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Notes..This is part of a series that Michelle and Kathy came up with when CBS cancelled the show in March. This is Josiah's rescue.. This was the very first fan fic I wrote so it might not be all that good.. Thanks to Karen and Aletha for beta reading this for me.. And Thanks to Kathy and Michelle for letting me rescue Josiah.. And thanks to Karen, Aletha, Karen and Kathy for saying... Go ahead give writing fan fic a try.. Comments are welcome....

Housewife To The Rescue
by Rosebud


"Oh my goodness, why did I let them talk me into this," Rose asked herself as she wheeled a large cleaning cart into the building.. "Even if I do get into the right room how will I get anyone out?"

"Rose! Stop being such a pessimist," a voice said in her ear.

"Easy for you to say Tirya. It's not your butt that will be sitting in jail when I get caught," Rose told her fellow fan.

As soon as you get in there all of us are going to go cause a riot down the road. That should give you plenty of time to get the fellas and get out" Pat told Rose.

"Ok I'll do my best, but if this doesn't work I plan on never forgiving you all," Rose threatened.

Rose pushed the cart into the long hallway and saw two guards at the next doorway. "I hope those fake papers work, 'cause they don't look like someone I want to have mad at me," Rose said into the mike pinned to her shirt.

"Hello boys. I'm here to do the cleaning. I know it's late but my job before this one took me longer then I expected.."

Guard one said, "You're not the regular cleaning lady"

"I know. The regular lady is sick so she asked me to take her jobs until she can come back," Rose told the guy.

He took the papers that she held out to him and Rose prayed really hard that he wouldn't find any thing wrong with them. He seemed to be satisfied with them and told her to go on in.

Once through the door she told the pards listening: "OK. I'm inside!" Rose could hear cheering through her earpiece.

"Don't get too excited girls, I got to get them out now," she told her friends. Rose checked each door as she passed them. "Goodness they sure have a lot of shows down here. Oh man, here's a door that says *Dr Quinn*. Another good show the network canned. Makes me wonder what the networks want from a show," Rose said more to herself then to those listening. After a long walk, Rose found the room she had been looking for. *Magnificent Seven* read the sign on the door.

"Girls, I found the room where they have the fellas. I'll go in and get them now," Rose said in rush of excitement. Rose opened the door and then stood stunned.

"Oh hell!!! We got trouble here girls," she advised her partners in crime.

"We know, " said Jo " the guys are in suspended animation, but we also know you can get at least one of them out."

"Hey now pards, I'd love to do just that but would one of you tell me how I'm suppose to do that?" a wild eyed Rose asked.

"Pick one of the fellas, get him out, thaw him and bring him to Las Vegas," Jo told Rose.

"THAW HIM OUT!!!! And how do I do that? I don't know anything about this stuff. I'm a plain old housewife from Ohio," Rose loudly whispered to the folks in the van parked down from the building.

"Rose, we can't help you with thatů just find some way and get to it soon. We have got to get out of here now "Tirya said.

"See you in Las Vegas Rose," they added.

"Wait!! Where are you all going? Hey!! Someone answer me," Rose yelled into the mike. No one answered so she knew she was on her own from here on out.

"I swear I'll get even with them all, if I don't get shot getting out of here first. Well I might as well go see what I can do since I'm here now," Rose said to herself.

As she walked down the line of cases containing the Seven she saw that two of the cases were empty. Chris was not inside his case and Ezra was missing also. Was some one else working to save the fellas? Rose hoped that was what had happened to Chris and Ezra, but perhaps the crazy network people had done something with the two of them.

"If they have hurt Chris or Ezra, the Pards will be looking for blood. And so will the other 5 fellas!" Rose said out loud.

"Ok, now who do I save?" The first case had young JD inside. Rose stopped and felt tears come to her eyes. He looked so young and really did not deserve to be frozen by the network . Maybe she should save him. She could fit him under the cleaning cart. But no, JD tended to be a tad impulsive and Rose wasn't sure she could handle him once she thawed him out. Next came Nathan. Now here might be someone she could deal with, and he might be able to help her get out of the building once he was thawed. No. Maybe not Nathan. He tended to think too much like a doctor and would insist they thaw the others out right away. There was no way Rose could get more then one person out under her cleaning cart. Case 3 held Buck and it was easy to see how they had gotten him without a fight.Poor dear must have been with a lady friend by the looks of things. And knowing Buck it might be best not to thaw him out right now. Rose liked Buck but she wouldn't want to be the only lady there when he thawed out. Just the thought made Rose giggle. The next case contained Josiah. He might be way too big for Rose to get out of the building. She walked on to Vin's case. Rose stood there for a long time, but fnally moved back to Josiah. No sir, Vin would want to track down Chris and Ezra once he was thawed out. And since Rose had no idea where they were, she felt it best to leave Vin alone. Josiah seemed like a level headed man and once thawed out he might be of some help getting across country. Once In Vegas, Josiah might find a way for the entire posse of Pards to get the rest of the fellas out.

Rose checked the glass case out and found some buttons that seemed to be for opening the case. She pushed one and the front of the case opened. What she didn't expect was that Josiah would fall right into her arms. Both of them landed hard on the floor. Rose was surprised that Josiah seemed awful soft for some one who was suppose to be frozen. He was very icy cold, but nothing like what a piece of meat felt like when you took it out of the freezer. She got him rolled over and could tell he was alive and maybe not as frozen as he was suppose to be. Rose jumped up and checked his case. Some how it had gotten turned down and he had been defrosting. Good! That would make Rose's job easier.

"Now to get you under the cart. Why did you have to be so large?'

The first thing Rose did was take all the cleaners and stuff out of the bottom of the cart. Then she rolled Josiah as close as she could all the while praying she had the strength she would need to get him on the cart. She pulled him into a sitting position

"You know I have dreamed about hugging you, but not quite like this," Rose told the unconscious Josiah.

With much pulling, bending and tugging, Rose managed to get Josiah under the cart and well covered from prying eyes.

Rose raised her eyes heaven ward and said, "Lord, let me get us both out of here and I promise never to ask for another thing."

