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Rating: NC-17; M/F

by Angel

Part 1


The sun was rising as the three men mounted their horses; the bright beams bringing a hint of warmth the summer day. Chris Larabee stood quietly as he watched Buck Wilmington, JD Dunne, and Nathan Jackson preparing to leave the small town.

"You’re sure you want to do this?" He asked JD, knowing what the answer would be but feeling compelled to ask anyway.

"I have to. For Casey and for me." JD answered meeting Chris’ eyes briefly, letting the pain show briefly before he controlled it.

Chris nodded, seeing the emotion in JD’s eyes. An emotion Chris understood all too well, having seen it in his own eyes one to many times. Sighing, Chris just nodded and went to speak with Buck for a few minutes, leaving the younger man to his own demons. Chris looked at his old friend as he approached, seeing for the first time the way the years had added lines to his friend’s face, lines of both laughter and grief. He also saw the scar that ran down Buck’s cheek, the one Buck had received the day Casey died. He wondered briefly at the wisdom of letting the three men ride out, but knew that short of locking them up he had no choice.

"Buck you sure you want to do this?"

"Yeah, I have to, I owe it to the kid. It should have been me that got shot that day, not Casey." Buck replied, making Chris remember Buck saying similar words about him once.

"You know its probably just another wild goose chase your going on, like the last four times, don’t you?"

"Don’t matter, we have to see if we can get the sons-a-bitches that took Casey from us."

Hearing the finality in Buck’s voice, Chris just nodded briefly. " Well if you find them don’t go in all hot-headed, you hear me. You won’t revenge Casey by getting yourselves killed."

Buck’s only response was to nod his head as he mounted his horse and moved over to speak to JD, leaving Chris and Nathan near the horse railing.

"I’ll keep an eye on em Chris." Nathan said as he put the last bag on his saddle. "Besides JD’s such a big baby I’d hate to have to sew him up if he got shot." He joked, the pain briefly leaving his eyes. Chris smiled at the joke his friend made but he knew Nathan had suffered as much as the other two, if not more. For a time Nathan had been treated once more like a slave, not only losing the woman he loved but his sense of self as well. Chris would never forget the day he and Josiah had found Nathan in that slavers den he had been taken too and he would never forget Nathan plunging his knife in the heart of the man who had been beating him. Shaking his head he wondered at how after everything Nathan could still laugh and smile, even if it was a ghost of the bright smile he had once worn. I guess time does heal some wounds, he thought.

"Just send word if you need us, okay?" Chris said as he watched Nathan mount his horse. Nathan nodded his head and then he and the other two rode out of town at a steady pace. Chris watched the three men leave town and then he started to head to the saloon, only to be stopped by a pair of hazel eyes, eyes that started desire boiling in his blood as he remember just whose bed he had gotten out of to see his friends off. Changing direction he moved back to the boarding house lured by the banked fire he saw in her eyes.

"Are they gone?" Tempest asked, wrapping her robe around her as she stepped back inside the door and let him enter before closing the door. The two of them walked to their room, speaking softly as they went.

"Yup, but I think it’s just another wild goose chase, like all the times before. I think MacDougal’s playing with them, he knows they’re looking for him and gets his kicks out of letting rumors circulate about where he is, just so they’ll go tearing out over the countryside."

"What else can they do?" She asked as they entered the room and she locked the door behind them. He sat down on the bed and watched as she removed her robe and sat down at her vanity and began to brush her hair.

"Nothing, they can’t do anything else." He said in quiet reply. "I’d do the same if it was you."

He heard her small gasp as she turned from the mirror and dropper her brush on the floor. The look on her face was a mixture of wonder and surprise, as if she was pleased by what he said but surprised that he would admit such a thing to her. Smiling softly he stood up and walked to her.

"You look surprised, why?" He asked softly as he gently touched her cheek.

"It’s just….I never thought I meant anything more to you than a warm bed and good food." She finished in a small sad whisper as she lowered her head. At her words Chris flinched, knowing that he was responsible for that admission and hating that he had caused her to feel that way.

Kneeling before her he lifted her chin, kissing her lips gently he said, "Don’t you know you’re the reason the sun shines for me."

