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Warning: F/F Explicit sex, no coarse language, no violence.

The Last Goodbye
by TrishA

The two bodies intertwined on the bed, lost in each other and the ecstasy they shared. One hand snaked up to push platinum blonde hair from the woman's face.

"God, you're beautiful" came a muffled voice, "I just want to eat you up and keep you inside me forever"

"Well, do it" the blonde woman replied her own voice thick with passion as she pulled her partner's head towards her and showered it with kisses. She felt her own head held firm and her lips forced open as a searching tongue sought to claim her mouth for itself. The response was immediate as passion took over once again and the bodies writhed against each other - rubbing, touching, seeking ultimate bliss.

Slowly, so slowly one of the heads travelled down, tongue darting out here and there to lick and suck, tantalising the other body until it tingled all over with pleasure and suddenly tensed as hot fingers pulled apart her swollen lips and cool breath blew gently on her slick vulva. With measured strokes the tongue pushed its way into the waiting vagina then slowly retreated to drag its way upwards and caress the special place hidden away in a forest of blonde hair. The woman went wild, her head pushed back against the pillows and her hips thrust upward. She looked down at the sandy blonde hair of her lover and watched it moving between her legs as that tongue worked its magic. Her eyes glazed over as she felt one then two fingers being inserted deep within her and her hips thrust again, and again as she lost control and orgasm took over.

When it was over she grabbed her lover's shoulders and pulled upward until pale grey eyes looked into green.

"Your turn" she whispered as she licked her lips and sank down into the bed.

Mary Travis woke suddenly in a hot sweat and felt the bed beside her. Empty! As it had been since her husband's death. She opened the window wide and sat on her bed, eyes closed letting the cool night air ease her aching needs. When she opened her eyes she looked into the silver light of a full moon and allowed herself to remember her dream, and her sandy-haired lover.

"We have to stop doing this," her lover had said later as they lay on the bed still locked in tight embrace. Light from the one lamp lit in the small room flicked shadows across their naked bodies.

"You get married in a few weeks. It's time to let me go"

"I know" Mary had replied, "but every time I try to end it, to say goodbye to you .... "

"I'm leaving tomorrow" her lover interrupted, "I'm going to Paris"

Mary was shocked, "Paris. That's so far away!"

"Exactly. I have a gift for you"

Mary took the gift offered her, a silver locket. She opened it up to see a perfectly painted miniature of her lover's face. Sandy hair blowing in the breeze, green eyes gazing into her soul.

"Is this our last goodbye then?" she asked her voice catching with emotion.

"No, just 'au revoir' - for now"

The stage rolled in at its usual time but Mary Travis paid it no attention as she wandered down the sidewalk delivering her papers and occasionally stopping to chat and greet passers-by. Her mind was still on the dreams she'd been having over the last few weeks. They were so vivid, so real that she just couldn't seem to push them aside. She hadn't realised she'd stopped moving altogether until she heard Chris Larabee's voice low in her ear.

"Is everything alright Mary?"

She blushed; embarrassed to be caught daydreaming and thankful that the gunfighter could not read her mind.

"Oh! Just day-dreaming Chris, thank you" "Sorry to startle you. Were they happy dreams?" he asked and was surprised to see her blush a deeper shade of red. "Well, I ... ah, that is .... " she stammered, lost for words.

Chris took pity on her then and decided to change the subject.

"This just came in for you, off the stage, its from Paris, France" he handed her a small packet, her name and address written clearly on the front.

"Thank you" she stared at the object in her hands - the only person she knew in Paris was ... she turned it around to read the sender's address: R. Dubois. She ripped open the package and nearly dropped the letter and item it contained. Chris caught at them before they could fall to the dirt and placed them back in her trembling hands then carefully took the remaining newspapers from under her arm.


But Mary ignored him as she concentrated on the item she held - it was wrapped in a lace handkerchief and bound with a white satin ribbon. She pulled on the ribbon and the delicate cloth fell open to reveal a silver filigree locket. She clutched it to her chest then pulled away from Chris to hurry back to her office.

Closing the door firmly behind her she walked over to her small sitting room and sat down in the chair by the window. The sun shone in on her as she opened the letter, the locket gleaming in the light as she held it tightly in her hand, its chain looped around her fingers.

Mary looked back at the locket and opened it, she still wore the first locket her love had given her, this second locket was similar in design with one change to the miniature inside. Instead of one face there was two. A platinum blonde woman gazed into the face of a sandy blonde woman, their eyes locked, their faces showing their love. She sniffed quietly and let the tears flow.

A hand rested on her shoulder; another cupped her face and brought it upward to look into the green eyes of Chris Larabee.


She smiled at him then and lifted her own hand to brush sandy-blonde hair from his face, the letter brushed against his skin and Mary could see the memory of another sandy-blonde figure standing just behind him, her green eyes glowing with love, her lips mouthing her final farewell.

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