Looking more confident then she felt, Rose wheeled the cart toward the door.

"Oh man you're heavy," she told Josiah.

As she started down the hall she thought to herself, "I hope those guards are not too careful when checking people leaving here." The door opened and she pushed her cart up to the desk.

"Well fellas, I got it all cleaned, so I can now go home and get some rest. I'll see you two tomorrow night," Rose told the guards in a cheerful voice.

The guards paid no attention to her because they were playing cards. Just as she started down the hall she heard the sounds of fire trucks out side. The guards heard the wailing of the fire truck sirens too and ran past her and her cart. Once outside Rose saw a car on fire.

"Thank you pards!! Rose spoke in relief.

She made her way over to a van and used the lift to load the cart with Josiah in it into the van. Who would have ever thought that the lift that came with the van would ever come in handy? Rose drove about ten miles down the road and then stopped the van. She pulled Josiah out of the cart and laid him flat on the floor of the van. Then she covered him with blankets before getting back in front and driving on.

Thirty miles later Rose pulled into a hotel where she went in and got a room. Thank goodness the hotels let you drive right up to the door of your room, Rose thought to herself. And thank goodness for the darkness of the night.

It took her 30 minutes to get Josiah out of the van and inside the room. Once there she was at a loss as to how to thaw him out. She couldn't very well drive a frozen man to Las Vegas. What if a cop stopped her? Then she thought of her friend Kathy. Kathy was a doctor and surely she would know what Rose should do to thaw Josiah out. Rose rushed to the phone and called Kathy only to find Kathy wasn't at home. Well dang it! Who else might be able to help? Kari or maybe Karen? Again Rose made the calls only to find neither of them were at home. By the time Rose had made all those phone calls, Josiah had started to shiver and moan. What to do? What to do? What if she had done the wrong thing by taking him out of that building?

She found more blankets and covered Josiah with them. Damn, this really shouldn't be a problem for her. After all, she had raised two children and had dealt with sicknesses. What had she done when they had the chills?

"Well big boy, first lets get those damp clothes off of you," Rose told him.

No easy task to remove clothes from such large man. Nothing like stripping one's kids of their clothing. And her kids never made Rose feel so warm when she took their clothes off. By the time she reached his pants, Rose was

feeling just a little flushed. But she got his pants off and grabbed the blankets to cover his body with. Oh hell she thought, no one would ever know if I just looked my fill right now! And Rose proceeded to do just that.

Finally she covered him and turned the heat up in the room to the highest setting.

An hour later Josiah was still like ice and shivering even worse then before. Rose went to the phone and tried her friends again but still no answer. Then she thought, "My sister will know what to do!" Placing the call, Rose hoped Leta would be home. On the third ring Leta picked up.
"Hi sis, It's me...I need some advice," Rose told her big sister.

"Rose! Hi. If I can I'll give you any advice you want," Leta told her younger sister.

"Well, I sort of, now don't get madů ok? But I'm in Connecticut and I sort of went into a building that a TV network owns and I got Josiah out of a suspended animation case. He's not frozen solid but he's real cold and unconscious. How can I warm him up?" Rose asked in a rush.

"You're where? You did what? Oh man, I can't believe you'd do something so stupid!" Leta told Rose.

"Please sis, just tell me what to do now. I have to get him awake and warmed up," pleaded Rose.

"Well you might try a hot bath, and if he still doesn't warm up, get him into bed and cover him with all the blankets you can find. If he's still cold, the only other thing I can think of doing is (gee I can't believe I'm going to say this to you!) having you crawl into bed with him. Body heat should work to thaw him out," Leta said.

"Ok thanks sis, I owe you one. I'll call you in a few days and let you know where we are," Rose replied.

So Rose once again found herself dragging poor Josiah around. She got him into the tub and filled it with hot water. Then she washed him from head to toe. Once she did that she got him out of the tub and onto a blanket. Pulling the blanket back into the bedroom, she managed to get him into the bed. Once that task was completed she stripped off her clothes and joined Josiah in the bed. Rose was very tired and it was very warm in the bed. Before she could do more then wrap herself around Josiah, she fell asleep.

Josiah awoke to find himself in a strange room in bed with a woman he never saw before.

"Dear Lord my head hurts!" Josiah moaned. He felt the woman beside him move and looked over to meet her sleep filled green eyes. They widened as she took in his bare chest. Both of them grabbed for the sheet at the same time to cover themselves to the neck.

"I can explain everything," the woman said.

Josiah cocked an eyebrow and said nothing.

"See, I rescued you from the executives of CBS. They had placed you and your friends into suspended animation in a..." Rose stopped talking as Josiah looked at her like she had two heads or something.

"Ma'am, I'm Josiah Sanchez and me and my friends protect a small town and I'd be mighty grateful if'n you would just tell me which of the boys put you up to pulling this little joke on me," Josiah said.

"I know who you are. I'm not stupid you know," Rose said. "And I am telling you the truth. You were put in suspended animation, which means frozen by the network people who let you guys ride. They canceled your series and decided to put you fellas on ice so no other network could give you a home. But your fans have rode to your rescue this time. I got you out of the facility and thawed you out. Now you and I have got to get to Las Vagus to meet some people who will keep you safe," Rose told Josiah.

Now Josiah could see that this lady really meant what she was saying.. "Ok, say I believe you. Where are Chris and the others?" Josiah looked around the room like he expected the fellas to appear.

"Well I don't know where Chris and Ezra are. They were gone when I got into the room where you all were kept. As for JD, Buck Nathan and Vinů they are back at that place still frozen," Rose said.

"Why the hell didn't you unfreeze them? Why just me?" Josiah asked.

"I thought you might be more useful to me and than others. Besides I could only get one person out. And stop yelling at me! You would think I was the bad guy here!" Rose fairly shouted.

"Sorry, it's just this all sounds so strange. I can't be sure I even know what you say is true," Joisah said

"Listen I know you are feeling really tired and that this all seems like a dream or something, but it's all true," Rose gently told him. "And I don't want you to worry about the other guys right now, 'cause I think maybe some one else is working at getting all you fellas to Vegas. And once we get there I'm sure we will find Chris and Ezra waiting for us. Then you three can come up with a plan to get the other 4 out," Rose explained.