Her breath left her body as he slowly inserted his tongue in her mouth, his hands holding her head as he plundered her mouth. He felt her hands grab his shoulders and she pressed her soft breast against his chest as she moaned softly. Sliding his hands slowly down her hair, he covered her fingers with his and removed them from his shoulders, at the same time he gently broke their kiss and rested his forehead against hers.


"Shh..let me love you." He whispered, as he began to unbutton the top of her nightgown, revealing her naked breasts to his sight. He felt her moan as he cupped her breast and watched her nipples harden as he caressed the soft flesh. Leaning forward his breath stroked her flesh as he took one nipple into his mouth and began to suckle her gently. Her body arched toward his as he used his tongue to lick her areola while his teeth nipped her nipple gently. Suddenly he lifted his mouth from her breast and suckled gently at her other breast while he trailed his fingers down her stomach and then settled over the notch in her legs, which was covered with her nightgown. Feeling her nether lips through her gown, he traced his fingers up and down and as he rubbed gently he felt her hips begin to rock as she grew damp with her desire.

Looking up from her breast he saw her head was thrown back and she was gently shaking her head as if to deny the lust his hands and mouth were eliciting. She’s so beautiful in her passion, he thought as he watched her. Shuddering he dropped his head in her lap, inhaling her female scent while he tried to control the desire that was threatening to overcome him. Her fingers dropped to his head and ran soothingly through his hair, as if she knew how tenuous his control was.

"Stand up." He muttered gruffly against her.

"What?" came her vague reply, as if she did not understand his words.

"Stand up." He said more plainly as he fell back on his knees and he helped her rise so she was standing before him. Looking up at her he felt his heart stop for a moment as he realized he loved this woman standing before him and what the emotional cost of such a love could mean. Not wanting to dwell on it he pushed aside the thought and concentrated on the desire that was simmering in his blood and slowly let his eyes devour her body. As he let his eyes skim her he gently placed his hands on her calves and began to run his hands over the soft skin. Smoothing his hands up and up, memorizing the feel of her with his hands. As he stroked her legs he leaned forward and placed a kiss against her stomach, feeling her shiver with desire at his touch. His tongue slowly swirled over her stomach and he dipped his tongue into her navel before he slowly licked his way to the soft curls between her thighs.

"Chris…." She sighed softly; his name was a mixture of a plea and a moan.

He smiled as he felt her fingers thread into his hair when he slowly breathed on her, smelling her desire with each inward breath. Slowly he pressed his lips against her and moving his lips slowly downward he let his tongue part the tender flesh between her thighs. His tongue parted the labia and gently stroked her, tasting the tanginess of her desire. He felt her fingers clinch his head as he began to slowly suck on her flesh while he inserted his tongue into her in an imitation of lovemaking.

"CHRIS! PLEASE!" she moaned as he began to insert and withdrawal his tongue as he found her clitoris with his teeth and gently nibbled on it, making her hips rock against his face in a frantic motion. He felt his shaft swell and he groaned silently as he used his hands to grip her bottom to hold her still for his loving. He didn’t know if he’d be able to give her pleasure without taking his own but he was going to do his best. Slowly he removed his face from her body and stood up.

"Chris-ss?" Tempest asked shakingly and with some confusion as he stopped loving her.

"Shhh…lets make you more comfortable." He said as he picked her up and sat her down in the big armchair that sat in the corner. Carefully he parted her legs as he kneeled before her, looking at her body that lay so trustingly and open before him. He cupped her breast in his hands as he leaned forward and began to suckle at them. As he nipped and nibbled and sucked her breasts he removed one hand to run it over her stomach and used it to rub her mound softly. He slowly parted her flesh before he inserted his finger in her, and as he felt her push against him he smiled knowing she was getting closer to her release. Sitting up once more he lifted her left leg and placed it over the left arm of the chair and than repeated the process with her other leg, leaving her completely open to him.

Beautiful, was his last conscious thought as he lowered his head once more.

Parting her again he slowly ran his tongue over the small bud between her thighs, feeling her arch frantically as he licked her. Her hands grabbed his head but he removed them and placed them on her legs, "Now keep those hands right there, I’m trying to work and your distracting me." He said softly against her and felt her shiver with pleasure as his moving lips stroked her. Licking and sucking he began to raise her desire higher and higher letting her get just to her peak before he stopped. He would than let her cool down some before he began the process over again. He repeated this process four more times before her hands reached down and held him to her.

