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ADULT M/F...Chris/NC

by KathyTeresa

"Stupid! Stupid! Stupid!" Chris cursed under his breath. It was Vinís line but it was very appropriate for him right now. Chris couldnít believe he had let himself get into so much trouble..He poured the last of his water into his hat and let his horse drink. He had come out with two canteens of fresh water and he had just run out..chiding himself for not checking his equipment..he looked at the only thing left of his second canteen-- the leather strap attached to his saddle...If he hadnít been in such a hurry to leave Four Corners, he might have been more careful.

He thought back on the events of the last few days with a half-smile on his face. Admittedly he had been in one of his "black moods". So when Josiah had suggested that "someone" needed to ride out to check the outlying ranches, he had jumped at the chance. Vin had almost offered to ride along, but caught the look in Chrisí eye and said nothing. Finding the burned out cabin and the tracks that lead away had been dumb luck...following them into the desert had been his second stupid mistake. He knew better - but after all...he was Chris Larabee.....and he could take care of himself.

"Yeah, right." Chris signed.

He knew the next water hole was at least a three hour ride. He thought his horse was still fresh enough to get him there, but he could feel the effects of the heat through the dark shirt he always wore already making him dizzy and hoped he would be able to make the ride.

Mounting he urged the horse forward, pulling his hat down low on his forehead and squeezing the last of the moisture onto the back of his neck from his bandana. The slow movement of his horse underneath him soon had him nodding in his saddle,...he watched in slow motion his duster hit the ground behind him ,he wanted to listen to the voice in his head that told him to keep his shirt on....but it was just too hot. Even the warm desert breeze on his bare chest helped lessen the oppressive heat that threatened to take his breath away...... he thought about grabbing the saddle horn to hold on as he began his fall, but couldnít get his arms to work. His last conscious thought was seeing his horseís feet move away from him.

His first conscious thought was of coolness. Soft moisture caressed his back, and as he became more awake..he sensed the coolness all along his body. He could feel it pressing into his back,, heels and buttocks...."Wait, what?" He startled, realizing he was naked and started to sit up. "Easy, stay down." A voice spoke above him in a soft Texas drawl. "You need to stay quiet. Youíre not ready for any activity right now." Chris tried turning his head sidewards to see who was speaking but the wave of dizziness made him sick to his stomach and the pounding in his head increased to an alarming degree.

Cool hands pressed on his shoulders and eased his head back down on the garden moss. "Look, my name is Cara. Iím a healer in these parts. I found you yesterday and have worked hard to make you better, so help me out and just stay down, ok? I mean you no harm. And I really do know what Iím doing." Chris could only nod his head in reply..but tried to stay tense and alert. "Why, donít you relax" Cara asked. "Are you always this tense?"


She didnít wait for an answer but moved away from him and Chris didnít offer a response. "Where are my clothes?" he finally asked. "I need to get dressed. I..Whatís that covering me?" "Itís a soft chamois cloth." Cara breathed softly. "Youíre skin is sunburned above your belt line..and youíve got a fever.. I need you to let the cool air of this oasis help bring the heat in your body down, and that wonít work if youíre wearing clothes."Cara carried an authority in her voice that brooked no arguing...not even from Chris Larabee. Before he had a chance to retort, she lifted his head and put a cup to his lips. "Here, this is a tea of chamomile and feverfew herbs I need you to drink." Chris turned his head away.."Donít need any of your damn herbs...you and Nathan...always trying to force stuff on unsuspecting people." It was then that Chris got his first good look at her. She had sandy brown hair that fell to just above her shoulders..her blue eyes set in an oval face with high set cheek bones....small of stature and dressed in a simple shift she was lovely to look upon...But Chris could tell she was used to getting her way. "So," she said arching her neck and tilting her head slightly sideways.."You like having that pounding headache SO much that you are going to suffer, rather than trust that a woman healer MIGHT just be able to help you?" Chris squeezed his eyes shut against the pain in his temples and mumbled to himself. "What?" Cara leaned low over his face." I canít understand you." Caraís voice was captivating...and the pain in his body was beginning to become unbearable....maybe if he took the dang herbs sheíd leave him alone and he could find his clothes.

"Ok, ya, ok..I quess I could use something for this headache."

"Good, a sensible man after all." she laughed softly helping Chris drink from the cup.. "Now weíll have to work on getting you to relax."

"Iíll just take this to get rid of my headache, then you give me my clothes and Iíll be on my way." Chris tried to make his words sound full of authority..but as he drifted off to sleep, he didnít think he had been successful. "Iíll just close my eyes for a minute". The last thing he heard was Caraís soft giggle.

