ignoring her, proceeded to go out the door to an outside firing range. Brielle followed them, swearing the entire way. There were several men and a couple of women in the practice range. Buck took the gun and blew the targets away.

"Whooee!" Buck exclaimed. The man nodded smiling. He was about to say something when he was tapped on the shoulder. Brielle stared almost open mouthed. What the hell was a UPS man doing out here in the middle of no where?

"Picking up a package for the gun show in Vegas, Dan," the UPS man said.

"Be right there," he replied then turned back to Buck. "You want her? She's a fine piece!"

"She's sold!" Buck grinned.

"Just come to the counter and I'll check you out with the necessary paper work."

"Will do!" Buck agreed and turned back to the range to fire one more time.

"I said we weren't getting anything," Brielle reminded Buck.

"Now how can you turn down this? We ain't got nothin' but your silly little piddler that wouldn't do damage to a baby let alone those men following you!" Buck said.

"My little gun does just fine!" Brielle insisted. Buck started to shout back at her that it didn't but Brielle clapped her hand over his mouth and pointed. Those damn CBS men had found them again!!!

"I want this-"

"SHHH!"  Brielle hissed and pulled Buck along with the gun back into the shop.

"We don't need to hide. Look at all the help we've got!" Buck told her.

"Bring the stupid gun but we aren't staying here and you aren't shooting anyone!" Brielle snapped.

"Now darlin'-" Buck began.

"Don't darlin' me!" Brielle snorted and groaned when she looked out the door of the shop. Their car was surrounded. There was no way they could get to it. Then her eyes fell on the UPS man. He was headed for Vegas! He'd said so!

Grabbing Buck she pulled him along and then checking to see that they weren't seen, she pulled him into the UPS truck and into the back. Brielle motioned him down behind a crate as the driver got on and started up the truck. It was noisy enough that the driver didn't notice them and that gave Brielle a chance to look at all the packages. Sure enough, there were two big boxes labeled gun show in Vegas.  Brielle pulled open the box carefully and motioned Buck to get in.  He refused at first until he saw the contents. Then he willingly climbed in with Brielle. He only got a little angry when she threw out half the guns. But then they got comfortable and it got warm and she dozed off using Buck as a pillow. He didn't seem to mind. He was busy looking at the guns left in the box with them.

It was the jostling that finally woke Brielle up. She sat up and groaned. She'd been on her backpack and lying oddly against Buck so her back and neck were stiff.

"What's going on?" Brielle asked.

"Shit if I know," Buck muttered and then peeked out.

"Yah!" Buck said standing suddenly. Brielle stood then too and almost laughed at the shocked and frightened looks of the UPS workers.  She would really have laughed but they needed to get out of there and find out where they were and how much time they'd been in that UPS box.  Buck willingly chased after Brielle out into the night air of the building.

They were definitely near a city. Below them was a highway loaded with traffic. Buck walked along side of her, staring in awe at the lights in the distance and occasionally down at the faster moving traffic.

"That sure is a sight," Buck said.

"Yeah, for you I bet it is," Brielle smiled. Up ahead there was an exit from the highway and a gas station, hotel and McDonalds. Maybe she could find out where they were from there.

"You have to put that gun away," Brielle told him stopping outside the lighted area of the parking lot.

"Oh shucks! I lost my new gunbelt!" Buck exclaimed.

"No you didn't," Brielle opened her backback and pulled out the Cedar Point bag. He put his gunbelt on and then tucked his gun away.

"Whenever you're ready," Buck said tipping his hat at her. Brielle laughed and then led him into the gas station. She was relieved to find a map on the wall.

"What kind of place is this?" Buck asked frowning as he stared around.

"This is a pit stop for the horseless carriages. So they can be given food. And that's a restaurant. Serves great burgers. You know food. Are you hungry?" Brielle asked and then shook her head. Dumb question. They hadn't eaten since breakfast! She led him across the lot and into the McDonalds. They went up to the counter and ordered some food and then found a place to sit down.

"This is interesting stuff," Buck told Brielle between mouthfuls of food.

"You don't like it?" Brielle asked.

"It's okay," Buck replied.

"Good news," Brielle said. "We'll be in Vegas tomorrow.  We'll get a room tonight and tomorrow you'll be with your friends."

"Now that surely is good news," Buck grinned.  "A room for the night, that is." Brielle flushed scarlet and he raised his eyebrows at her. She didn't think she could turn any redder but she did. They finished eating silently and then Brielle went and got them a room in the motel next door.

"This is our last night together so you have to behave!" Brielle ordered Buck.

"Oh, I promise to behave," Buck grinned.

"But Buck," Brielle sighed. Oh what the heck. One last night and then she'd only get to see him on TV anyway. You couldn't very well sleep with a TV character now could you? Well, Brielle reflected, she at least got to for a few nights and damn was he good! With that thought she melted right into his kisses.

Las Vegas. There it was. They had managed to hitch a ride with a truck driver and then rent a car at his last stop. So now they were maybe ten minutes outside of Vegas. And while Brielle was glad she'd gotten Buck safely to Las Vegas, she was going to miss him. She pulled off to the side of the road on the outskirts of the big city.

"I thought maybe we could say goodbye here," Brielle told Buck. "Once we get to the meeting place it's gonna be hard to get a moment alone."

"You ain't gonna cry are you?" Buck asked in concern of the water building up in Brielle's pretty green eyes. "I sure wouldn't want to make a lady cry."

"No, no," Brielle sniffed.

"Now sugar, it's gonna be all right. I didn't even shoot no one," Buck teased her, chucking her chin. Brielle smiled a watery smile and then threw her arms around his neck.

"I had a wonderful time rescuing you Buck Wilmington. A hell of a time, but a wonderful time just the same!" Brielle told him.

"I sure wouldn't want anyone else to rescue me," Buck said solemnly. But next time could you maybe not dump me in a creek? And no boat rides! And no boxes either! Oh, and guns! Gotta have firepower woman!"  Brielle giggled as she wiped her tears off her cheek and then laughed as Buck rolled his eyes. He swept her back up into a bear and then a long deep kiss.

"I guess we better go," Brielle sighed. Buck nodded. Brielle slid back over to the driver seat of the car and slipped it back onto the road. She looked once over at him and then stared straight ahead. To Las Vegas and to where his friends and his destiny awaited.


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