Prime Mover

by Lara Bee

Author's Voice of Warning (aka Author's Note): English is not my first language; it's German. This is the best I can do. Any mistakes you find in here, collect them and you might win a prize. The spell-checker said everything's okay, but you know how trustworthy those thingies are.....

Background: Chris and Ezra are shape shifters, and a bond forms between them. Ezra becomes the last member of Chris' team in law enforcement.

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Buck looked around the semi-darkness of the bar and asked himself for the nth time today what the hell he had been thinking coming here about an hour ago. He was working on his third beer and had refused at least three unambiguous offers.

//So much for animal magnetism, Wilmington.//

He had just decided to finish his beer and get the hell out of here, when a hand falling on his shoulder made him jump and almost choke on his drink.

"Hey, Buck. What are you doing here?"

The voice and the soft drawl were familiar. As was the man who slid into the seat beside him.

Buck swore inwardly as he recognized him. //What the ... ?//


Vin Tanner, his friend and colleague on board the Chimera.

Who had just discovered him here. What could be more embarrassing than being caught in a gay bar on the wrong side of the tracks in the middle of the night?

//Wait a minute ... //


"The one and only."

Vin took a sip of his own beer and Buck tried to get his whirling thoughts under control when he noticed something. Vin was watching him intently, slouched back into the seat, eyes half closed. And the look in those eyes was awkward.

"Been watching you since the moment you arrived. Well, what ARE you doing her, Bucklin? Curious?"

Buck tried his best to find the words when Vin all of a sudden leaned forward. Buck stiffened as he was kissed, gently at first, then more thoroughly, and was even more shocked when he found himself relaxing and reacting, both to the kiss and the fingertips that were slowly and gently gliding over his thighs and groin, applying only a little pressure onto his hardening member.

Vin broke the kiss and leaned back into the chair, while Buck gasped for breath and looked at his friend with utter disbelief.

"Yep, " Vin chuckled and took another sip, "definitely curious."

Buck shook his head and did his best to hide his confusion by taking another drink. "Vin? I never ... I mean, I didn't know... "

"That I like men? You weren't supposed to."

Buck cleared his throat, glad that his body had decided to run on a normal level again. Unfortunately he chose this moment to glance at Vin once more. The look his friend gave him made his mind swim and his body hot especially a certain part of it. It reminded him of the looks he had seen Chris give Ezra once in a while when he thought nobody would notice. Thank goodness nobody but himself actually did. And now Vin of all people was looking at him the same way. And HE was reacting to this look the same way. Buck felt his mouth and throat go dry and he quickly swallowed the last of his beer.

"You know," Vin muttered "there's nothing better than a friend you know and trust for the first experience."

Buck blinked at that in surprise. Had that just been ... "An offer?"

Vin gave him his typical lop-sided grin, leaned over again and placed one hand gently on Buck's thigh. "Yes," he whispered.

Ah hell.....

Buck almost stumbled into his quarters, thankful for some strong arms to hold him upright. He wasn't actually drunk, but he had had enough to make his head swim a little.

"You okay?" Vin asked, and Buck knew that he meant more with the question than one would think of.

"Yeah," he murmured, not quite sure if he that was the truth.

Vin closed the door behind them, led Buck to his bedroom and stripped him out off his jacket. He threw his own over the chair and stretched lazily, shooting a short glance at Buck who sat down on the bed. Wilmington couldn't help it, he had to watch every move the other man made. Not that he had never seen him move with the sort of a cat-like grace only he seemed to possess. But he seemed to REALLY notice it for the first time.

"Comfy with this?" Vin wanted to know. "You know, you can back out any time."

"I know," Buck croaked, not so sure if this wouldn't be the better idea. "But I don't intend to."

Vin sat down at his side. "Don't push it, Bucklin. Are you really comfortable with the image of another man kissing you, touching you ... ?"

"Another man? I don't know. You? Yes."

