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Rating:  NC-17 (m/f sorta)

Notes:  Okay, this isn't really a fic, but it was written with certain people in mind, namely (for me at any rate ;) a tall man in black and the gambler.  Feel free to insert yourself in the poem with your favorite Mag7 d

Can You Feel Me?
Laura H.
Breathnoir Naid

"Can You Feel Me?"
Once again, you've come to my bed,
But are you real or just in my head?
Our passion blinds until I cannot see;
I can feel you...Can you feel me?

I shiver with the ecstacy once again
As your hands and lips flutter 'cross my skin.
The pounding of my heart accompanies all that you do;
I am real...Are you?

The fires of my release are bursting into flame
As I cry out my pleasure without shame.
A kiss so soft, a flavor so free;
I can taste you...Can you taste me?

The thrusting of your body into mine
Is a feeling no words could ever define.
Your loud shouts as your seed goes free;
I can hear you...Can you hear me?

Your eyes glint with happiness,
And your smile gleams with nothing less.
I watch your body twist in ecstacy;
I can see you...Can you see me?

I close my eyes as you lay by my side
Dreaming my dreams of myself as your bride.
Where this place is a reality;
I can love you...Can you love me?

I open my eyes, but you are gone.
A sign of your presence, there is none,
Except for the love you have kindled in me.
I understand this is how it must be;

I will wait for you...Will you come back to me?

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