He surfaced sometime later...he didnít know how long he had been sleeping and it took him a minute to orient himself to his surroundings.. "Yeah, the oasis." he mumbled out loud. He let his body settle into the soft moist moss underneath him and started to take inventory of his body parts. Starting with his feet he got as far as the area above his groin, when he abruptly sat up. "Hey, what the hell?" Chris exploded.

"Chris, relax. Iím just covering your sunburn with some aloe and marigold salve.It will make the burns heal faster and ease the burning. Put your head back down and let me finish."Chris just stared at her and put his hand out. "Let me do it..I can finish this." "Can you?" Cara looked into his eyes and reached down with her hand and stroked his inner thigh squeezing gently as she massaged her way upward. "I still think youíre too tense. In my medical opinion..if we donít relieve that tension, you could suffer further health problems. Trust me, I know exactly how to help you." She leaned forward and tilted Chrisí chin upward and firmly kissed him on the lips.


Chris tried to take in a breath at the same time and Cara used that opportunity to force her tongue deep into his mouth. She sat back and grinned at him...Using one hand she pushed on his chest until he collapsed back onto the moss and started working the salve into his groin area with her other hand. Chris couldnít tell if the dizziness he was feeling was from his heat stroke or what Cara was doing to his groin. She continued slowly covering his stomach and thighs with the tingling oil...Her fingertips tripped down the soft hair leading to his penis occasionally scrapping her nails lightly along the skin. He felt his shaft jump and stir and he forced himself to try and control his bodyís reactions.

He WAS NOT going to let this woman seduce him....He was stronger than that...no woman...could..no woman would...."Ahhh, " Chris moaned as he felt Caraís mouth suck the skin on his inner thigh. He tried to move his hands to brush her away but she caught them and brought them down to grasp his own organ. "Cara, this is.. we donít ....I mean...are you sure?" "Chris..Iím a healer...Itís my duty to help you get well....And I think I know what you need now... to get well." Cara gave him that smile with the slight tilt of her head and bent down to kiss his hands which were still resting around his penis. She pulled them away and sat back removing her shift. Taking his hands again she leaned forward and eased herself above Chris..letting her breasts dangle above his mouth. She placed his hands on her hips as she straddled his hips with her knees. "Suck my breasts...." she whispered as she began to work the salve into his shoulders and chest.

Chris reached up with one hand and brought her breast to his mouth..the other hand stayed where it was stroking her hips and pressing itís way toward her groin. His tongue started to make small swirls with his tongue around her rosy nipple, starting wide and then closing in on the tender bud. He sucked hard causing Cara to stop her massage and let out a moan as she pressed her breast firmly into his mouth. His hand on her groin slid forward until he found her moist center...He used his finger to flick at the inner lips ..causing her to press down as he eased his finger inside her.....She pulled away suddenly and looked him in the eye arching her eyebrow and then turned her back toward his face. Chris tried to follow her but her hand stayed firmly on his chest holding him down. Cara busied herself with his swelling penis, bending down to smother it with her moist lips and darting tongue. She slid up and down his growing shaft, lapping at every part of his maleness...Blowing softly on the soft hair nestled in his groin.. Chris grasp her hips with both hands and brought her backwards toward his chest. Reaching under her, he renewed his work on her labia..pushing his fingers in and out...feeling the moisture surge and flow around his hand ..She began pushing down and backward with the movement of his hand and she intensified her work on his stiffened shaft. She practically inhaled him then, sucking him deep into her mouth and down her throat. She began her tongue action again, moving him in and out of her mouth while she covered him with strokes and swirls. Chris could not help but move his fingers in and out of her in time to her tongue. Chris could feel himself growing harder and harder inside of her mouth. But he didnít want to come there...He needed to be inside her..."Cara.." he managed "Cara..turn around....I need...I donít want...let me inside you". Cara let his organ slide from her mouth and turned to face him..


Her pupils were fully dilated and her nipples heavy and engorged. "What about what I want Chris Larabee?" Chris recognized her challenge and responded. "I thought you were a healer? Well, healer...this is what I need....I need my shaft deep inside you......and I think you need the same, am I right?" Cara didnít respond but lifted her hips and moved backwards toward his groin. Chris took this opportunity to sit up and gently turn her on her back. She struggled briefly...but stopped when Chris eased his body down on hers and forced his tongue inside her mouth.... he let his tongue glaze the inside of her mouth and she moaned and forced her tongue to flick against his. Chris took his penis and moved it toward her moist center..He felt her hand join his and together they guided him into her....He stopped with just the tip of his penis inside her letting her feel the largeness and fullness of his shaft.