Vin smiled at him, and Buck saw the same fire starting in his eyes that he had seen in the bar. "As I said, you can back out at any time. But I'd rather you don't."

Before Buck could utter a single response, Vin leaned toward him, starting a thorough exploration of his lips, while his hands were doing some walking around his mid-section on their own. Buck moaned in response as Vin's hand slid under his waistband into the pants and began to stroke in a gentle and tantalizing rhythm.

He sank back into the pillows, pulling Vin with him. His hips bucked involuntarily against Vin's hand. Vin broke the kiss and let his hand wander upwards, unbuttoning Buck's shirt in the process, caressing each inch of exposed skin. As he bent over into another kiss, Buck felt skin against skin and noticed that somewhere along the line, Vin had undressed himself. He had seen his friend in several states of undress before, but he had never noticed ... //Lots of things, Wilmington.//

Vin took his hand and placed it on his chest. "One thing to be touched, another to touch yourself," he murmured as he started to lick and kiss Buck's neck.

"Yeah," was the only thing Buck could reply as he carefully caressed Vin's skin, taking in every single sensation.

His thinking process was abruptly interrupted as Vin gave him a feral look and worked himself down south, peeling away Buck's pants and started to show Buck, what a man's mouth and fingers were capable of.

"Oh gawd ... "

Something woke Buck. He carefully cracked one eye open, rolled onto his back and tried to figure out what this something was. Memory set in and he covered his eyes with his arm, moaning at the images that filled his mind.

//Oh boy ... //

Then he realized two things: first, he was alone in his bed and his bedroom. Second, it had been the smell that had woken him up. Coffee.

"Mornin', sleeping beauty."

The soft husky voice of his yep, lover would be the right term Vin Tanner made him stir. Vin strolled into the room, hair wet and tousled, only dressed in his pants, and reached for his shirt that still lay on the floor. Buck blinked at the sight of the muscular chest and back, noticed the smooth movement, and the images returned. Images of the same man, laying on his bed, moaning with pleasure, the blue eyes clouded with passion, fists clenching into the sheets at the moment of completion, and he had a slight idea of how he himself must have looked and acted, because he remembered at least how he had FELT.

"Why are you still here?"

"You'd rather I'm not?"

"No... no, I didn't want it to sound like that. I'm glad you still are. But ... somehow I expected you to be gone in the morning."

"Nope." Vin sat down at his side and placed a light kiss on his lips, then rose again and closed the buttons on his shirt. "Guess we have something to talk about, don't you think? Now, rise and shine. I made breakfast and I don't like it cold. But Buck, " he waved a finger at him, "don't expect that to become a habit."

"There are still a lot of things you don't know about male lovemaking. If I'm not entirely wrong, I dare say you liked it yesterday. That doesn't necessarily mean you want to repeat the experience." Vin looked him straight in the eyes, a serious expression in the blue depths.

"What if I do?" Buck asked, holding his breath.

"Then I would like to be the one you repeat it with, Buck. I know you're not fallin' for me, and I'm not either, but I really like you. Hell, I wanted you from the first moment you walked in here with that sparkle in your eyes and that dare-and-try-me-smile of yours. AND I kinda like your attitude."

Buck blinked. Whoa. Vin had lusted after him? "You never tried anything."

Tanner laughed. "Why should I? You weren't exactly in for it. 'Sides, I don't run around waving neon signs about who or what I am."

That made him grin. "You let me know," Buck then stated.

"I trust you, Buck. Guess you have lotsa things to ponder right now, so I'll better leave you to your thoughts."

Vin rose.


He stopped. "Yeah?"

"You're right."

"I know. Which part exactly?"

Buck took all his courage together. "I like to repeat it. With you. Does that make us ... ?"

"A couple? No. Real good friends? Yes." There was a smile in Vin's eyes that made Buck feel warm all over.

"And the others?"

"They don't have to know. As I said, I don't run around with neon signs."