"NOW! Please Chris now!" She begged frantically as the sweat glistened on her skin.

"Yessss.." He purred against her.

"CHRIS!" She shouted as the vibrations from his lips pushed her over the edge.

He kept his lips on her as she came, lapping and drinking her desire loving the taste of her against his lips. When her shuddering ceased he lifted his head and laid it against her breast. Listening as her breathing calmed.

"You ok?" He asked.

"Y-yes." She said shakenly.

He lay against her feeling the sun light from the window as it warmed them with its light. After a few minutes she had him help her up as she led him to the bed.

"Now it’s my turn." She whispered wickedly as she began to undress him. Causing him to smile at the delight he saw in her eyes and the promise of love that lay behind it all.

Part 2


Josiah sat in the steaming tub with his eyes closed, letting the heat sooth the ache in his bones. On mornings like this he felt very old and ancient and he hated that feeling. Seems like that’s every morning anymore, he thought wistfully as he lay with his head against the tub. He knew that Nathan, Buck, and JD had left that morning, hoping they would pick up MacDougal’s trail in the small town they had heard he was hiding. Josiah thought they were hunting after ghost but he knew his opinions wouldn’t have stopped them from going so he had held his tongue. The sound of the door opening brought his attention back to his surroundings.

"Yeah?" he asked without opening his eyes, but when silence was his only answer he opened his eyes.

"Well hello." He said with a smile as he saw who was standing there.

Rhiannon smiled as she slowly ran her eyes over Josiah’s exposed chest. She loved looking at him, she thought as she entered the room and closed the door. She knew other women considered him ‘old’ or not too good looking, but to her eyes he was perfect. Strong, sexy, masculine, gentle and intelligent with that quiet sense of humor that always made her laugh. So very gentle, her conscious threw at her as she remembered just how gentle he could be. As she moved around the room and set out stuff for his bath, her hips began to sway seductively as she thought of just how she knew this.

"So you like what you see?" Josiah asked with a wicked smirk as he leaned back and watched Rhiannon move about the room hardly taking her eyes off him.

Slowly licking her lips she stood before him and smiled.

"Why yes sir, I do." She said in a husky voice as she reached up and began to undo her top. As she slowly revealed her body to him, removing one piece of clothing at a time, she was delighted to see his breathing quicken, sweat appeared on his forehead and the shifting of his body as he watched her.

Once she was naked she walked over to the tub and leaned over and placed a soft kiss on his forehead.

"Thank you." She whispered as she soothed his hair back and began to lightly run kisses over his face.

"For what?" he asked in a semi-confused voice.

"For making me feel like the most beautiful woman in the world when you look at me."

With that she slowly covered his lips with her own, letting her tongue run over his top lip while her tongue ran over his bottom one. She felt his hands grab her shoulders seconds before he took over the kiss, his tongue pushing into her mouth to stroke and titillate. His hands helping her into the tub and than pulling her close to his body so she could feel every hard inch of his flesh against her own. Turning her playful kiss into one filled with hunger and need and turning her from a woman to wanton as he kissed and sucked at her lips.

Rhiannon moaned as she felt his body pressed against hers, the hair on his chest caressed and stroked her nipples, causing them to ache with each movement of their bodies. The feel of his hardness pressing against her mound made her body tremble and her hips began to rub slowly up and down as she caressed herself against his hard shaft. They both moaned as she moved her hands from his shoulders and slid them between their bodies to take him gently in her hands.

"Rhiannon." He sighed, his head falling back against the tub, as her hands began to slowly run up and down, feeling him swell with each stroke.

Rhiannon leaned back and watched the look of pleasure that crossed his face as she increased and then slowed down her strokes, teasing him and herself with every movement of her hands. She could tell by the way his hands were gripping the edge of the tub that he was mastering himself so that she could be in control this time. Sighing she leaned over and took his lips just as she moved her body over his positioned herself and slowly sank onto his shaft.

"Yessss…" She sighed as she felt how he filled her so tightly, stretching and stroking as their bodies joined. Taking her hands she gripped his shoulders and began to slowly move up and down, moving her body so each stroke brought her closer and closer to the edge. Josiah had moved his head over and began to suck and nip at her breast while she rode him, increasing her pleasure as she felt her desire burning like a white hot fire that would consume. Faster and harder she moved as she grew closer and closer to the edge as the hot fire inside her, which was centered between her legs began to move outward consuming her, devouring everything as she sought relief in Josiah’s arms. She felt as if she were rushing toward the edge of a cliff, one that offered peace from the fire raging in her. She was standing their one-minute and with the twist of his lips and the nip of his teeth Josiah hurtled her over that edge as desire consumed her in its raging embrace.