She groaned and tried to force him further in....Chris took his hands and stopped the movement of her hips..whispering..."Let me do this....please....let me pleasure you..."Cara could only nod as she closed her eyes and arched her back again, trying to get Chris further inside....He let her this time...moving forward with small circling movements that intensified each stroke....Cara began to beg and move...bringing both legs up around his back and pressing her ankles in his buttocks....He hissed sharply against the pain of his burned flesh...but it was soon forgotten in the heat of what his groin was feeling...."Chris...push...I..get more of your shaft in me...please...itís I "....Chris leaned forward to kiss her mouth and in the same motion plunged home to the very center of her womb..Cara groaned and cried..."Oh, yes..Chris..wait...let me...stay still...just a moment..."

Chris made to pull back fearing he had hurt her...but she steadied him with her legs not allowing him to pull out one single inch...."Yes, there..thatís better...Iíve never had anyone so large Chris...you fill me like no one ever has...." Chris smiled and bent to take her breast in his mouth while letting his fingers caress her lips...Cara suckled his fingers..licking her own moistness from him....Chris could no longer stay still and started to move forcefully now....his body dictating his movements...Cara felt it too and began to thrust up against him..."Ahh, ohh....yes"she hissed with each of his thrusts....her moanings soon became a continuous groan as she ground herself into him with each movement of his hips....Chris grabbed her arms and linking her fingers with his, took them above her head....moving forward so his nipples met hers and the rubbing stimulated them even more...."Chris...Oh...push in me...Help God Iím coming...donít stop...keep pumping...I need pressure...Oh, Chris more.."

Surprised by her intensity Chris sat back and raised her hips so he could angle deeper into her....She hissed ashe ground himself harder...taking them both further toward organism... "Cara...open your eyes...look at me.." Chris moaned as he pushed faster..She caught his eye and squeezed her vaginal muscles around his sheath....The movement surprised and delighted him as he felt his semen pulse and surge forward....Cara felt the warm fluid fill her forcefully and felt Chris flick her button with his finger...She screamed and came...arching into Chris with all the energy in her body....Chrisís screamed joined hers and he fell forward still surging forcefully into her body.....


Caraís contractions continued to come long after their heartbeats returned to normal...Chris made to pull out....the contact of theirskin beginning to become painful to him....She moaned and cried out when hepulled out of her...He turned her to him and as they lay side by side he slidhis finger inside her...stroking her quietly until she fell asleep......as he watchedher drift off ....his eyelids closed and he finally relaxed and slept......

When he awoke this time ...he was instantly aware of Cara being gone..

It was night now, with a full moon..Rising on his elbow..he groaned as sensitive areas of his body protested any movement....Turning on his back, he spotted her. She was standing waist deep in the oasis pool....The moonlight playing off her back as she faced away from him washing her hair....She hadnít noticed him awake and he took delight in watching her attend to her feminine duties...Leaning her head backwards in the water, she let the soapy water flow across her breasts and she slowly caressed them as she washed them.....Chris felt his penis surge and tingle in response to her actions...and he sat up contemplating his next move...He turned over on his side...naked facing the water..and called to her .."Hey, donítyou want to join me?" he whispered tilting his head to the side and grinning shyly.....His penis was fully engorged and he didnít attempt to hide it....Cara turned at the sound of his voice and grinned opening at the site of his beautiful body resting on the moss.....She felt herself moisten at the mere sight of his penis and gulped a breath inward.. Refusing to give in, she lifted her chin and said "Well, why donít you join me?" "Itíll be more comfortable up here." he teased.."Itíll be wetter in here." She countered. Seeing no reasonable argument, Chris rose up and walked angled over toward the pool...His stiffened organ wouldnít allow him to stand up fully and he was glad when the cooling water surged around his organ easing his pain and relaxing his hardness enough so he could move...Cara reached under the water and grasped his penis pulling him toward her....Chris moved to her a willing participant in whatever game she wanted to play....Cara pulled him close grabbing his buttocks with both hands...Chris put his hands on her breasts and continued to wash them with the herbal soap. He increased the pressure on each nipple with his thumbs with each washing circle..He scooped water and splashed it upward across Caraís stomach and shoulders..Leaning forward he placed his lips on her right shoulder and sucked and teased with his tongue working his way up to her earlobe..Stopping there, he nuzzled her hair and flicked his tongue inside her ear..Feeling her tighten the hold on his penis, Chris dipped his knees and moved up under Cara...Chris felt the coolness of the water mingle with the heat of his organ as he began to enter her...

