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ADULT M/F ...Chris/Sarah

Wedding Bed
by KathyTeresa

He couldn't believe it was happening..he wanted to shake his head in wonder at the feelings that swept over him...but that would mean moving and that' the last thing Chris Larabee wanted to do...Move...he couldn't have moved if his life had depended on it....wouldn't move...nothing in his sorry life had felt as good as this; as right as where he was at this place in this time..He could feel the rustle of her hair against his shoulder..the sweep of her lashes as they crossed his cheek....tiny butterfly strokes ....he could imagine the sparkle in the green eyes hidden there.... Today when those eyes looked into his and promised to love and cherish him in the Meeting House,he was very sure someone would stand up and protest their union.. No one had; although Hank, Sarah's Dad, looked like he was having a hard time breathing. Poor Hank, he had done everything he could to discourage Chris from seeing Sarah....but yet, there they were walking down that aisle toward the door....a couple forever...married....together.....

The party had been great fun...plenty of food and music, everyone loved Sarah and wanted to contribute to her happiness....The last he saw of Buck, his best-man, he was still trying to convince Jilly Parker, Sarah's bridesmaid , to take a walk in the woods... The girl had sense of course and had remained firmly planted in her chair....with Buck leaning over her....well, some things never change...Buck would always be Buck....Lots of women, but maybe not the right woman.....Yes, Chris thought....Some how I got lucky....and Sarah let me into her life.

They had stayed long enough to be polite. Long enough so that people wouldn't whisper and the teenage girls wouldn't continue to giggle every time Chris touched Sarah anywhere below the waist of her dress... He felt like he was on display ; and he was in a way..but for Sarah only...Not for the rest of the crowd...So they had conspired to sneak off with the first excuse..

