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Pairing: M/F

by Debbie

A droplet of sweat betrayed his cool facade.

He'd only been in this town a short time trying to increase his cash reserves, then this woman, this beautiful woman had challenged him to a 'few hands of poker'. He had smiled at the time and thought that it wouldn't hurt to have the company of such a beautiful woman for a few hours and...an easy mark.

The game had been going most of the evening, and SHE had the advantage. He discreetly wiped away the offending droplet, but she had seen it. She knew she had him on the ropes, she just had to hold herself together a little longer, play smart and try not to stare at his face for too long, it was just too distracting.

Spectators had come and gone but now it was just the two of them.

It was the last hand. Everything he had was in the pot in front of him, then, she raised. He panicked and for a split second she saw it and tried desperately to keep the corners of her mouth from lifting into a smile.

"Madam, it seems this game is at an end, I have nothing left."

He wasn't about to dip into the stash hidden in his boot. He pushed his chair back and slowly rose.

"You win."

"Sir, we are in the middle of a hand, and I might point out that you have failed to fold. Have you always had such little faith in your ability or would you care to raise the stake?"

Something in his mind flashed red. He had always had faith in his ability, but something, this night, was going wrong. If she was cheating then she was doing it well, because he had failed to notice.

"Madam, as I have already informed you and as you can plainly see, I have nothing left to offer."

She looked at him calmly. What she was about to suggest would either make him turn on his heel and leave or intrigue him enough to stay.

"If you take this hand then the pot is yours, but if I am the fortuitous one then you will spend the rest of the evening in servitude to me."

"Madam, what could I possibly do to serve you for the rest of this evening, it is late, the evening is already at an end."

"Oh, I'm sure I can find some way for you to service me."

"Well I...." his eyes suddenly widened as he realised what she was proposing, he stiffened, all over, as it became clear this woman wanted more than just his money. He slowly regained his seat and picked up his discarded hand, turned them up and laid them down.

Four Kings, he allowed a small smile to escape.

"That's a very good hand." she said.

"Thankyou my dear, it was a pleasure." he said as he reached for the pot.

"It will be." she said as she laid down a straight flush.

He froze.

"Well my dear, it seems I have become your property for the rest of the evening, your wish is my command."

She stood. "My room number is 5," she handed him the key, "you have ten minutes, prepare yourself."

She sat quitely on the edge of the bed and waited. She soon heard the key turn in the lock. He stepped inside to the dull glow of a small lamp and softly closed and locked the door behind him.

"Madam, what is your wish?"


She sat staring at him for a few moments, the things she could do with this man, but where to start.

"Remove your jacket, vest and shirt thankyou."

He quickly began to remove his jacket then stopped, and slowed down the whole process. He felt nervous, he had never been on display before. He wanted to go to her and lay her on the bed but he didn't mind playing these games either.

She watched, spellbound as the last button of his shirt was undone and he slowly slid it from his muscular shoulders, her eyes half closed, her mouth opened in an almost inaudible moan.

His nipples hardened under her intense gaze as his heart rate increased.

She motioned with her finger for him to turn around. He turned and was about to turn back when he heard a breathless "wait"

Her head went slowly to the side as her eyes slid down his back to his ass. Perfection.

"Drop the gun belt."

He undid his gun belt and held it at his hips and slowly allowed it to slide down his thighs until it dropped to the floor with a thud. He turned with his head down, a small smile on his now wet lips and his incredible green eyes boring down to the depths of her soul.

She raised herself gracefully from the bed and quickly covered the short distance to the object of her desire. She placed her index finger at the base of his neck and slowly let it trail down his chest and abdomen. He held his breath as small goosebumps appeared on his skin. The finger stopped when it reached the top of his pants, she hesitated, then slowly circled him until she stood behind him, her finger never leaving his body. Both hands were placed on his hips as they slid up his chest, then down his back,up over his shoulders and down his arms to his hands. She wanted to touch every inch of him. She began placing small kisses on his back and neck, his neck relaxed and rolled back to give her better access. She slid her hands up his thighs and allowed one of them to lightly brush across his erection, they both met at the top button of his pants which they undid. She took them away. His mind screamed, no! please don't stop this. Then the breath in his ear, "Take them off." He swayed slightly, but was not about to disobey an order. His pants quickly joined his gunbelt, she gave him a slight nudge forward and he stepped away from his now discarded clothing. She circled back to face him, there was a slight blush forming on his cheeks at being naked in front her. She took a step back, to take in his whole form. He watched her chest heave and struggle for breath as her eyes burned a trail of heat down the length of his body.