"Does that include Chris?"

Chris and Ezra were about the only two people Buck could imagine talking to about this topic. It felt safe with them.

"Kinda. Never told him."

"Would you like to - keep it that way?"

Vin was silent for a moment, then he said, "I don't care about Chris and Ezra knowing, but I'd prefer the rest of the crew to remain unsuspecting."

That was just fine with Buck.

Buck snuggled deeper into Vin's embrace. Though they were not lovers in the true meaning of the word, Buck felt absolutely close to Vin. One might think that Vin had taken advantage of him, of his momentary weakness a few weeks before, but Buck didn't think so. On the contrary. He was glad that Vin had almost dragged him out of that bar, because that day he hadn't really thought straight, and he could very well have done worse. Much worse.

Vin had made him an offer that at first had left Buck stunned and shocked, but he had to admit he somehow had asked for it. AND that he felt completely comfortable with what they had now. Vin's warm, caring presence after hours of lovemaking, a little pillow talk once in a while, was all he needed right now. Lovemaking ... something Vin had said weeks ago and Buck had read about popped up in his mind again.

"Something wrong?" Vin asked lazily as Buck stirred in his arms.

"Not wrong. Vin?"


"There's something I want to ask."

"Go ahead."

Buck cleared his throat, not sure how to approach this without sounding really stupid. "There's something you said ... about me having to learn lot about male love ... and I read a little..."

"And now you want to know what's so special about it?" Vin asked, a smile in his voice.

"Something like that, yes. Can you ..."

Vin had risen on one elbow, the other hand running slow lazy circles over Buck's chest. "No. "


"I mean I can't actually TELL you. I can ... show you if you wish."

He saw the sudden discomfort on Buck's face and placed a short reassuring kiss on his lips.

"Don't worry, not what you think. You're not ready for that yet. "

Buck saw the question in Vin's eyes and nodded. "Show me."

Vin gave him the lop-sided grin Buck had come to see in a far different light in the past few weeks and turned around, pulling something out of the pocket of his discarded pants.

"What's that?"

"Shhh. Trust me."

He slid down Buck's body, caressing and stroking the skin in the process, nibbling and placing lazy kisses here and there.

"Spread your legs, will you?"

Buck recognized the way Vin was talking to him now. It was the same way he had spoken to Ezra a few months ago, when his friend had not beent himself and had needed to calm down. Soft, reassuring, calming. Buck obeyed, wondering what was to come next.

He felt Vin's hands softly stroking his thighs and caressing his balls, like he had done many times before. But this time Vin's hand glided behind the balls down the cleft. Buck hissed as the slick finger reached its destination.

"Relax," Vin commanded softly. "I'd never hurt you."

"I'll do my very best," Buck murmured and tried to fight the reflex to tight the muscle against the careful intruder. Vin took his time, didn't push, just waited, but finally Buck could feel the finger inside him.

"How does it feel?"

"Strange. I mean, it's not that ... HOLY CRAP..."

Buck had never felt something like this. Vin's finger continued to caress that special spot inside of him, and Buck couldn't help it. His back arched against it, he felt his member harden within what appeared to be a mere second and he had the feeling to desperately hold onto something to not simply float against the ceiling. He grabbed the sheets and moaned deep in his throat as Vin started to pay special attention to his arousal.

Five minutes later he lay panting and exhausted in Vin's arms once again.

"Gawd, Vin, what the HELL have you done there? That was ... great."

Tanner chuckled. "Just great? From your reaction I'd say it was the best you ever had."

"Wise guy. Yeah, it was. So, what did you do?"

"Prostate gland. Just a little stimulation there and up you go."

"You can say that again."

"Now, imagine this to be something else than just one finger. That's one of the very special things in male lovemaking. Now you got a deeper insight."


Buck frowned at the heated look he received from Vin as he placed a report disc on his desk.

