Bedposts, Many Scarves, and Ezra

by Lara Bee

Author's Voice of Warning (aka Author's Note): English is not my first language; it's German. This is the best I can do. Any mistakes you find in here, collect them and you might win a prize. The spell-checker said everything's okay, but you know how trustworthy those thingies are.....

Background: Chris and Ezra are shape shifters, and a bond forms between them. Ezra becomes the last member of Chris' team in law enforcement.

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Chris Larabee had entered his office and sat down at his desk to do some long overdue reports, when something, a flash of unfamiliar color, caught his attention. He skeptically took the soft object and inspected it closely. It turned out to be a long, softly shimmering, dark red silk scarf .

//What the ...?// Chris frowned deeply.

Was this some sort of prank? He reached into his uniform pocket where he had found a matching piece of fabric this morning, only it had been of a bright blue color. Chris shook his head and put the two scarves aside, deciding to think about them later. The reports were definitely the more important matter at the moment.

He was well into his third hour of typing up files when a knock at the door interrupted him.

"Come," he called, glad to have an excuse to stretch his neck. His visitor turned out ot be a teenager wearing the uniform of the Agency's internal delivery service.

"Commander Larabee?" the boy asked, "I have a package for you. Your eyes only."

Chris acknowledged the delivery, signed the pad held out to him, and looked at the large brown envelope with suspicion. He carefully opened it and checked the contents. Something smooth and cool wrapped itself around his fingers as he pulled it out. A silk scarf.

Dark blue this time.

Okay, now he was beyond confused. What the heck was going on? His first thought was Buck. His oldest friend liked to play jokes on the unsuspecting, but they were normally instanteneous. He didn't spin you along. Then there was the fact that Wilmington had a week of leave and was spending it on Bitter Creek with his, supposedly latest, conquest, a small blonde who he claimed was the perfect woman. In Buck's case, every woman was just perfect for him.

Chris sighed, took all the scarves and put them into the envelope. Reports first. He could try and figure out the mystery later. Unfortunately an image wormed itself into his mind. The image of a semi-naked, half-aroused, freshly-showered and nice smelling thief that ... had NOTHING to do with this reports! Alas the feeling the picture roused in him didn't want to go away. After three more attempts to finish his work he finally gave up and thought of a long, hot bath instead ... with some company ... certain company with green eyes, hard muscles and talented fingers.

The moment Chris got near his quarters he knew something was not right. Maybe the long silken object that was neatly draped around the doorknob gave him a hint.

Another scarf.

As he touched it he felt desire wash over him like a wave. Want, longing... and suspicion. There was no such thing as coincidence. So what was this all about?

Opening the door Chris looked around, almost expecting something unusual. He wasn't disappointed. A dark green scarf had been carefully wrapped around a red candle and decorated with a red rose, was placed on his coffee table. Chris felt something dance over the Bond. Not an image this time but a fiery yearning, and he couldn't help but moan at the attack, feeling his blood beginning to stir.


Amusement sparkled over the Bond, combined with an unspoken challenge.

That damn, teasing, cocky thief!

Chris grabbed the silken gifts he had received over the day, storming out of his quarters to where his lover was living. He didn't bother too much with knocking. It helped that the door was unlocked anyway.

<Ezra! I'm here>

<I know> the answer came right away, telling Chris that Ezra had been most likely monitoring his every move. <I'm waiting. Come right in.>

The sight that greeted Larabee as he entered his lover's quarters surprised him. What the hell had the man planned?

The rooms were dark, except for a small, flickering ray of light that was coming from the bedroom.


<I'm here.>

Chris headed toward the bedroom and gasped. Ezra had amazed him in the past, but this was... unusual would be an understatement.

"What the ... where did you get THIS from?"

'This' turned out to be a bed. A very large antique, made of dark oak bed. With four strong looking bedposts. The two at top were connected by a wooden bar. But what made Chris blink with astonishment was Ezra. Sitting on the bed, on silk, champaign-colored sheets, sipping that very same liquor. He was wearing a dark green, silk scarf wrapped around his neck.

And nothing else.

<Ezra! You are in trouble!>

<I know> Chris didn't know his lover could actually purr over the Bond.

Suddenly it hit Chris right between the eyes, not to mention somewhere else.

Bedposts. MANY scarves. And Ezra ...

"Standish," he growled as he slowly took off his uniform, his every movement closely observed by hungry green eyes. "You're in deep, deep trouble." <You said that before.> Ezra chuckled as he pulled at the scarf, letting it glide over his naked, well-muscled chest, slowly and seductively. He laid back into the pillows, waiting, giving Chris a clear and specific image of what he wanted.

Oh hell, Larabee thought, little trickles of desire forming inside him, quickly growing into one massive bolt of lightning. Chris took the other five scarves and let them dance over Ezra's body. The thief drew in a deep breath of anticipation and want, as Chris fingertips followed the silk straps. He chose one and looked at his partner questioningly, silently asking for permission. Chris remembered his own experience with being blindfolded quite well it had been damn good but it had been a little scary, too. Turning over control to his partner, someone he knew inside out, but who he now had to trust with something he had never done before.