So here they were...side by side on the buckboard....Chris holding on to the reins of the horses..Sarah holding on to Chris....He had kept their destination a secret...planned for weeks this special place for their first night together as man and wife. Sarah had been determined to uncover his plans but Chris had held firm., resisting everything Sarah had tried. Now he was taking her there....to the place he had prepared......As they rounded the road toward the small cabin he had reworked, panic set in.....As comfortable as he had made it..it still wasn't what Sarah was used to having....The furnishings were well made but simple and the china an old set his mother had kept.....but the stove was new and their bed was..... Their bed was Chris' real wedding present to Sarah....He had gone to his good friend Amos, a local carpenter and woodworker for help when the idea occurred to him....Amos had been patient and shown Chris almost step by step how to make the four poster bed...But Chris was a quick study and good with his hands..so the bed had come together...and now was waiting for them both..... Sarah snuggled closer as a wind chilled the air and Chris shifted the reins so that he could pull her closer with his arm....She sighed heavily and raised her head...."Much further?"..."Naw", Chris whispered. "just a little bit up the road." "Can't wait to get out of this corset and petticoats" Sarah fussed.."I can't wait for you to get out of them either." Chris teased her...stealing a quick kiss. Sarah gave him a mock smack on the arm and squirmed out of his reach...."We've waited this long Chris Larabee....you can wait a few hours more." Sarah arched her neck in that way she had of challenging him ,and he melted again. They both knew he would always give in to her .....They had almost done it; the night he proposed. She was so happy and excited and he was just as excited.....very excited. Sarah had allowed him to smother her face in kisses, undo the buttons on her summer dress and suckle her breasts. He thought he would explode from the pressure of the fabric on his groin....Sarah had sensed his impending crises and undone his pants just in time...Chris had come all over her hands, he was panic stricken and started to turn away when she grabbed his face and kissed him HARD on the lips..forcing her tongue inside his mouth....she pulled her head away and licked her fingers slowly....ever so slowly.......he could feel the excitement building in his groin and shifted his hips to ease his penis......Sarah felt him moving and looked down.....she had smiled at the rising bulge, looked him straight in the eye and lowered her head... Pushing him back with her hands she lay across his stomach and pulled his shirt away from his body...Chris wanted to sit up : to see what she was planning next, but she just laughed and ran her nails down his stomach stopping just above his sheath.. Chris was trapped by Sarah's body and his penis was stretched tight in his tangled pants...He must have moaned because Sarah's head came up questioningly and she looked at him.."Chris, what's wrong...am I hurting you...It's ...I've ...I've never done this before and I'm not sure " Chris stuttered. "Sarah, no it's ...can you move a minute so I can sit up a bit and loosen these pants?"...Chris remembered making to sit up but again Sarah set him back...."I think I can take care of this for you, Mr. Larabee. Course, I'm new at this so it may take a long time" She teased him with her voice and her words....Warm and moist.; those where the sensations Chris felt....A tentative suckling motion by Sarah's lips...an experimental lick at the tip of his penis to taste his pre-cum for the first time....Chris tried to stay still but any movement on Sarah's part promoted an automatic reaction in Chris' groin....he was hard and ....needing to push into her virgin mouth...Needing to explode into her....His fingers grabbed the hem of her skirt and twisted the fabric..he bit his lip in order to distract himself from what Sarah was doing....."Sarah, I've got to push...got to come..." he moaned. Instinctively Sarah's hand went to the base of Chris's penis and encircled it....she relaxed her mouth and took as much of him into her as she could manage..She matched his thrusts with a sliding motion of her tongue and within minutes Chris was exploding into her mouth....He could tell Sarah was surprised by the violence of the explosion. Chocking she swallowed as much as she could and stayed on him until he had relaxed beneath her....She looked up expectantly at him...fingers wiping away the excess cum from around her lips .Chris reached up and pulled her down on top of him...flicking his tongue over her face and hands...licking his fluids from her ...Nothing was said.. No words spoken...She fell on him...sighing ....snuggling close. He turned toward her starting to take a breast in his hands to suckle her ..She sat up and pulled away... "Chris"...the first words spoken for over an hour..."I'm not....I don't ... Shouldn't we.." Chris sat up quickly.."Sarah, no,....I should have stopped you..." "Chris, no..you shouldn't have....I enjoyed every minute of pleasing you...It's just that I want.....I want to be Mrs. Christopher Larabee when we make love that way for the first time....I want to be a virgin for you.".... A virgin for me Chris thought as they turned in the cabin lane...He had pictured in his mind how it would be for both of them the first time...But now the word "virgin" weighed heavily in his mind... "Chris, are we going to stay out here all night..or are we going in?"...Sarah's voice had snapped him back to reality and he almost fell out of the buggy getting around to help her down..She fell against him getting out and he was sure she had purposefully pushed her breasts against him .....For a virgin, she had pretty good moves Chris mused....Sarah had started for the door when Chris came up behind her and swept her up in his arms...."No, ya don't , Mrs. Larabee. I remember hearing that it's good luck for me to carry you across the doorstep..".. Sarah giggled and snuggled in his arms swinging her legs merrily underneath the satin of her skirts... He sat her down by the fireplace and let her take in the room....She laughed and smiled...the smile that made his heart and his groin move......Satisfied that she was pleased he went out to gather their luggage and put the horse away....When he came back..she was no where in sight...When she didn't answer to her name, Chris started to panic. Then caught movement out of the corner of his eye...She was standing in the dark in their bedroom....."Chris..." she whispered.."Chris, this bed is beautiful.. Where?..How? Can we afford this?..." Chris walked up behind her." I made it for you, Sarah," she stared at him..."All those days I told you I was out tracking horses?...Well I was up here working on this bed for you." "I just wanted to show you how much I love you...I want you to know how happy I am to be your husband.." Chris stammered to a halt and started to say more..but Sarah put her hands on his lips and said "Show me....show me how much you love me."

Chris leaned his way toward her mouth and felt her open to him as he slipped his tongue along side hers...and touched her...The chill ran from his tongue to his groin and his hips thrust up against her....She giggled and pulled her face away..looked up into his eyes "Help me get his damn dress off, husband of mine."....Chris didn't trust his fingers to respond but somehow together they got the satin and lace wedding dress off without too much damage..while trying to control their breathing....Sarah made quick work of the corset and turned fully bare to face Chris......Chris stopped undoing his shirt buttons to look at her..taking in the full firmness of her breasts....Sarah took his hands in hers and brought them to her bosom....Laying her head on his chest she rubbed herself against his hands initiating a movement that Chris continued without urging.....Bringing his head down the side of her neck he licked the salt off her skin..Lingering feel the pulsing of her heart at the base of her neck....blowing softly he felt her fall forward completely into his arms as he lifted her and placed her on the bed....He pulled his shirt the rest of the way off his body and laid down beside her on the bedspread....She started to run her fingers along the muscles of his upper arms...feeling the tight muscling and stopping at the bullet wound scar above his elbow...Questioning with her eyes..she leaned forward and encircled it with her lips...Sucking it ...feeling the length and depth of it with her tongue....Chris pulled her face toward him and kissed her cheeks before starting to explore her breasts again