It seemed like an eternity as she stood there. Her hand reached for the bed post to steady herself. At this point he thought he should take the initiative. He stepped forward and started to undress her. She was lost, all she could do was continue to stare at his incredible body and didn't even realise she was naked until she felt his hands slide down her thighs and his lips take her nipple. Her mind clouded, ' I thought I was supposed to be in charge', that idea was quickly dismissed as she needed to concentrate on what he was doing, just in case she missed something, and she didn't want to miss a thing.

When her mind returned she gently forced him to take a step back. She turned him around and motioned him to lay on the bed. She started at his ankles kissing her way to his throbbing member, all the while slowly running her hands up and down the length of his legs. She reached the top of his thighs, her face and mouth so close to his penis he could feel her hot breath and ached to have her take him in her mouth. She didn't, she worked her way all around it, her hand gently took his testicles and caressed them, she heard a small 'please' but ignored it and continued her teasing. Then a more insistent 'Please' but before the word at finished leaving his mouth her mouth had taken him into it, the please ended in a groan of pleasure as she slowly sucked her way to the tip of his engorged penis. His lower body, now with a mind of it's own, raised itself from the bed to follow the pleasure of her mouth. This time her mouth took, first one testicle, then the other, then down below them, she sucked harder and nipped with her teeth at this pleasure point. His eyes widened and his fists clenched the bed sheets, nobody had ever done that to him before and he knew he had to stop her before he came, he wanted to satisfy her, try to give her as much pleasure as she was giving him.

Reluctantly he pulled himself from her mouth and attempted to catch his breath. He lifted her and laid her on the bed. He placed one gentle kiss on her lips and smiled. Her head raised to desperately try and recapture his soft mouth but he ducked out of the way before she could, her head fell back and she pounded her fist on the bed in frustration. She had expected him to enter her now, that's the way sex had always been for her so she was not prepared for his sensual onslaught.

In her mind his lips, tounge and hands were all one, they were everywhere at once, not one inch of her body was left untouched. Every nerve ending raw, aching with desire, the fine line between pleasure and pain.

His mouth had finally found it's way to what he knew was the source of a woman's pleasure. His tongue flicked at her clitoris as his middle finger slowly entered her. She was well lubricated, so he added another. She writhed with a pleasure she had never experienced before. His tongue continued lapping at her clit, he knew she was close to climaxing so he increased the pace of his tongue and fingers. Her moans became louder, she had reached the point of pure ecstacy and had no control of her body as she suddenly arched her back and screamed. He quickly covered her mouth with his own to silence her scream. His tongue swirling with hers with an unexpected urgency. As her moans decreased he felt her body start to relax again, he slowed the kiss to give her time to recover from her orgasm.

The kiss was slow and they both revelled in the feel of it. It wasn't enough, she wanted him inside her, had to have him inside her. She clutched at his buttocks to pull him closer, he tore his mouth from hers and gazed into her desire filled eyes. He positioned himself so the head of his penis nudged at her willing opening, he pushed gently inside, inch by bittersweet inch until he filled her. She bucked beneath him wanting to feel his thrusts. He tried to hold still, to make it last, but it was out of his control. With every thrust that became deeper and harder she found herself on the brink of another orgasm and she could tell by his pace that he had reached the limit of his endurance. His hands had wound their way to hers and they were quickly clasped together behind her head. The final gratifying thrust left them both shaking, weakened and fulfilled. The pressure of their hands, a quiet outlet for their primal moans of satisfied pleasure.

They soon drifted into a peaceful but exhausted sleep.

She awoke the next morning to a note on the pillow beside her.

It read: Madam,

Thank you for the most wonderful loss I have ever had the pleasure to experience.


Ezra, so that was his name.

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