I Believe

by UnknownAlias

Chris Larabee slowly brought the bottle up to his lips, took a long swig, shook his head slightly and laid the bottle back on the counter of the bar.

"You ok pard?"

Chris turned to see his old time friend Buck Wilminton. Chris turned and repeated his earlier actions, including the slight head shake. Buck moved and sat down on the stool next to the man.

"You still thinking about the bust?" Buck watched as Chris took another long drawl off the bottle. "Or are you thinking about Sara and Adam." Chris turned sharply to his best friend, giving him a hard stare. "Don't look at me like that." Buck said giving the stare back. "You get like this every year at this time. Just once I wished you'd do something different. At least then it might be a little more fun to drag you out of it."

Chris' hard _expression turned to one of amusement. Good ole Buck. Chris decided to play along. "Ain't nothing more fun then a Larabee drunk." He then took another swig draining the bottle.

"Well pard," Buck said. "I think that we've had about enough fun for one day as we can stand." He stood up taking Chris by the arm.

"Come on Buck, I'm not drunk. I've only had two drinks." Buck looked at Chris standing before him. Chris was telling the truth. He wasn't drunk. And it was the anniversary of Sara and Adam's death. Chris wife and son had been killed in a car bomb several years earlier. "Inez?" Buck called the bar owner over.

"Yes Senor?"

"How many he had?" He asked turned to her.

"One, maybe two."

Buck turned back to Chris as the waitress walked away. "OK, Chris what the hell is going on?"

Chris looked at Buck again with a look of confusion. Then his face turned hard and he crossed his arms and looked directly at Buck. "I don't know. You came over and interrupted my drink and asked about the Bust, then you tried to drag me off. It seems to me that your the one that needs to answer that question."

Buck glared at Chris and then shook his head. "Well I figured you'd be over being all broody like you normally are at this time, so I came to talk you out of it but I can see that my helps not needed. So lets sit down and have a drink and you can tell me what gives." Chris smiled and the two sat down gesturing to the waitress for another round of drinks.

Two Oclock in the Afternoon Earlier that day. Location: Local warehouse. Arms deal in progress.

"Sir, I beleive that we agreed that I would be able to see the merchandise now." Eric Stanley AKA Ezra Standish said.

"Well, Mr. Stanley, my dealer suspected some foul play. Rumor has it that a local law enforcement agency might have been able to penetrate his circle of buyers." The gruff looking middle age man said as he stepped forward. "But you wouldn't know anything about that, now would you?" He said placing a gun against Standish's side.

Ezra looked the man square in the eye and said, "Well, sir, if We beleive the confidence has been tampered with I suggest that You try to be a little more dilegent in your efforts to keep this under wraps. I for one know that my men work solely for me and I have known them for years. They are extremely loyal and know that any foul play would not be in their best interest."

Jack Henderson gave a slight laugh and then slipped his gun back into his holster. "Well it seems to me that you are not the man we are looking for." Turning to one of his guards he said, "George bring out the merchandise."

Ezra waited as George brought out the merchandise and set it out before him. Ezra carefully inspected it. "All seems to be in good condition." He said placing it back into the crate. "I beleive that are agreed upon purchase price was 125000." He asked pulling a brief case up from his side and placing it on a nearby crate.

Jack gave a nod and stepped towards the brief case. Ezra opened it up revealing the cash and Jack picked up some of it to affirm it's authenticity. "And I beleive," Ezra said as the man looked up to him, "That your agreed upon bail will be far more then that." With that, Ezra held his gun up to the man. "Your under arrest."

"ATF FREEZE!" The shout rang all over the building as the rest of team seven and a few other teams busted in guns in hand and began arresting men.

Jack took the opportunity of their slight distraction to swing at Ezra and run. "Why do they never do this the easy way?" Ezra asked himself as he pushed himself up from the ground and went running after the man.

Meanwhile Chris whom had been one of Ezra's men along with Josaih, started there own hand to hand combat with other forerunners of the gang. The fighting was intense, the men were skilled in Karate, and Chris fought to keep an eye on his fellow undercover agent.