Fitting himself into her he pulled her hips down with his hands and hissed loudly as she sunk down engorged on his tool.....she swung her legs around his waist and wrapped her arms behind his shoulders. Cara bent her head and bit at his lower lip...sucking his tongue into her mouth. Chris began to thrust slowly with tiny movements of his hips...They lasted a few minutes like this until Cara giggled and looked down at Chris...."We need to get out of this water....but I donít want you out of me.....Can you manage it?" Chris smiled and turned...."Together weíll make it.." Moving carefully..Chris balanced them both on his thighs....slipping only once to have Cara slam down forcefully on his groin...They both groaned and Chris thought he would explode then and there but Cara moved up enough to ease the pressure on his sheath....Making it to the embankment Chris let her down slowly almost staying inside her all the way down....He fell out of her at the last minute and she groaned agonizingly pulling at him..pressing her groin back up to him.."Chris...get back in me...I need you inside me..now!" Chrisís urge was just as bad..the pre-cum was dripping evenly from his organ...but he held back...making her wait...."So"..He smiled down at her "You want to help me relax a little more ?"


Cara growled wildly and sat up..throwing herself at him...grabbing his hips and begging him with her eyes.."Chris please...Iíve never been so hot....Iíve .....you....I want to feel your body inside mine....itís all so right....please give me what I need .You need me too..right?....you know this is right..." Chris leaned and filled her mouth with his tongue while fitting himself to her moist hole...pushing her back he sunk into her forcefully....grunting as he hit home....Cara lay quietly allowing herself to feel his heat.......then she moved...flipping him by surprise until she had him underneath her.


"Why am I not surprised? " Chris laughed and reached for her breast, flicking the nipple with his finger..while pushing himself up into her....Cara arched her back and thrust downward meeting his groin trying to time her movements with his....Chris placed his hands on her hips and she joined him as they began their dance of mating by the moon lite pool.....Grinding and squeezing Cara teased Chris with movements that kept him in agony...."Some healer!" he teased.."Thought you were supposed to relieve pain....not cause it." She opened her lips to say something but he had moved his hand to her labia and she never got to say anything but instead moaned....deeply....Chris continued to press and finger her while thrusting forcefully upward into her..Cara gave up trying to control things and gave into Chris....She could feel him tensing and quickening his pace as he applied more pressure against her clitoris....She clamped down suddenly against her will and came hard....juices pouring out of her...falling forward to his chest...Chris felt his balls surge and his seed start to pump out of him...He felt her second organism as his fluids slammed against the wall of her womb....she gasped and pulled at his nipples...sending him into a second surging almost as powerful as the first....thrusting and moving their bodies sent messages to each other their minds couldnít follow...

..She woke up sleeping on top of him...Chris still soft inside her.....He looked so young and vulnerable sleeping there under her.....lifting slightly she felt him fall softly out of her....kissing him lightly on the forehead she moved off him.....he moaned softly and turned on his side..his hands falling to his groin....she took one last look at him...sleeping like a baby on the moss....healed....and moved off toward the pool...

"Chris....Chris, wake up.." A voice kept calling to him and he resisted it as long as he could...Another shake of his shoulder and his eyes flew open..ready to rage at the owner of the voice..A handsome man with blue eyes and long curls under a slouch hat stared at him with concern..."Chris, itís Vin..come on now wake up...Itís me and Nathan." Chris sat up groggily "Vin?" and looked at the two men kneeling beside him..."Where? What happened?" He asked. "Well, when your horse came back to town yesterday morning without you...Vin and I tracked you to this spot." Nathan explained. Chris stretched and nodded "Yeah, itís a good thing I found this oasis, uh?" Vin raised an eyebrow and looked at Nathan and shook his head..."Chris thereís no water here." he said .."The nearest is at least an hour away." Chris pulled himself up further and looked around...barren dirt and scrub as far as the eye could see....."But I.." Chris started..."Chris, itís ok lets get you back to town, you still must be suffering from heat exhaustion...Though I expected your skin to be in worse shape than it is..good thing you had the sense to leave your clothes on." Nathan said helping. him to his feet. Chris stood and stretched cat like and signing heavily before walking to his horse.

"Well, all I can say is this is the most relaxed Iíve seen you in weeks..." Vin said helping Chris up to his horse. "Guess this little ride did you some good after all, huh?" "Yeah, guess so Vin.. " Chris smiled.

Nathan urged them on "Well, letís get going..I want to make sure youíre ok and not suffering from the heat."...Chris grinned and made to mount his horse...as he leaned forward something fell out of his shirt.....looking downward Chris spied a piece of moss between his feet....Looking up he felt a sudden cool breeze sweep across his cheek...a scent of marigold and chamomile in the air...turning his head to follow it he said softly to the wind... "Thanks, healer." Nathan turned, giving Chris a puzzled look.."Whatís that, Chris? You, say something?"...Chris shook his head and mounting his horse; urged it onward after the others......

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