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ATF: Sweet Hell
by SilverJones2

Ezra Standish had stayed home from work saying he was sick. He had lied at the time. He should have known better. He really should have, but, since he is cursed with the hell he happened to call his life, at the moment he was trapped between the proverbial rock and the hard place, but at the moment that wasn't what was hard.

When he had awakened this morning from a very erotic and very stimulating dream, he had known that he would never be able to face his coworker and dream seducer today without giving himself away. Ever since he had admitted to himself that he was in love with Vin Tanner, his life had been a walking torture device. He stayed hard almost constantly, and he could swear that Vin was flirting with him. Lingering touches, brushing against him constantly and that sexy smile that turned him to jelly, were just too much for him. His mind must be playing tricks on him because Vin was as straight as a damn arrow. God he hated his life.

He cringed as he heard a crashing sound coming from his kitchen. He groaned, not only from the disaster that was befalling his much beloved kitchen, but also at the creator of said disaster. How was he supposed to survive this? Of all days for Vin to be helpful, why today? Why did he have to pick today? His life had surpassed the seventh ring of Hell and gone straight to bottom basement, Devil's Playground. Everyone out and have a great time. Oh, by the way, did I mention that this was a one way elevator and you are now doomed to suffer your mind's worst punishment for all eternity. God, he hated being sarcastic without anyone around to enjoy it but him.

Ezra was trying hard not to think about the sexy tracker that was in is his kitchen, making him dinner because he was sick. Did he mention that he had lied about being sick? But when Vin had showed up at his door looking unbelievably sexy saying he wanted to fix him dinner to make him, Ezra Standish the liar, feel better, he just didn't have it in him to refuse his secret heart's desire anything at all, ever. He was not only totally, hopelessly in love, but totally screwed wishing he was being screwed.

At the sudden loud crash, Ezra jumped up and was going into the kitchen when the very descriptive expletives got louder the closer he got to the kitchen.


Ezra mused at how Vin could manage to get so many curse words into one sentence, but, as he entered the kitchen, he had only one thought - he had just surpassed the Playground and now had entered into the subbasement of the Devil's Lair. There in his kitchen was Vin, his walking, living, breathing wet dream, sucking on two fingers, surrounded by the disaster that used to be his kitchen. Right now, he couldn't care less about the damn kitchen as he watched that luscious mouth sucking on those fingers. The Devil had upped the ante on him by laying the Nectar of the Gods at his feet at his weakest moment, and he didn't have the strength to resist.

"I'm sorry Ez, I didn't mean to make such a mess. I'll clean it up. Just give me a minute."

Clearing his throat, but unable to take his eyes off of the glistening digits he said, "That's...uhuhm... all right. What happened?" Oh, God. Hell couldn't get any sweeter or more torturous than this. He was doomed, truly doomed, no doubt about it, because the impulse to take this earthly creature was getting too strong to resist, and he was about to do something stupid. He really was; he could feel it.

"Burnt my fingers is all."

"Let me take a look." Ezra took Vin's hand in his, valiantly trying to ignore the electric charge that surged through his body as their hands touched, but lost the battle as he looked at the red spots on the glistening wet fingers. He just couldn't resist tasting Vin. His mouth watered with the want of it. He had been right about doing something stupid, but gave no further thought to it as he lifted the hurting digits to his mouth. He completely ignored Vin's indrawn breath of surprise as he gently laved the fingers with tender care. The moan captured and brought his attention back to reality.

Oh, God, what had he done? He looked up expecting to see censure and disgust, but only saw a brilliant loving gaze aimed, at him? Ezra looked behind him to make sure it really was him the loving look was for. Must be, nobody was behind him. Turning back to face Vin, he knew he had to hear the words, or it would never feel real to him.

"You're not... I mean this doesn't... aww Hell!!" When had he become so inarticulate?

Vin seemed to take pity on him and said, "I've loved you for a long time Ez. Just didn't know how to go about saying it. Can I kiss you, Ez? Please?"

Ezra had lost all power of speech and could only nod his head in acceptance. Their first kiss was gentle and chaste. That quickly changed as desire took over, thoughts fled and nothing but tasting each other mattered to them.

Oh, yes, Hell had never tasted sweeter or looked sexier as this earthly creature in his arms did. Ezra was positive he could now thrive in this sweet Hell he called life, for all eternity, as long as he had Vin at his side.


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