"Ok, so what do we do now?" Josiah asked

"First I think we both should put some clothes on. Then I'll go get us something to eat. While I'm gone you stay out of sight," Rose told him.

Josiah reached for his clothes and somehow managed to slip into them without revealing a thing. Then he headed for the door.

"Where are you going?" Rose asked.

Josiah turned a light pink and said something about needing to find the outhouse.

"We don't use outhouses anymore. If you will follow me I'll show you where to go," Rose explained. She led him into the bathroom, where Josiah looked at everything with a puzzled frown on his face. So Rose showed him how the sink, tub and shower worked. Explaining the use of the toilet made Rose turn so red that Josiah thought she was going to catch on fire. Once she figured he knew what he needed to know, Rose left him in there.

Josiah felt really strange that this woman hadn't batted an eye seeing him naked. She had even crawled into bed with him. Now Josiah wasn't the type to think bad about most folks, but hell, a lady who did that must be a harlot. Too bad, cause he could have taken a real liking to her.

Rose was thinking she had made a big mistake by picking Josiah to thaw out and travel with. It would take at least a week, maybe a week and a half to get to Vegas. In that time, the two of them just might kill each other. And dang it, she had hoped they might find each other good company. Oh! The

important thing was to get him to the others and pray they had found a place for the 7 to be safe.

Rose had left to go get some food and Josiah took this time to peek out the window. What he saw shocked him. Buildings of all types and shapes were out there. Roads not of dirt but of some black substance and horseless carriages going faster then any horse ever could. Rose had told him they would be able to get across country in a week; maybe a little more then that. He had almost called her stupid again. But now he was beginning to think she was telling the truth and so he had made up his mind to go along with her. If she were right, once he got back with Chris and the boys, he'd beg her pardon for thinking she was insane.

Rose entered the room and found Josiah standing at the window.

"I know everything looks different to you, but I promise we will find your friends and all of you will return to what you are used to. Until then, lets eat. Then we will hit the road. Wouldn't want any of the network brass to find us here."

Josiah watched as the lady called Rose set food on the table. He was a might shocked to see a woman in pants but he kept his thoughts to himself. The lady seemed to have a temper and he didn't wish it stirred up at him right now. He was hungry after all and she just might not share her food with him if he made her mad.

"Well come on! I don't plan on hand feeding you." Rose told Josiah with a grin.

They sat down to eat and while eating Rose got out the map one of the other pards had handed her yesterday when they had all been planning this little caper. It was the directions she was to follow to get to Vegas.

"Good Lord! I wonder who mapped this out. It will take us longer to arrive in Vegas with this map. But I'm sure they had their reasons, so I better go with this map."

"Ma'am just why do we have to go to this Vegas place anyway? Shouldn't we be getting the other fellas out and finding Chris and Ezra?" Josiah asked with a frown.

"Well, the way I got it figured, some other fan has already gotten Chris and Ezra out and they're already on their way to Vegas. Why the others hadn't mentioned this to me when they asked me to make a rescue I can't say. Maybe they thought I'd not offer to help if someone else had already done so. Who knows? But one thing I am sure of: CBS must not check on the suspended

animation facility very often or I would never have gotten into the building. If they had known Chris and Ezra were already gone, they would have been waiting for someone to try and get you and the other 5 out of there, " Rose said more to herself then Josiah.

"You still haven't told me why we got to head to Vegas. And just where in the blue blazes is Vegas anyway?" Josiah growled.

"Oh sorry. I was thinking out loud. Vegas is in the state of Nevada and I assume the fans picked there cause it would be a hard place to find a person in. So many people go there for vacations and to gamble so that one more person would be just another face in the crowd.

"What! Ya'll are going to take Ezra into a place that has gambling and expect no on to notice him?" Josiah said with a laugh.

"Well even Ezra won't win in Vegas. No matter how good he is. And I think it's unlikely that Ezra would be allowed to gamble while there anyway," Rose explained.

Soon both were finished with the food and Rose began to pack things into the van. Josiah wasn't happy that she wouldn't let him help her and she had told him to stay out of sight. So he watched as she took everything out and then even took the blankets off the bed. What really surprised him was she left paper lying on the bed in place of the blankets.

Josiah felt like a dang fool getting into the van. Then Rose told him to put his seatbelt on. He looked at her wondering "what's a seatbelt?' She showed him and soon the two of them were shooting down the road at what Josiah considered way too fast. To top it off, Rose was talking just as fast. He wasn't really catching everything she said either. Something about him being not a real person, just a character in a tv show. But something called 'fans of the show' were out to save him and his pards from never being seen again if some network called CBS had their way. Now Josiah was getting a headache from listening to this strange lady tell him this tall tale.

Rose watched as Josiah tried to catch everything she said and to believe her. She did feel sorry for him but her job was to get him to Vegas and that's what she would do. She sure hoped the fans were ready to deal with 7 very confused cowboys because if all this stunned Josiah, she could just see Chris going crazy trying to figure it all out.

"Josiah, I know this all sounds strange to you but if you just do as I tell you, we shouldn't have any problem and soon you'll be with your friends again," Rose tried to reassure him.

"I was just thinking the lord must be playing a really cruel joke on this old reformer, 'cause none of this can be real. That or I best stop drinking cause the nightmares ain't worth the little pleasure I get from the whiskey," Josiah murmured.

"Sorry Josiah, but it isn't a dream and I can't say, but I don't think the lord has much to do with all this," Rose replied.

They were both silent for a while after that. Rose knew Josiah was taking in all he could of the passing scenery and she felt bad that she couldn't drive slower so he might enjoy the passing landscape. But she knew also that they had better get out of the state before nightfall. Once they were nearer to Vegas she would take the time to show him some of the land.

Josiah was feeling tired and he wanted to fall asleep but it just didn't seem like good manners for him to sleep while Rose drove. He wouldn't be of any help to her with that since he had no idea what driving was and how to do it neither for that matter. He soon found himself nodding off despite his good intentions.