He received only trust and love. Ezra was really wanting this! Chris carefully blindfolded him, not without placing featherlike kisses on each eyelid. Ezra inhaled sharply and Chris felt his craving grow. Among other things. His kissed each palm before tying the wrists together, fastening Ezra's hands to the head of the bed. After that he carefully examined the ties, making sure Ezra wouldn't be able to hurt himself.

<I'm fine with this, Chris> the thief assured him.

<You're absolutely sure?>

The answer was quite clear: both images and emotions flashing over the Bond made Chris breathe harder all of a sudden. He looked at the outstretched form of his lover, lying in front of him, all tied up, naked and totally vulnerable, showing his arousal only too clearly, and wondered however Standish was able to put that amount of trust in him. The thought was washed away the next moment. He noticed the cooler beside the bed, filled with ice-cubes, the bottle of champaign placed on top. There were some bottles with different sorts of massage oils, lubes, and some other stuff... Oh, yes, his lover unquestionably had planned this! In detail!

<So let the game begin> he murmured.

<What the hell are you waiting for, Larabee?>

Chris snickered as he remembered something. <Patience, lover. Wait and feel.>

Chris licked and kissed his way from Ezra's earlobe down the neck to the side and then back again. He chose one of the bottles with scented oil, Virginia Tobacco this time, and started a slow teasing massage down Ezra's side.

<Ezra, did I ever tell you I really like your ass?>

<No. Please feel free to do so whenever you like ...Ohhhh ...> The last part, a reaction to Chris' slowly lazy exploration of Ezra's body, was accompanied by some shivers telling Chris exactly where the sensitive spots were.

<I think I might try something new> Chris snickered and started with a tantalizing massage of the soles of Ezra's feet. The effect was extraordinary, as the increasing hum of the Bond and the soft sounds Ezra couldn't hold back showed, and Chris made a mental note to try this more often.

<Where did you get that idea?> Ezra requested, sounding completely astonished.

<Done some reading of my own lately. I have to catch up on you, don't I?>

<Well. Commander, you certainly do ... ohhhhh....>

Chris was slowly working his way up Ezra's legs reaching around the smaller man's hips, enticingly kneading his second favourite part of his lover's anatomy, not without doing some teasing at the cleft, as Ezra spread his legs for him. His hands wandered further up Ezra's sides to his chest, paying special attention to the nipples. Ezra writhed under the touches, arching his back and moaning deeply as Chris repeated his actions, with lips and tongue this time. The increasing hearbeat, the shivers, as well as as the growing emotions of raw lust he was receiving over the Bond, told Chris that Ezra was already close to the peak.

<Think we're in need of some cooling down here ...> Chris chuckled at Ezra's gasps of surprise when he reached into the cooler, grabbed an ice cube and started his way all over again. <I really hope you don't have any other plans for tonight, Ezra, 'cause you'd be late. This'll last a bit.>

<You're vicious ... ohhh GAWD ...>

Both groans, mental and vocal, reached Chris as he took Ezra's hard manhood into his mouth after he had chewed on one of the ice cubes. Ezra's back arched, his moans had turned into sobbing sounds, and he spread his legs wider in a wordless begging. Chris smiled as he realized he wouldn't be able to hold Ezra for much longer, and he himself was almost there as well. Well, he didn't want to turn this into torture. Ezra was tormented enough as it was already. He put on the condom Ezra had readied.

<You should see yourself> he murmured seductively. <Such a beautiful sight>

Ezra groaned loudly.

<Need some lube here, huh?>

<Oh.. yes... please, Chris...>

Chris was just glad that Ezra couldn't see his wicked smile as he reached for the lube he had placed neatly between the ice cubes in the cooler about an hour ago. He decided on teasing Ezra a little further by doing some rimming he had been reading about, stroking Ezra's member real slow in the process. Ezra had started to tremble, pressing his head into the pillow, gasping for air, almost screaming with pleasure at the unfamiliar sensation. That added to Chris's fiery hunger as well and he took the chilly lubricant.

<Chris ... ohhh GAWD ... whatever you do ... those ... don't stop... CHRIS!>

Ezra had stopped thinking coherently, only able to feel desire, smell desire, even breathe desire. All he wanted, needed, craved for at that moment was being taken deeply, completely possessed, with every fibre of his being by the man he shared body, heart and soul with, by the man he loved more than his own live.

He spread his legs further, sending all his yearning, needing, craving over the Bond, pleading with his soul-mate, his lover, to have mercy. All he could do was cry out his fulfilment as his plea was granted and Chris slipped into him, his own desire reflecting back at him, and his slow long thrusts turned into deep ones, sending them both over the edge. Screaming each other's name.

Chris undid the scarves, cleaned them up quickly, and then carefully turned Ezra so he was snuggled up against him. He listened to the panting that sounded almost like sobs. His partner was shivering in his arms and he drew the blanket over them, placing a soft kiss on the sweaty forehead. <Okay?> he asked, a quiet murmur in the warmth of the Bond. He received a wordless answer. Ezra was too exhausted to even form a coherent thought. Chris took it as a compliment. After a while the breathing equaled and Ezra moved his arm to curl around Chris's waist. Green eyes looked up, completely content. Chris placed a light kiss on the inviting lips, smiling.

Addiction, he thought again. Pure and simple.


And who would want to anyway?


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