"Archive, fifteen minutes," he just whispered. Then he left and Buck shook his head in puzzlement, wondering whatever Vin would have in mind.

"Only one way to find out," he shrugged as he looked at his watch.

Buck opened the door and reached for the lights when his wrist was held back in a firm grip, the door closed and Buck heard the obvious sound of a door being locked. Before he could react a hand was placed over his mouth.

"Shh, it's me, Vin."

Buck relaxed and found the hand replaced by a very talented and demanding mouth and tongue, taking his lips in a passionate kiss. Vin broke the kiss and left him panting for air as he withdrew a little. Buck couldn't actually see Vin, could only listen to the sounds his lover made. And it definitely sounded and felt - like his pants being unzipped.

"Vin, what..."


Vin was back, his whole body pressing against his own, forcing Buck to lean back against the wall. Again his tongue demanded entrance into his mouth, his hands wandering over his body and into his pants, starting a well known but still enticing massage. Vin took Buck's hand and placed it over the bulge in his own pants, moaning softly in his throat. Buck couldn't resist this attack of the erotic kind for long -- Vin knew his reactions too well by now -- and he gave in, pulling Vin closer as his lover shuddered in completion and almost slid down the wall when he released himself under Vin's hand, silencing his groan in Vin's neck. Then he DID slide down the wall.

Vin cleaned him up quickly and gave him a short kiss, before he unlocked the door and was gone the very next moment while Buck was still trying to regain his breath.

He closed his eyes and leaned his head back against the wall as something very slowly dawned in him, something he had not wanted to see until now it had all but bitten him in the nose. It was great with Vin. He enjoyed being with Vin. Hell, he hadn't even looked at a woman for several months now, ever since he had made up his mind about being with another man. No, not just another man, Vin. That seemed to be a very important part now.

But there was something in Vin's touch ... and in his eyes... that he had seen before, felt before, and that he dearly hoped never to see again. Something that had been frozen into ice a long time ago.

Buck clenched his fist as he realized WHAT he had seen there. And he gasped at the icy hand that seemed to shred his heart in pieces at the very thought.

//Oh no. Not you too, Vin!//

Buck stumbled to his feet and left the room, knowing very clearly now what he wanted to do.

The moment Buck closed the door of his quarters behind them, Vin turned around and took him in a fierce embrace, kissing him hungrily. Buck reacted to the kiss, returned it, but after a while he withdrew and took Vin's wandering hands by the wrists.


Vin frowned at that and wondered if he had read something wrong in the way Buck had looked at him all day, and the way he had just responded to his kiss. Well, maybe Buck had made up his mind about tonight. Vin stepped back, expecting Buck to let him go, but instead the grip on his wrists tightened, holding him back.

"I didn't mean 'no' as in 'not at all', Vin."

Buck smiled. His hold on Vin's wrists changed as he slowly caressed the other man's palms and wrists, leaving a fiery, tickling trace. Vin gasped in surprise at this unexpected expression of tenderness and the sensation a small touch like this awoke in him.

"What do you have in mind, Buck?" he all but whispered.

"Tonight's my turn, Vin. You showed me what you know, what you like, tonight I will return the favor. Will you hand over the reigns?"

Vin could only nod as he looked into Buck's eyes, shivering at something that he saw in there, something beyond desire and lust.

"Good." Buck smiled again as he kissed him lightly. "Tub's ready."


"Yeah. I like my lovers clean and relaxed, don't you?"

Vin chuckled at the twinkle he received from Buck as he led him towards the bathroom.

With a sigh Vin let himself glide into the warm water. Buck had pushed his hands aside and carefully worked himself out of the uniform jacket, shirt and pants, gently stroking the skin of Vin's chest and back, but he hadn't allowed him to touch him in return.

"My turn, my rules, Vin."

Vin had to admit this idea had something to it.