Rose watched as Josiah fought sleep for as long as he could, but she knew he would soon have to relax and let sleep take him. Rose was surprised he was as alert as he was. She knew nothing of how the freezing process worked on a person, but she was sure that if he had been fully frozen he wouldn't have become conscious so soon. She didn't think he was suffering from any harm by the whole process and she sure hoped the others had someone with medical knowledge to check all the fellas out once they were in Vegas.

Josiah awoke to the sound of music, or he thought it was music. He had never heard this kind of music before and hoped he never would again. And to top it off, he had one of the worst headaches in his life. He felt like his head was about to explode.

"Ma'am! I say ma'am!!" Josiah shouted in order to be heard over the music. "What is that and could we get rid of it?"

"Oh, welcome back, Josiah. I was keeping myself entertained by listening to my tape," Rose said. "It's this great guy! I love his singing."

"Singing? He's singing? Sounds like someone stepping on a cat to me," Josiah growled.

"What! How can you say that? Micheal Bolton is the only music I listen to," Rose growled back at him.

"Well that may be ma'am, but would you mind making it stop. I got the worst hangover I've ever had and it pains me to hear that stuff," Josiah explained in a deeper growl.

"Fine," Rose said as she reached over and turned the tape off. "What would you know about music anyway? Fiddles are all you ever heard anyway."

"That's not true ma'am. I have heard some very beautiful voices singing to the lord and that isn't one of them," Josiah replied.

"And didn't I tell you before to stop calling me ma'am? What? Are you so old you forget things Mr. Sanchez?" Rose snicker.

"Dear lady, I'm not much older then you by the looks of it," Josiah thundered back.

"Oh now wait a second! Are you saying I look old? I knew I should have left you frozen and got one of the others out instead"

"Good lord what am I saying?" Josiah groaned. "Forgive me Miss. It must be this headache or I would never have spoken to a lady like that."

"Ok. Peace preacher man. And I bet you need to stop and freshen up. Sleeping in a moving vehicle isn't real nice. So the next gas station we come to I'll stop and you can use the men's room," Rose gently replied.

"I don't know nothing about that. The only thing I ever rode was a horse and you tend not to fall asleep while doing that," Josiah drawled. Together they laughed at that.

A few miles down the road Rose saw the perfect place to stop. She pulled in and went right to the side of the building.

"Wait here Josiah and I'll get the keys."

"Keys! What for? I can just go around the corner and do what I need to do," Josiah said under his breath.

"No!" Rose shouted. "People don't do that much anymore it's not decent behavior."

"Well excuse me lady, but as I don't know where the hell I am then I'm sure I don't know how people behave here either," Josiah shouted back.

Rose didn't say a thing. She just walked away, but she wasn't gone long when she came back carrying 2 sets of keys. She unlocked the door with the man on it and motioned Josiah inside. Josiah took his time and explored this new place. He ran water in the sink and had to flush the commode a couple of time just to see it work. He decided he'd wasted enough time and turned to go back out when something caught his eye. He went to investigate.

Rose had already used the restroom and had even gone back in with the keys and gotten some food and drinks before Josiah finally come out. He had the strangest look on his face. Rose thought for a second something had gone wrong in there but he climbed into the van and put his seatbelt on never saying a word. Rose drove onto the highway and decided not to ask any questions.

"Josiah, here take this," Rose said and held out two white round objects to him.

"What is it?" Josiah asked.

"Tylenol pills to get rid of your headache. People take them all the time," Rose told him.

Josiah took them and just held them in his hand.

"Josiah, for those to work you've got to put them in your mouth and swallow them. You might want to get a drink from that can of that pop in back so it's easier to swallow them," Rose told him.

Josiah reached behind her seat, took a can and then turned it this way and that. Rose finally showed him the little pull-tab on the top and explained how to open a can. Josiah did as she instructed and soon had the can open. He then popped the pills in his mouth and took a big shallow of what was in the can. Then he began to gag.

"What is this? It taste like sugar water?" Josiah said between gasps.

"It's called Mountain Dew and it's a soda pop. People drink it all the time," Rose was quick to explain.

"Well I don't care for it much," Josiah returned.

"I did get bottled water. Maybe you'll like it better and while you're getting that, grab those other things. I got us something to eat and we could both use a sandwich."

Josiah did as told and the next few miles were spent eating and drinking. Josiah saw that night would be upon them soon. He wondered where they would sleep because he didn't much like the idea of this driving at night. He just knew that driving at night wasn't something he cared to experience. Just as he was thinking this, Rose pulled off onto another smaller road. She drove for several miles, then turned off onto a dirt road. Soon she stopped the van and got out. Rose walked to a small building and talked to the fellas sitting inside. She gave him some of that paper stuff Josiah had seen her leave at the room that morning and then she turned and walked back to the van.

"All set. We will stay the night here and sleep in the van. We've got plenty of blankets plus the sleeping bags, so we should be warm enough," Rose told him.

Rose found a spot that looked inviting and parked the van facing out. She then went to the back of the van and made up two beds. Josiah saw that they could find firewood and asked if a fire would be allowed. When told yes, fires were permitted here, he went and got wood and started a fire. Before long a nice blaze was lighting the area around the van. Josiah thought maybe fresh air would clear his head and so he sat down near the fire. Rose soon joined him there.

"Still got a headache Josiah?" She asked with concern.

"Yep. I reckon I will never drink again if this is how I'll feel the next day," he said.

"It's not from drinking. I think that maybe it's like when we eat ice cream too fast. The cold does something to the brain and we get a really nasty headache," Rose said. Josiah looked at her as if he thought she was crazy.

"Sorry guess that doesn't help you, but I can truly say this: your headache isn't from drinking because, as far as I know, you haven't had a drink in many days."

"Miss, would you mind very much explaining to me once more where I am and what's going on. Like I told you, the last thing I remember is walking down the street after a trial with the boys. We were all going to the saloon to have a drink."

"Well Josiah, I know this is strange to you, but you were placed in suspended animation. In other words, you 7 boys were frozen and put into storage by the network people. We, the fans found out where you 7 were hidden and we made up our minds to free you all and help you get someplace safe," Rose explained to him.