Her body shook as her climax hit her, her head arched and her breath stopped as Josiah moaned his release against her breast while his body shudder and spilled into her. And in the silence that followed she lay with her head against his shoulder and felt his breathing slowly regain its normal cadence. She knew that no matter what lay ahead for her and Josiah, she would always treasure the early mornings when they shared a passion that consumed them both. And these memories would see her through the dark days ahead.

Part 3


Vin Tanner rode wearily through the woods, his mind wandering as he approached the old oak tree. He’d been riding for three days and all he wanted was a bath, some food, and a good night’s rest. Things he knew he’d get as he came up to the small pond that was a few feet away from the tree. Sighing with pleasure an hour later, Vin stepped naked into the warm water, letting its warmth ease him. He didn’t worry about anyone catching him on his blind side, as far as he knew he was the only white man to know of the existence of this little valley and the Indians who knew about it avoided it, saying it was haunted. Vin didn’t know, or care, if it was haunted or not, all he cared about was that it offered him a resting-place during his travels. That’s probably why I’ve never mentioned it to the others, Vin thought. He considered it "his" place and he didn’t want to share it with anyone.

Realizing he had been standing there staring, Vin stopped thinking about anything and went about cleaning himself. An hour later, as Vin lay naked letting the sun absorb the water droplets from his clean flesh, he thought of the ‘goose chase’ he’d followed trying to tract down McDougal. The man was more elusive than a ghost, leaving nothing more tangible than rumors and gossip behind him. As Vin had learned when he’d followed the lead he’d gotten in Eagle Bend, but it had only led him to some hole in the ground called appropriately enough, Pit’s Town. And after three days spent questioning people Vin realized he’d reached another dead end and had headed back home. He smiled as he realized that the town of Four Corners had become associated with home in his mind. He let his mind drift over how things like ‘home’ and ‘family’ could sneak up on a man when he least expected it. If there was one man who’d thought he’d never have either of those it was Vin Tanner.

His smile got bigger as he thought of his ‘brothers’. Chris, with his own ghosts that had made him the strong man and leader he was. Buck, still the ladies man even if some of his "good hearted nature" had been replaced with a more serious disposition. Nathan, still the gentlest man Vin knew, even after experiencing the taint of McDougal’s evil. Josiah, with his wisdom and rock-hard strength, was still their father confessor. Ezra with his quick grin and quicker hands, still wily even after he’d settled down in marriage to Eloise Jones. And JD, their ‘baby brother’, the one who worried Vin the most, he wasn’t the ‘greenhorn’ he’d been when Vin had first met him. Something Vin could lay at Pierce McDougal’s feet, along with a whole host of other sins.

Vin knew they all had reason’s to hate McDougal, reasons Vin didn’t really want to think about on such a beautiful day, but he did have to admire the man’s ability to elude detection. But we’ll get the bastard yet, Vin said silently before he let his thoughts drift and his eyes closed as sleep claimed him.

As Vin had ridden into the valley, he hadn’t realized he’d been watched. With repressed joy the watcher had spied upon Vin as he had entered the valley, his presence calling to her. It worked! My spell worked! Phar Movana thought gleefully. She’d been waiting and waiting and waiting for the man to return. And now that he had she was ready to enter into the mael-te, or mating dance, with him. The last time he’d visited she had revealed herself to him in a dai-lath, or dream, though and she had decided to do the same at this meeting. For even if Vin Tanner was the most fascinating man she had ever seen in her valley, Phar knew enough of the human ways to be weary of revealing her true self to any of them, even one she’d picked to be her mate.

Her name was Phar Movana; which meant ‘she who guides the life force’ among her kind, thus any form of life essence was her’s to command and she had been unable to resist the life force that the human male had exuded the first time he had entered her vale. His essence had called to her just as that of a newly blossomed flower did and she had responded to his essence the same as she had with any flower in the vale.

Now as he lay sleeping she once more cast the dai-lath spell so that she might reveal herself to him.