Around the building most of the men had given up fairly easy, but for some reason Josiah, Chris and Ezra, who was still chasing his, were having a bit of trouble. Chris finally seizing a chance when Josiah finally got his man in cuffs and gave him a hand. Handing their cuffed prisoners off to the local law enforcement. Chris turned to Josian and said, let's go find Ezra." Josiah nodded and the two took off up the stairs the same way their agent had left earlier.

Ezra in hot pursuit of Jack, a middle aged fat man, who actually had a great deal of stamina, for someone whom seemed to be out of shape, was beginning to tire. It was a complete game of cat and mouse with Jack running in and out of rooms on the upper floor of the building. If Ezra wasn't the one chasing him he would have laughed. Neither had guns. Ezra had dropped his when Jack shoved him, he'd been unable to carry his extra piece on this assignment, and Jack hadn't pulled a gun out yet, so Ezra presumed the man propably didn't have one.

Ezra finally got wise and made his way to a nearby room that Jack had entered. Praying that he had the right exit, sense all the rooms of the warehouse were connected it was a giant maze and the man had the choice of three exits and he waited.

After a few minutes, Ezra got his prayer answered and he tackled the older gentlemen. "I beleive I told you, you were under arrest."

Jack swung, nailing Ezra in the ribs with his elbow. The man rolled out from underneath him and pulled a gun from an ankle holster, pointing it directly at his foe. "I was really hoping to not have to do this, you seemed to have such great promise."

A noise came from behind him, startling the gun dealer, and causing him to turn his gun at the new development. Ezra seized the opportunity to jump up and take the man down, but the man had pulled the trigger automatically, leaving Chris standing directly in the path of the on coming bullet.

Chris watched as the bullet came towards him. It seemed to be in slow motion.


A force coming from out of nowhere pushed him hard from harms way, but right into the wall. His body slammed hard into it. His head preparing to make impact, but then stopped as though it were grabbed and gently guided towards the wall, hitting it with a small thud. A warm sensation crossed his neck below his ear as though someone placed a soft kiss on him.

The action stopping he turned his head slowly and swore he felt someone touch his arm in a soft gentle manner and whisper the words, "I love you Chris. Today is not your day, but Adam and I waiting on you."

A few seconds later, Josiah ran up behind him. "You ok?" In a daze, Chris lay there staring blankly. "Nathan! Nathan! Chris needs you!"

Buck stared at his friend. More like his brother. He just stared mouth opened in shock. Chris took a drink and watched his friend. Buck jerked himself back to reality. "Chris, I don't want to be the bearer of bad news, but are you sure you didn't have a concusion or something?"

"Nope." Chris said with certainty. "Thought it myself, but Nathan checked me over. Said he didn't know how I was so lucky, but I barely hit my head at all. He said there was absolutely no sign of head injury."

"Really?" Buck asked in awe. "This isn't some joke?" Chris gave his friend a look that said 'would I do that to you'. "Wow, Chris, do you know what this means?"

"Yea, that Adam and Sara are still a part of me."

Buck shook his head, "Chris they have always been a part of you."

"Yes, but now I beleive."

I Believe
Skip Ewing/Donny Kees sung by Diamond Rio

Every now and then soft as breath upon my skin
I feel you come back again
And it's like you haven't been gone a moment from my side
Like the tears were never cried
Like the hands of time are holding you and me
And with all my heart I'm sure we're closer than we ever were
I don't have to hear or see, I've got all the proof I need
There are more than angels watching over me
I believe, I believe

That when you die your life goes on
It doesn't end here when you're gone
Every soul is filled with light
It never ends and if I'm right
Our love can even reach across eternity
I believe, I believe

Forever, you're a part of me
Forever, in the heart of me
And I'll hold you even longer if I can
The people who don't see the most
Say that I believe in ghosts
And if that makes me crazy, then I am
`Cause I believe

There are more than angels watching over me
I believe, I believe


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