"Then what?" Josiah asked with a frown.

"We are looking into finding a new place for you all to protect" Rose said.

"I see." Said Josiah.

"Don't worry about all this right now Josiah, when we meet the other posse members they will explain it much better then I can, Rose tried to reassure him.

They were both silent for a while, both lost in their own thoughts.

Rose was wondering if anyone from the facility was following them, and if so what they would do about it. She knew the other fans were counting on her to get Josiah to Vegas. Plus she was worried about what and where Chris and Ezra were.

Josiah was thinking that this was the strangest thing that had ever happened to him. He hoped he was just having a nightmare because if he wasn't, he had woken up to another time and place and he didn't think he liked this time and place very much. Now Josiah reckoned he'd had his share of strange dreams but then maybe it wasn't a dream and maybe the lord was testing him for some reason. He was just going to follow where ever this all led to. He figured he'd wake up soon or find the answers he needed at the end of the journey.

They had been sitting there for perhaps an hour when Rose got the funny feeling she always got when something was about to go wrong. She saw the lights and heard the vehicle and just knew they were looking for her and Josiah. She was right. The car came to a stop right in front of where she and Josiah were sitting. Three guys jumped out and rushed over to them. Two of them grabbed Josiah by the arms while the other guy stepped in front of Rose.

"You didn't think you would get away, did you?" he snapped at Rose. "We figured you fans would try something like this. After the first two were found missing we decided to watch and follow the next one who was stupid enough to go for another one of those guys. Now you're going to lead us to all your friends so we can retrieve the leader and the gambler and put them back into suspended animation."

"Like hell I will!" Rose shouted "You might have me and Josiah but I won't lead you anywhere and I'll never rat on my friends."

Title Housewife To The Rescue 3/6 Author Rosebud Email rosebud@eohio.net Disclaimer See Part 1 Rating R F/M Warning Sexual content Archive Yes

Housewife To The Rescue 3/6 Rosebud

Rose and Josiah looked at each other as the three thugs from the Suspended Animation Facility tried to pull them into the car. Josiah decided he would rather go with Rose than with these polecats. He took the two guys who had him by the arms and slammed them headfirst together hard enough to crack their heads. Just as Josiah made his move, Rose rammed her knee into the other guy's groin and when he bent froward in pain she rammed her knee into his chin. She didn't wait around to see if he passed out. Before Josiah could finish off the 2 guys on him, Rose had the van going and pulled it right next to him. He didn't even have to be told to get in.

They were flying down the road within seconds. Rose never even slowed down when she came to the highway. Josiah sure hoped she knew where she was going because she was making so many turns and cutting across so many roads he would never be able to remember how they got to where they were going..

Rose keep looking back behind them but she could tell she must have lost the goons. Or maybe they were still passed out back there. Things would probably be a little harder for her and Josiah now. Once she was sure the goons weren't after them, she looked for a place to hide. After a few miles she found the perfect spot, a dirt road to her left, well lined with trees. She turned onto the road and drove for several miles. When she found a spot to back the van in, she parked there.

"I think we lost them. Hey, that was neat the way you cracked those guys'heads together. I have never seen anyone do that before." Rose told Josiah.

Joisah didn't say a thing for a few seconds, he just looked at Rose like he was seeing her for the first time

"Ma'am, in my day a lady would never have kicked a man like you did to that fella," Josiah finally said.

"Well I can't believe it worked! I never did that to anyone before!" Rose said. "And besides, what did you want me to do? Let that guy pull me into the car?"

"If you had just given me a few minutes, I would have gotten around to takin' care of that fella. Wasn't no need for you to be protectin' yourself while there's a fella around to do it," Josiah started to say.

"Oh for heaven sakes! I keep telling you women don't have to wait around for men to protect them. We can take care of ourselves now," Rose snapped.

"It ain't right ma'am. Seems to me it makes a man feel sorta useless," Josiah growled.

"Sorry to be the one to tell you this Josiah, but men are pretty useless most of the time anyway," Rose replied. "Men in my time don't care much for being helpful to ladies. Well, not all men, but a fair amount of them are that way."

"Well you ain't with one of them fellas now, so I'd be grateful if'n you'd let me deal with that sorta thing from now on," Josiah told her.

"OK, if that's the way you want it. I'll be sure to let you deal with the bullies from now on. I do know one thing. We have got to get rid of this van. We'll head for my daughter's house tomorrow and get her truck to use for the rest of the trip," Rose said.

"Whatever you think best, ma'am. All this is new to me so I'll be guided by you." Josiah replied.

"Well, we best be getting some sleep while we can." Rose told him.

Both of them climbed into the back of the van. They hadn't been settled in very long when Josiah sat up and asked Rose a question.

"Do you got a man waiting for you when this is over?'

"Not anymore," Rose said in a whisper.

"Dead is he?" Josiah asked.

"No," Rose replied. "He left me 3 years ago for someone else."

"But ma'am if you were married, I don't rightly see how you still ain't married?" Josiah questioned.

"Well now a days people don't stay married for life. They get a divorce and go on looking for that special someone," Rose explained to him.

"Don't seem right to me. Once the lord has blessed a union it ain't right for folks to go off and forget that blessing," Josiah stated.

"Well people don't pay much attention to the lord anymore either," Rose told him.

Josiah was taken by surprise by this statement. "What! Folks don't follow the lord? Now the world must be a place full of sin and evil."

"There are people who live by God's word, but most just live as best they can now a days," Rose said.

"Sure seems strange to me, how the world is now." Josiah said.

"Well, for your sake I hope we make it to Vegas. And I hope the posse has found a nice western town for you to move into because I don't think you'd be happy staying here, " Rose said.

"I reckon I would fit in a might easier here than my friends Chris or Vin. Now they're not much for being around a whole passel of folks," Josiah said.

"I'm sure you would," Rose replied "Now we better get some sleep. We've got a long way to go tomorrow."