"Lean forward," Buck whispered into his ears as he slid into the tub behind him. Vin closed his eyes as Buck pulled him back and he relaxed against his lover's broad chest, feeling both the heat of the water and of the body behind him. Arms encircled him, tender hands started an exploring course over his slick skin, and a hot breath at his neck made him shiver as Buck nibbled and kissed his way from one ear to another. He wanted to turn around but Buck stopped him.

"Shhh... tonight you're on the receiving end. Just relax and enjoy..."

"Buck ... " Vin moaned as his lover started another attack of the tempting kind, but left a certain part of his anatomy without further attention.

"Shhh, lover ... just trust me ... enjoy "

Vin moaned in both frustration and anticipation and decided to do just that.

When the water started to cool off, Buck helped Vin out of the tub, wrapped a warm soft towel around him, not without placing light kisses on his shoulders, and led them over to the bedroom.

Vin's eyes widened in surprise at the way the bedroom presented itself. Buck had placed candles everywhere that lit the room in a warm, soft glow. Vin suspected the candles had to be perfumed because an interesting scent of wood and moss and something else greeted him. Buck smiled at his astonishment and reached for something standing next to the bed. He placed a glass in Vin's hand and as he sniffed at the amber liquid, he realized it was his favorite liquor, one he wasn't able to afford too often himself.

"How did you know?" he asked as he sat on the bed, taking a sip of the exquisite drink and closing his eyes at the smoothness with which it ran down his throat, as well as the warm glow it roused inside him.

"I remember you mentioned it once." Buck leaned back against the head of the bed and took a sip of his own.

Vin opened his eyes and watched Buck as he sat there, in the light of the candles and totally relaxed, as he enjoyed his own drink.

"Buck, you know you don't have to - actually seduce me here."

Buck's head snapped around at that. He took the glass out of Vin's hand in a fluid motion that held a sudden flash of anger and placed it on the table beside the bed. He cupped Vin's face with his hands and gave him a slow gentle kiss.

"I know I don't HAVE to, Vin. But ... I want to. You deserve it."

Before Vin could reply to that Buck grabbed the towel and started his exploration again. Hands, tongue, fingers gliding, caressing, massaging here and there, paying special attention to the spots he had learned to be especially sensitive. He even produced a massage oil that held a similar scent as the candles, and worked himself over Vin's body in a way Vin hadn't experienced before, until he was nothing more than a whimpering begging bundle of burning desire.

Buck slid behind Vin and carefully inserted slick fingers inside Vin, knowing by now how it felt to be caressed in such a way, and was rewarded with a buck of his lover's hips and a harsh, almost sobbing moan. Vin turned around halfway, his blue eyes almost black with need and grabbed Buck's head for a passionate kiss, moaning and whimpering deep in his throat.

"Oh gawd ... Buck .. I really would ... like to .. feel you... "

Vin didn't even realize he had said it out loud. All he knew at this moment was that he wanted, needed, longed for something, that he was being held at the edge by his lover and that Buck had to DO something...

"...please ... "

Buck sucked at his neck and stroked his inner thighs, and Vin spread his legs even further when he noticed Buck had withdrawn his fingers and had started to stroke his hard manhood. Vin felt a little disappointed about the suddenly missing stimulation when he felt something had replaced Buck's fingers and thrust into him, stroking the special spot and turning his spine into molten lava. The next moment Vin stopped thinking at all as he cried out Buck's name in a passionate eruption.

The next thing his mind was able to realize, as he still panted for air, was the soft towel Buck carefully cleaned him up with, and the strong arms that were gently wrapped around his waist as Buck snuggled up behind him. Buck's mustache tingled at his neck when he placed some light kisses on his lover.

"Buck? Did you just do what I think you did?"



"Should've told me," Buck murmured.


"How it is."

"How is it?" Vin couldn't help ask.

"The most interesting experience I ever had."