"Vin, Vin Tanner, Wake up."

Vin smiled a wicked grin as he heard that sweet voice calling him to wakefulness. It was one that caused his heart to speed up and his loins to quicken with desire every time he heard it. Only problem was that he’d only heard it in his dreams, he thought wistfully. Pushing aside the wistful thought Vin opened his eyes, seeing his ‘fairy-girl’, as he called her. She was tiny, maybe 4’5" in total height. Slim with small breasts, a trim waist, and long, slim legs. But what she lacked in stature she more than made up for in sensuality. Her skin was tinted with a greenish cast that was caused her skin to gleam as if it were tarnished with a dusting of the finest jade. Her hair a wild array that flowed around her body was the rich dark brown of a cherry tree, with streaks of oakish strands mingling in it. Her face was not round, like Vin had believed ‘fairy faces’ were, but was oval with high cheekbones and a dainty chin. Her eyes big and round, were the color of blossoming lilacs, while her lips, well Vin had had some pretty exotic fantasies about those lips. Thick, lush, plump like the ripest of strawberries just waiting to be picked and savored. She called to all of Vin’s most primitive instincts, which were to hunt her down and take her till they were both satisfied.

"Howdy." Vin said as Phar moved nearer to him, almost but not quite within touching distance.

"Hello Vin, Vin Tanner. I am glad to see you have returned."

"I’m glad to see you’ve returned, even if you’re only in my dreams." Vin said as he rose up on his arms, his slim body laid bare to her gaze.

Phar felt the moisture gather between her legs as she took in his firm chest, flat stomach, strong legs, and his rising manhood. Unconsciously she licked her lips, noticing how Vin’s shaft seemed to get bigger as she did so.

"I have decided to gift you with the mael-te." She said in a husky whisper as she faught the urge to lower her lips to his body and explore every inch, as she had done the last time they were together.

"May-el-tea?" Vin struggled to get the words past his dry throat as he saw the look of hungry passion and desire that entered Phar’s eyes as she studied his growing erection.

"Yes, it is a special dance among my people. One only performed for before the one choosen to be a m’tan." Came Phar’s even huskier reply.

"S-sounds nice." Vin said in a low growl as he fought the urge to reach out for her. This sounded like it meant something very special to her, and Vin didn’t want to ruin her mael-te.

"Yes, very nice." She agreed seconds before her hand reached out to cup Vin’s erection and slowly begin to stroke it to a greater hardness. "Almost as nice as this."

Vin was helpless to stop the groan that issued from his throat as he watched Phar’s dainty hand cup and stroke him.

"Yes--like that—faster." He whispered.

For several minutes the only sounds were his urgent whispers and her heavy breathing as Phar pleasured Vin. But his whispers soon turned to a groan as Phar gently lowered her lips to his shaft and placed a gentle kiss on it before slowly releasing him.

"Why’d--why’d you stop?" Vin asked when he had regained his breath and calmed down a bit.

"Because you were close to spilling your seed, something you cannot do until the mael-te is done."

"Not till it’s done? I can’t wait that--"Vin began, only to have Phar quiet him by gently placing her fingers over his lips.

"We shall take as long as it requires, my love. Trust me, you will be able to wait."

With those words Phar stepped back, raised her hands to the sky, leaned her head back and closed her eyes. The sun shone down on her making her skin glow, her hair seemed darker, richer, fuller as it absorbed the light of the sun. Her breasts, hips, and thighs were stretched taunt as she bared herself to her mate.

Vin felt as if he’d been punched in the stomach as his eyes wondered over her lithe and luscious form. His heart, which had slowed down began to speed up again just as Phar began to hum softly. As she did Vin saw her body began to sway gently at first but as her humming got louder and quicker she began to twist and turn, rotating her body as if it were attached to a rope. First her head swayed, while her hips moved in counterpart, than her arms began to move in graceful motions as she dipped and turned and swayed to the sound of the music from her lips. As Vin watched her he didn’t realize he had stood up and began marching to her until he felt his hands on her shoulders as he pulled her to him.