The next morning found Rose and Josiah on the road again. Rose didn't follow the map from the posse members this time. She needed to get another vehicle and hide the van. She didn't want to fight off those goons from the facility at every turn. Neither of them had said very much that morning. Both had been shy waking up together in the van. Josiah had asked Rose about money when they first started driving. After she had explained what each coin and dollar meant, she had given him a bunch just in case they got separated. Rose knew it was possible they might get separated so she had even showed him a map and told him about trains and buses. She figured he might be able to hop on a bus and get to the other posse members if he had to. They drove almost half a day then.

Rose explained to Josiah that they were going to visit her daughter Kathy and get her truck to drive to Vegas. A few hours later she pulled into a driveway and got out of the van.

"Hey! Kathy! You in there?" Rose yelled. The door opened and out stepped a young woman in her teens.

"Mom? What are you doing here? Last I heard you were off to save some tv show characters from being frozen for eternity," Kathy said with a laugh. As she was saying this she looked behind her mom and saw Josiah. For a few seconds Kathy stood stunned. "Oh God, that's really Josiah," Kathy shouted. How the heck was that possible she wondered.

" Listen kid, I don't have time to explain everything. I need to borrow your truck and I also need you to get rid of my van," Rose said as she gave Kathy a hug.

"Sure Mom. But you don't plan on doing anything weird with my truck, do you?" Kathy answered.

"No, I promise I'll bring it back in one piece in a week or so," Rose promised.

"Hello," Kathy said as Josiah walked up behind Rose.

"Howdy," Josiah said back.

"So you are the guy my mom saved. And we thought she was just kidding when she told us she was planning to help the posse pards save the Magnificent 7 from CBS," Kathy said.

"Yep, Your mom got me out of that building. Woke me up and now we seem to be a pair," Josiah laughed.

"Good heaven! I can't believe you are real! Hell, I thought my mom had lost it when she told my aunt she had saved you and was heading for Vegas. Man, I can't wait to tell my sister our mom really is helping the posse save the 7," Kathy exclaimed in excitement.

"We don't have time for this chit chat. Help us put all our stuff into your truck so we can hit the road again," Rose said.

All three of them went to the van and got all the stuff out and transferred it to a Dodge Durango.

"I sure hope Josiah and I can sleep in this thing," Rose told Kathy.

"Sure you can mom. It's a sports utility so it fits lots of stuff and people," Kathy explained.

"Ok kid, if you say so. Now I want you to get rid of my van for me. Don't keep it around here 'cause by now the CBS brass know what I was driving," Rose said.

Soon Josiah found himself seated beside Rose in yet another type of moving carriage and they were once more moving at a speed Josiah thought was way to fast down the road. Hours passed before Rose finally told him they would be stopping soon for the night. First they stopped at a diner and had some supper. Then Rose found a place for them to spend the night. She picked an out of the way motel on the outside of a little town in Ohio. Once they were inside she told Josiah , "I think we will stick to back roads and try not to hit too many big cities. Maybe the goons won't find us as easy this time, or if I'm lucky not at all."

"Rose, maybe it ain't none of my business but how come your kid didn't try and stop you from doing this here rescue mission in the first place?" Josiah asked her.

"How can I explain this so you will understand?" Rose sighed and then explained as best she that could. "In the first place, to most folks you and your friends are just characters from a tv show and not real. But we, the posse and fans, know you all are real, so we decided to save you seven and find a new home for you. And none of my family really thought I'd do this saving thing anyway. I'm not the kind of person who does stuff like this."

"So why did you?" Josiah said.

"Because I wanted to help some friends and I wanted to see the seven of you fellas keep riding and helping folks for as long as you all want to," Rose answered.

They talked for awhile then decided to get some shuteye. Morning came swiftly and once more they were headed down the highway. They talked of how her time and life was so different than what he was used to. She explained the world as it was for her in her time and he explained about his time and how folks did and acted then. Around about noon Rose stopped at a gas station for fuel and food. Both of them used the restroom, and like always Josiah seemed to spend a lot more time in the restroom than Rose thought he should. Once on the move again, Josiah began asking questions about all kinds of things. Normal stuff mostly, so when he pulled something out of his pocket she wasn't prepared for his next question.

"The first time I was in what ya'll call the Men's Room, I saw this thing hanging on the wall with the word condom on it. It took money and I didn't have any. This last time I did and I put some money in there and this here came out. What the devil is this and why do they have them in every men's room I been in?"

Rose blushed a bright red. Then she stuttered for a few minutes before she nswered him. "Well those are for when a man and woman want to have relations but don't want to have babies." If possible Rose turned even redder as she asked her own question. "What the heck do you want to know any of this for anyway."

"Just wondering about things is all. No need to bite my head off. If you don't care to tell me just say so," Josiah said.

Rose thought maybe it would be best to explain the thing to him, or she figured he'd keep asking and she really didn't want to deal with this more than once. So she told him all he needed to know but tried not to die of embarrassment.

Josiah was silent for so long Rose that thought that maybe she had embarrassed him as well as herself.

"Back in my day I recall hearing about this sort of thing. I know folks in France used them. But I don't recall any time I ever used one," Josiah said. Rose said she thought they'd been around for a long time, only she wasn't sure.

Josiah was silent again for a long time and then he spoke, "Now this here don't seem like something that would be good for folks. Seems to me, if'n a person can use this thing and it's so easy to get, it would lead more folks into temptation and sin."

"I suppose it does, but I keep telling you folks aren't so righteous about sex now. The thought for most people is that if it feels good, do it," Rose said blushing all the while.

"What about you Rose? Do you think that way?" Josiah wanted to know.

"Can't really say because I haven't found anyone I like well enough to give he matter any thought. I've been too busy with other things since my husband left me. Besides, I would really have to like a guy a lot before I would want to have sex just for the heck of it. And why are we talking about this anyway?" Rose snapped sharply.

"Sorry ma'am. Guess I shouldn't have asked you that, but since we have been naked together I thought maybe I oughta know that," Josiah jokingly replied.

Rose was shocked that Josiah was joking about something like this. It just didn't seem like something he would do. Plus since he was suppose to be a preacher, (ok, ex preacher) she would think he didn't go around having sex with the ladies anyway. Rose hadn't realized she had spoken those thoughts aloud until Josiah answered her back.