"My turn.." Sarah teased...slipping out of her shirt and bloomers..She came back to the bed kneeing in front of Chris showing him her secrets....She reached down and began to unbuckle his belt .....He fumbled to help her but she pushed his hands away and continued to hum lightly as she carefully undid his pants buttons...One..by..one.... Chris hadn't worn any underwear....knowing he wouldn't want the extra clothing on this special night...Her hand brushed his inner thigh as she moved to push his pants down around his knees, leaning forward concentrating on her task...she stopped suddenly when she heard Chris' sharp intake of a breath....Her breasts had slipped across his groin tickling the hair and skin in their wake....Laughing she dropped his pants and brought her hands to his groin...carefully taking his penis in her hands she eased it upright wrapping her breasts on either side.....Chris groaned and pushed his hips upward to bury himself deeper.....Sarah straddled his lower leg as she continued to work her breasts back and forth along his hardened organ....he could feel her starting to moisten as she began moving her groin along his leg..increasing the pressure with each stroke....Chris reached for her head and ran his hands through the tangles in her hair....she laughed, tossed her head and moved forward to lay on top of him.....They lay together staring into each other's eyes.....Chris moved his hands along her back..tracing her spine with his fingers ..ending up with his hands cupping her tight buttocks....His penis was trapped between his legs and he slipped her on her side to free himself...The stiff organ pushed itself into her stomach..making her gasp.....For the first time she looked at it closely....."Chris...I...are you sure?...It's so much bigger than I remember.." Tears started to form in her eyes and he hugged her close...kissing them away....."Baby, shush....it's ok." Chris's words rushed out with his breath.."We won't do anything till you're ready....I promise....I would never, ever hurt you.".....He hoped he could keep his promise.....He began to move down her stomach with his mouth...caressing her inner thighs with his finger tips...teasing her with his nails and blowing the soft hair between her legs.....Sarah began to moan and move without control... He knelt between her legs and pushed her over on her back....Breathing heavily he licked the inside of her thigh working his way toward her labia until he had his tongue well inside her...He inhaled deeply...drawing the scent of her into his lungs and feeling his groin harden even more....It quivered with pre-cum and he renewed his efforts to make her ready to accept him....He could tell by the sounds she was making that she was feeling things intensely so he started stroking her moist inner lips with his fingers....She burst up suddenly and grabbed his head with her hands pushing him down toward her groin ..moaning and straining ..bucking and squeezing with her knees. ......"Chris!...Chris!...More....I...need....something...I ....help me....Chris..." Sarah's voice was desperate...She strained against the bedspread...moving her hands between the fabric and Chris's hair.....Chris moved up and suckled her breast while nestling his penis at her moist opening...."Sarah, I love you.." he breathed while beginning his push into her.......She opened to him .knowing in her heart and soul that this was the right moment and the right man....She could feel his largeness and stiffness working its way into her womb.....pain..."Ahh..Chris...it..hurts.."...Sarah pulled away slightly and Chris could feel the barrier with his penis...He knew he couldn't let her pull away now....gathering her to his chest he thrust forward ....breaking through and owning her with his body.....Sarah sighed.....grunted and then moved forward to meet his thrust....."God, Chris....uh...move...more....inside me...." As the pain faded she felt the excitement and warmth of his body on her...in her....around her.....Chris was moving without thought now...pushing as she accepted him fully.....He knew he should take care but his body was beyond control...beyond reason.....He could feel her taking up his cadence...and they moved together...sweating and pulling at each other....wanting to be inside each other ...to relieve the tension strung between their bodies....Sarah came first..."Chris Ohhh...this is ....Oh.God, Chris..I'm.......what?"...Chris felt his semen surging from his balls...pulsing forward through his loins to explode deep... deep within his wife....he had never come so hard or so long in his life....His body needed to fill this woman with his seed...."Sarah..kiss me....oh....hold me.....God I need you."....he breathed still continuing to thrust into her long after his semen stopped flowing.....He lay on top of her... Soft within her,.feeling her heart race...trying to match his heart to hers.....She could feel the trickle of his seed seeping out around his penis....She reached down and felt it with her fingers..felt the place where they were joined....Chris placed his hands on hers and kissed her fully on her mouth....."Chris, " Sarah breathed "Is it always like that?.... Or is it just this bed?"....Chris smiled and tilted his head to look at her.."Don't know? Shall we try again and find out?.....Sarah returned his smile and began to move.....

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