Phar, who’d been lost in her dance, was startled when she felt Vin’s hands upon her. But only for a second, for the trick of the mael-te was not to loose the rhythm once you had begun it. So even as Vin pulled her to him, even as his lips descended upon hers swallowing her humming sounds, Phar kept her lower body in motion. Swaying her hips so that she taunted Vin with the elusive feel of her flesh against his, before moving away as if denying him. When Vin’s arms suddenly dropped from her arms to grab her hips and pull them against his erection, Phar began to move her arms and chest once more, never losing the rhythm. It was as if she were teasing him with her whole body, Vin thought suddenly as he tried to still her motions so that he could enter her. But every time he got one part of her still, she began moving another. Her breasts teased his, her hips brushed against the tip of his manhood, her lips moving across his face in gently sweeps. Vin groaned as he lifted his head and reaching down grabbed her hips and lifted her against him.

"Phar, I’ve got to have you now." Vin growled as he used his hands to adjust her for his entry.

"Wait, Vin. Please take me against the tree. Yes, it will support us. Please." Phar panted as she still moved her body to the rhythm established in her head.

One minute Phar and Vin were standing near the pond and the next Phar felt the cooling shade of the branches and the rough bark of the oak tree at her back as Vin pressed her against it. As Phar came into contact with the tree, she felt the exultation of the valley as she entered the final stages of the mael-te. But that was the last conscious thought she had, for suddenly Vin’s lips were on hers, his tongue entering her mouth as his shaft entered her body. She nearly screamed her pleasure allowed as she felt the hard tip of his manhood part the gentle flesh of her labia, stretching her as he slowly entered inch by inch. His lips which had been on hers, suddenly dropped as he began to suck and nip at her breast.

As she felt his teeth rake over the gentle tip of her nipple Phar did cry out, her legs suddenly coming up to lock around his hips as she thrust down hard on his shaft, embedding him deeply within her.

Then it was sensory overload for them both as she and Vin mated. His hard thrusts were met with her own. His groans were echoed by her cries of delight. Her hands ran up and down his back and arms as she leaned over and began nipping at his ears, cheeks, chin whichever part of his body she could reach.

Phar felt as if a white hot fire were building in the pit of her stomach, slowly being fed by each thrust, lick, and suck of Vin’s. But when Vin’s finger reached down and slowly began to rub across the flesh stretching to accommodate him, the fire got hotter and hotter until it’s rhythm was one with the one Phar had begun the mael-te with. Phar began begging and pleading as Vin found her clitoris and began to lightly pet it.

"VIN!" She screamed as the fire that they had built, the passion that they controlled burst inside of her. Burning all that she was and leaving something new behind, like a pheonix arisen from the ashes.

Vin, meanwhile, had felt as if he were in a vice, his passion winding tighter and tighter with each pump of his hips into her body, suddenly felt her inner muscles clench in pleasure and he was lost. Pumping wildly into her, he called out her name as he fell into the dark abyss of passion. . .

The morning sun shining in his eyes is what awakened Vin from the pleasant dream he’d been having. One about a fey creature who knew just how to pleasure a man and was showing Vin how she did it too. So it was with a fusrated groan that Vin opened his eyes to see that he’d fallen asleep naked and slept the night away. I have got to stop doing that when I come to this place, makes the fouth time I’ve done it. Vin thought as he stretched and went about getting dressed. He didn’t worry to much about it now, what with it being summer and all, but he’d be in a world of hurt if he tried it come winter time.

"Course if I keep having those dreams, I won’t have to worry about getting cold." Vin said with a wicked laugh as he finished dressing and went about cleaning up.

"Chris would laugh his ass off if he knew I kept fantasizing about a ‘wee one’, as Tempest would say." Vin realized he was talking to himself and shut up as his head saddled his horse.

Smiling, Vin mounted his horse and began riding out of the valley, but as he got to the farthest end of the valley he looked back, thinking he had caught a sight of movement out of his eyes. Surveying the area around the tree and the pond and seeing nothing, Vin figured it was just his imagination acting overtime again and rode on.

He never saw the fey woman who watched him leave with a mixture of sorrow, hope, and joy in her eyes. He never saw that look turn to one of out and out joy a few days later when the same woman saw the tiny sprouting of a new oak under the shade of the tree where they had mated. Nor did he see the tears of joy fall from her eyes three months later as Phar felt the first kick from the child their mael-te had created.

And though he would only learn later, that day Phar Movana began to prepare to leave her vale for the first time. Leaving to take her child to be born in the hands of her m’tan.

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