"I'm a man first and like all men I have desires and wants. I do tend to be a little more disciplined then most fellas about it. And when I do take a lady to bed, I have to know it's right 'cause I do remember my learnings about Adam and Eve and the first sin."

"Well I'm glad to hear that. Now can we talk about something else?" Rose asked.

Thankfully Josiah changed the subject and they spent the rest of the day talking about everyday things and such. Time and miles passed quickly and before they knew it, night was upon them. They both kept a look out for a sign to any campground and soon saw one. Rose drove the truck in the direction the sign told her to and they found themselves in a lovely country setting where no one else seemed to be around. Rose parked the truck and got things set up in the back while Josiah got a fire going.

After they had eaten a meal Josiah had cooked over the fire they settled down to relax and quietly talk. It was a beautiful night with plenty of stars, and soon they both relaxed and begin to enjoy the companionship of each other and the sounds of the night. When Rose began to talk of how scared she had been while inside the underground facility in Connecticut, Josiah decided it was time he thanked her for saving him as well as thawing him out.

"Rose, I do thank you for gettin' me outa that place and sure hope one of your friends did get Chris and Ezra out too. I miss my friends more than I ever thought I would. I reckon the seven of us have become like family to each other and want to be together again soon. But don't you ever tell them I said that," Josiah sadly told Rose.

Rose reached over and gave Josiah a big hug. What she didn't expect was that he would grab her and hug her back. How many times had she wondered how those arms would feel holding her? How many times had she wondered what the press of his body against her own would feel like? She had fallen for the ex-preacher the very first time she had ever seen him. Now here he was, sitting beside her and even hugging her. Josiah seemed to be thinking some thoughts of his own because when Rose looked up into his face, she saw something she hadn't seen in a man's face for a long time.

As Josiah lowered his face toward her she leaned upward. Their lips met in a shy kiss at first and then in a second kiss that lasted longer. They both wrapped their arms around the other and things seemed to heat up fast after that.

As they walked to the truck and the bedrolls, Rose said with a laugh, "Guess it's a good thing you wondered what was in the machine on the wall in the Men's Room, or we might have been real disappointed tonight."

Josiah laughed as he helped Rose step into the back of the truck. Once there they both seemed a little shy about things. Then Josiah reached for her and once more their lips met. Soon Rose was slipping Josiah's shirt off his shoulders and kissing her way down his chest. She looked up at him and said with a laugh, "I have wanted to do this to you since I saw you in the sweat lodge."

He cocked an eyebrow at her and then replied, "Well go right ahead and do what ya like ma'am. You won't hear no complaints from me."

In no time Josiah found himself naked. As Rose looked at him she said in a timid voice, "Good lord you are a large fella!"

"You've seen me naked before," Josiah reminded her.

"Yes, but you weren't so alive then as you are now," Rose shyly whispered.

Josiah began to laugh and Rose raised her eyes to his face. How she loved the sound of his laughter, and once she realized he didn't seem offended by her remarks she joined him in the laughter. Soon though, the laughter stopped and the only sounds that could be heard were from the surrounding countryside, and an occasional moan of passion from inside the truck.

The next morning Josiah awoke to the sound of birds singing and the smell of bacon cooking. He raised up and looked out the window. Rose was cooking breakfast over the open fire. She had a long green shirt on and as far as Josiah could tell nothing else. He saw she was wearing her earphones, as she called them, which meant she was listening to that fella sing. How she could stand to listen to that Josiah truly didn't know. Josiah found his britches and put them on, then he got out of the truck. Rose had her back to the truck so didn't see him get out. He walked up behind her and placed his hands on her shoulders. What he didn't expect was that she would jump a foot off the ground and let out a scream that would scare the fur off a cat.

"Whoa there girl, it's just me. No need to go getting all jumpy like," Josiah assured her.

"Damn it! Don't be sneaking up on me like that!" Rose yelled. "It's a good thing I had put the frying pan down or I might have knocked your head off."

"Who'd you think it was? It's only me and you here," Josiah informed her.

"Josiah, I didn't know it was you. For all I knew it was those goons again," Rose told him.

"Sorry, I promise I won't do that again," Josiah said

"Good, and you best keep an eye out too! We can't be sure those guys aren't following us," Rose explained.

"Now how about some breakfast? I'm sure you must be hungry," Rose said.

"Why, I do believe I worked up an appetite for some reason," Josiah joked as he give her a wink.

"Oh I wouldn't know why!" Rose joked back.

They spent the morning in a better mood than they ever had before. They even got around to eating the cold bacon. They knew they couldn't stay there all day, so they loaded up the truck and got on the road again. Rose knew she would have to make better time today or they would be late arriving in Vegas and the posse might worry. The miles passed swiftly and soon she found where she could catch one of the roads the posse members had mapped out for her to take.

"So Josiah, we can do one of two things here, we can stay at hotels or in campgrounds. Which one do you vote for?" Rose asked.

"I reckon it would be nice if'n we could sleep in a bed together when I ain't passed out so's I don't know I got a woman there with me," Josiah said.

"We didn't need a bed last night, but I think you're right. A soft bed would be nice for one night. But after that I think we will stay at campgrounds. It makes it harder to find us if someone is looking for us when we are way out in the woods," Rose replied.

"I reckon you know best girl, so we do what you want," Josiah answered.

"Oh! Does that go for everything or just the things related to this trip?" Rose asked with a smile.

"Well now, I ain't going to fight if'n you want to do some more of that liberated lady stuff to me again tonight," Josiah smiled back.

"I might be willing to try something of a liberated nature on you," Rose told him.

"Why I look forward to that, I surely do," Josiah answered back at her. Rose drove for several more miles then took an exit that showed there were hotels near by. She found one that was a little out of the way and might be hard to find for the goons.

Once again Josiah was told to remain in the truck while Rose got them a room. He wasn't too happy with letting a woman do everything, but since he wasn't used to how things were done in this time, he had no choice in the matter.

