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THE AU TYPE: This AU will tie together the OW Seven as well as the Mog's ATF Seven. I want to post a few more stories in this AU of an AU then if anyone is interested they can join in on the fun.

by Indigo

Chris Larabee knelt between the graves of his two lovers. One grave had been dug twenty years ago; the other only three days.

A hand fell on his shoulder and gave it a gentle squeeze. A hand that he knew belonged to his father.

"Does it get any easier?" He asked with a voice raw unshed tears. The loss of Vin had only been bearable because he and Ezra had been able to help each other through the loss of their lover.

Now Ezra was dead and he was left behind.

His father knelt beside him. Chris turned and wrapped his arms his father, burying his head against his father's chest much like he did when he was a child and would waken from a nightmare.

His father held him as the tears folded. He stroked Chris' back as he murmured, "It never does. You'll will go on and find new loves but losing them will never become easier."

"What if I don't want to go on?"

"You have no choice, Chris. Do you think I wanted to go on after Iolaus died? No, I wanted to be in the Elysian Fields with him. That wasn't to be. I had to go on without him." He dropped a kiss on the top of Chris' head. "If I hadn't, you never would have been born. What would Vin's and Ezra's life been like without you in their lives? From what you told me of their lives when you met I doubt they would ever have found each other or

lived to the ages they did."

"I know." The formation of the Seven had been the one thing that saved Vin from the hangman's noose until they were able to prove him innocent of murder. Ezra stayed beyond the thirty days needed to gain his pardon from the judge when he found the family that Maude seemed unwilling to provide and learned to curb his more larceny tendencies, which probably kept him the gambler from dying at hands of someone he had conned.

He and his father sat holding each other until the sun began its descent beyond the western horizon. His father stood first and held out his hand. "Time to go."

Chris grasped his father's hand and with a strength that hadn't diminished over the millenniums, Hercules pulled him to his feet.

Chris took one last look at Vin's and Ezra's graves before turning and walking away with his father. He didn't know if would ever return to the place where they were buried not when he still carried their memories in his heart.

"Chris, its possible that you can find them again."

Chris stopped and looked at his father. "What do you mean?"

"Have you ever heard of reincarnation?"

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