For me too, Vin thought but didn't say it out loud. He reached up for Buck's hand and entwined his fingers with his lover's for the first time, his mind realizing only halfway what he was doing before he went into sleep. That he felt comfortable and secure in Buck's caring embrace, that it felt like nothing he had had before. And that it felt right.

Vin slowly woke up, realizing the warmth at his back, the steadiness of another heartbeat and a warm breath against his neck. Buck. He sighed with contentment and stirred a little in the gentle embrace of his lover, his finger's still intertwined with Buck's. Somewhere in his sleepy mind the events of the other night popped up.

"Mornin', love," a sluggish voice greeted him from behind as Buck stirred and drew him closer absentmindedly.



Vin turned around in Buck's arms to look at him straight. "Why?"

"Why what?"

"I remember ... why did you do it?"

"I thought you would be ready for it."

"Me?!" he exclaimed.

Buck chuckled. "Yep."


More chuckling. "Yep.

"Don't you think ... I mean ..."

"That you hold the teaching part? Yeah. But I noticed something."


"You taught me a lot about male lovemaking, but somehow ... the way you acted with me reminded me of something."

Vin wasn't so sure he wanted to know what this something was. A look into Buck's eyes told him that his lover was absolutely honest; open concern and something else, something he thought he had seen there yesterday, something he had never seen in Buck before, was shining at him. So he decided to listen silently, waiting what Buck wanted to say.

Buck silently stroked his back when he began. "When I was twenty-one, I met a girl. Lovely little thing, huge blue eyes, and the blackest hair you've ever seen. Her name was Chloe, and I fell for her, hard. She was a little younger than me, but I didn't care, I just wanted to be with her, spend time with her and make her happy. After our first date she invited me up. Well, the rest is history. But I remember the way she looked at me that night. I couldn't make sense of it for a long time, but now I know."

Vin waited for Buck to continue but he didn't. "What was it?"

"Disappointment, Vin. Because I acted the way she expected me to."

Vin frowned. "Where's the point?"

Buck looked at him with a dead serious expression. "Tell me, Vin, have you ever been in a steady relationship? "

"I don't ..."

"HAVE you, Vin?!"


"That's what I thought."


"Neither had Chloe. And from what I've heard she never got married or found the right person to love."

"Bu-uck. What IS your point?" Vin demanded, exasperated.

"See, when I was with Chloe I was too young and too horny, to be precise - to notice, but for Chloe being with a man, ANY man, it was just plain and simple fucking. Sure, I enjoyed it back then, and in an odd way I think she did as well, but there was no tenderness in her touch, no compassion, no affection. She just didn't know how."

"And what has that to do with me?"

"You are much like Chloe."

Vin was stunned. "What is THAT supposed to mean?"

Buck sighed. "Vin, a few years ago I happened to meet Chloe again. And I saw a lonesome, harsh and bitter woman. And goddamnit, you mean too much to me. I don't want you to become like that."

Vin felt like someone had just dropped a bowl of ice water over him, washing away the warm and content feeling he had woken up with, replacing it with something cold and hard, as the words he had just heard repeated themselves over and over again in his mind.

//... no compassion ... no tenderness ... harsh and bitter...//

He freed himself from Buck's embrace, took his clothes, ignoring the puzzled look his lover gave him, and slid into his pants and shirt. He grabbed his jacket and headed toward the door, swallowing hard and hesitating for a split second as Buck called his name.

Buck saw Vin's face pale, felt his body stiffen in his arms and he blinked in surprise. As Vin jerked up and grabbed his clothes, it dawned to him that he had said something wrong, had hurt the man where it probably hurt him the most.

"Vin, wait. Vin..."

But Vin didn't bother to react, and the next thing Buck heard was the sound of a door slamming shut from the outside. And the feeling of something breaking inside of him, as something he didn't know he needed suddenly left his life. Or someone, to be precise.

He buried his face into his hands as the image of the way Vin had looked at him popped up again.

//You've done a nice job here, Wilmington. Real great. Now what?//


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