Rose was back in no time and drove right up to the room door and parked the truck in front of the room. She and Josiah got what they needed out of the back of the truck and entered the room. Rose had just sat the things she was carrying down when Josiah grabbed her around the waist and placed his lips onto hers. When he finally came up for air she pulled herself out of his arms and moved away from him.

"Now that is what I call getting kissed. For a guy who practices abstinence, you sure are good at this kissing thing," Rose said.

"And how would you know I practice abstinence," Josiah wanted to know.

"I heard you tell the widow from the wagon train about it," Rose in

"Oh, I, didn't see you in the train so how would you have heard me?" Josiah asked.

"I keep telling you that we, the fans, watch you fellas on tv. I explained all this to you. So we know lots of things about you fellas," Rose told him.

"I ain't sure I like this tv idea too much," Josiah said.

"Well I like it. If it weren't for tv, I wouldn't have found you and the other fellas," Rose gently told him. Josiah had to smile at her, he figured she had a point there.

"You know Josiah, I think a nice hot bath would feel really good about right now," Rose shyly said.

"Yep, I reckon it would, and how's about I join you in the tub? My friend Buck tells me that sharing a bath with a lady can be a mighty rewarding experience," Josiah said with a grin.

"Why Mr. Sanchez! I'm shocked at you wanting to share my bath with me," Rose laughed.

Josiah only laughed and gave Rose that wicked smile he showed when he was up to something he shouldn't be.

"But I think it would be most rewarding for me also. So I will be most happy to allow you to join me in my bath," Rose told him with a giggle.

They both turned and started to the bathroom all the while shedding clothing. Some long time later found them lying in bed speaking softly.

"You know there are some things in your time that I could get use to," Josiah told Rose

"Well if I were you, I wouldn't get too used to anything, 'cause once we get to Vegas and find your friends and mine, it's likely that you will be returning to your time," Rose replied.

"What if'n I wanted to stay here?" Josiah asked

"Nope, it wouldn't be allowed. Even if we can't find some place else for you seven to be, we can't keep you. We'd have to give you back to the people who made you," Rose sadly said.

"Now that just don't seem right, " Josiah said.

"I know but there's nothing we can do about it. That's just how it is," Rose replied.

"Well then I think we better do as much as we can of the things I like, before we reach this Vegas place," Josiah growled.

"Oh by all means let's," Rose laughed back at him.

The next morning found them 2 days away from Vegas and they both weren't in a hurry to get there. In the middle of the day they decided to shop for food at a big supermarket in a small town off the freeway. Rose told Josiah he could go inside with her if he'd wear sunglasses and try to be unnoticeable.

Josiah found the supermarket a confusing place, so he just pushed the cart and tried to keep up with Rose. She seemed to know what she wanted and was in a mighty big hurry to get it and get out of the store, which didn't suit Josiah at all. He wanted to have time to look over all the store had. Some of the things she was tossing into the cart didn't look like anything he had ever seen before. When she tossed a bag with white little squares into the cart he got to thinking that maybe he wouldn't be eating much tonight.

They were soon back on the highway and Rose told Josiah they would stop early today because she was a little tired of driving so much. Before long, Rose saw a campground sign and turned off the major highway. Josiah liked this spot, it was a lot like the area he and the others lived in....open spaces and few people.

When at last they got a fire going and had set everything up, Rose said they could take a walk. While walking, Josiah heard a sound in the sky and looked up to see something flying way above them.

"Good lord in heaven, what the devil is that!" he shouted as he dropped flat to the ground on his belly.

"It's a plane Josiah. It won't hurt you. It's like the truck, just another way for people to travel. Planes are faster and get a person where they want to go quicker," Rose explained to him.

"Folks ride in one of them there things! Josiah said as he got off the ground.

"Yes, all the time. People need a way to get places faster and so they take a plane. It flies them from place to place," Rose answered.

"People fly! Oh lord things are different here," Josiah commented.

"I guess you could say people fly, but they fly in planes. And different is what I'd call it," Rose laughed.

They had been walking for a while when they heard the sound of a car driving toward them. As they stepped off the road, a ranger's truck pulled up beside them.

"Hi folks!" a young male voice said. A slim fellow in his 30's stepped out of the truck and walked up to them.

"New here tonight aren't you?" he asked.

"Yes, we are only here for the night. We are just driving around the country, sight seeing this spring and staying at campgrounds when it gets dark," Rose told him.

"Well my name is Carl and I'm the ranger here. If you need anything just let me know. I drive through the grounds about every four hours and will keep an eye on you all," Carl said with a grin

"We'll keep that in mind," Rose answered. Carl didn't seem to hear her. He had walked up to Josiah and was looking him over pretty closely. He held his hand out to Josiah and when Josiah held his out, Carl clapped both his hands around Josiah's.

"Really if there is anything I can do for you, just let me know," Carl told Josiah with a smile.

"We'll be sure and do that," Josiah replied while trying to get his hand back.

Carl released Josiah's hand finally and got back into his truck to continue driving on down the road.

Rose burst into laughter, "Oh goodness! I think he liked you Josiah!"

She was laughing so hard Josiah wasn't sure he had heard her right.

" Fella seemed a might strange to me and what do you mean he liked me? That fella doesn't even know me so how can he know if'n he likes me or not?" Josiah said in a puzzled voice.

Still laughing Rose said, "Why Josiah, I think he was attracted to you... found you good looking. You know...like a woman might."

"What? What the devil are you going on about?" Josiah said.

"Another thing that is different in my time is that people of the same sex can be attracted to each other and show it," Rose explained.

"Lord your time is strange. Why, I don't rightly think I'd care for that sort of thing," Josiah said with a frown.

Still laughing Rose couldn't answer him. The look on Josiah face when the guy had grabbed his hand and no doubt squeezed it had been priceless.

"Come on handsome. I better get you back to the truck before some other fella comes by and takes a liking to you," Rose said with a smirk.

Josiah didn't find this at all funny and wasn't sure he liked Rose laughing at him about it. But he kept silent and let her pull him back to the campsite. Once there Rose got supper started and tried her best to explain why she had found the ranger fellow so funny.

Continued in Part 2

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