by Lara Bee

Author's Voice of Warning (aka Author's Note): English is not my first language; it's German. This is the best I can do. Any mistakes you find in here, collect them and you might win a prize. The spell-checker said everything's okay, but you know how trustworthy those thingies are.....

Background: Chris and Ezra are shape shifters, and a bond forms between them. Ezra becomes the last member of Chris' team in law enforcement.

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"Do you trust me?"

The question took Chris by surprise. They had snuggled on the bed together, and he had known Ezra was thinking about something, was maybe up to something. But he hadn't expected this. He looked at Ezra, his lover, the man he was currently holding in his arms, in total surprise. Hazel eyes met green ones, and Chris knew that Ezra was serious about this.

"Of course I trust you. With my life, you know that."

Ezra smiled faintly and pushed himself up on one elbow after he had given Chris a short kiss. Chris frowned at the unease he could feel flashing over the Bond all of a sudden.

"I know that. But I don't mean in the field. I mean here." He made a little gesture that encompassed the bedroom.

Suddenly Chris understood. "What do you have in mind?" he asked warily.

"Well, I know you don't like to hand over the reigns, so ... I would like to try something, but that means you have to trust me." The green eyes flickered away from Chris's gaze, unsure.

//You don't like to hand over the reigns.//

The words echoed in Chris's mind, as he suddenly realized what they meant. Control. Was he a control freak, even in BED? He had never seen it like that. Both were equals, he never demanded any more of Ezra than his partner was ready and willing to give.

"What do you have in mind?" he asked again, knowing that Ezra would sense his discomfort over the Bond.

Ezra took something out of his pocket. Chris eyebrows rose in surprise as he recognized the object: it was the green silk scarf he had given Ezra to his birthday.

"Yes?" He still had no idea what this was about.

Ezra just smirked and a brief image came over the Bond, an image that made Chris gasp in disbelief.

"You want WHAT?"

"Isn't that quite obvious?"

"You want to blindfold me?"

Ezra just nodded. "I won't do anything that you don't like, Chris, you know that. And it's not that I ask you to be cuffed to the bedposts."

"Maybe because we don't have bedposts?"

Unfortunately that remark had the effect of raising an image in Chris mind; bedposts, MANY silk scarves, and Ezra ... He felt a brief twitch of arousal race through him, then reality came back. From the grin on his lover's face, Ezra had picked up at least part of his train of thought. Still, the idea of being blind, unable to see what the man would do left his throat dry.

//The man? Larabee, you're one hell of an idiot. The MAN you're thinking about is Ezra, the man you love. You trust him with your life, your heart and soul, but not with your body?//

But he trusted Ezra. Completely. No buts, no reserves, no doubts.

"All right, Ezra, do it."

"You're sure?"

Chris just looked at him, secure in the knowledge he was safe, and Ezra smiled back. He placed a soft kiss on his lips, then gently wrapped the scarf around Chris's head. Larabee leaned back into the pillows, a little curious now what Ezra was about to do.

And obviously Ezra HAD something planned. Chris felt a lone finger very gently caressing his lips, almost not touching them, and the tingle this caused was something Chris had never felt before with such an intensity. He took on a sharp breath.

"You have very sensual lips, have I ever told you that?" The simple question was soft, sexual, and stirred something inside Chris he had no control over.

"Hm-hm," was all Chris could get out.

He felt his longing rise and somehow the fact that he wasn't able to see, or to foresee Ezra's actions, added to the thrill. Ezra replaced the finger with his lips, brushing them over Chris's in a butterfly like touch, carefully letting his tongue play with his lover's mouth. Chris moaned and reached out to take Ezra in a tight embrace, but the younger man just took his arms and placed them back on the pillows, at the side of Chris's head.

"Not yet, lover. Have patience," he murmured.

Chris felt Ezra's hands move smoothly over his body, starting at the chest and moving slowly down south. Suddenly he felt the mattress shift as Ezra changed position and sat down over Chris's thighs, holding him down with his weight. Chris moaned again as Ezra attacked his shirt real slowly, unbuttoning it, stopping after each button to place light kisses and nips on the exposed flesh. The touch of his lover's fingertips, only slowly caressing his bare chest and stomach, made Chris definitely want more.

Chris heartbeat was increasing with every passing minute and he was panting heavily by now, amazed at the fact that a little touch like this, a touch he was accustomed to yet would never get enough of, was able to light up such an immense fire of need, want and desire in him. Ezra took off Chris's shirt, not without further teasing his arms and chest with fingertips and tongue in the process. The feelings he was transferring over the Bond drew a clear picture for Chris.

"Ezra..." he sighed, "you're enjoying this."

"Immensely, sir," the thief whispered roughly into his ear. "And so do you."

Oh yes, he did. He squirmed as Ezra attacked one nipple, stifling a gasp as the bud was suckled. He couldn't keep from making a noise of disappointment as his partner let up and proceeded to undress him. Larabee could do nothing but wait, not having the slightest idea what would come next. While the Bond transmitted the erotic thoughts and painted a clear picture of desire, it was shielded when it came to what Ezra was up to. Ezra sent calmness, love and trust over the Bond, reassuring Chris that he would never ever do anything that would hurt him, and that he would stop the very second Chris would demand it.

"Turn over," he whispered, tenderly nibbling on his outer ear. It was a soft, sensual command, stirring a fire inside Chris that the commander hadn't known before.

"Ezra... what...?"

"As I said, patience. Wait and feel."

More warmth touched him, reassured him that he didn't have to be afraid. Chris wasn't afraid; he was slightly apprehensive. Not seeing what was about to happen was arousing, but it also raised mild panic. He was used to being in control, as an Agent and in his private life.

<Trust me>

Lips caressed his throat, a tongue tracing over his skin. Chris had to give in and turned onto his stomach, resting his forehead on his arms. Ezra shifted slightly and Chris smelled a strange but interesting scent.

"What is this, Ezra?"

The answer was given quite clearly as Ezra's slick hands were gliding over Chris's shoulders and upper arms without hurry.

"Massage oil."

"What is that scent?"

"You like it?"

"Hmmm. And I definitely like what you're doing with it." He caught his breath as the slender, talented fingers dug into a patch of too tight muscles. A groan escaped him.

"It's cedar wood," Ezra said, leaning forward so his mouth was next to Chris's ear.

Chris almost sank in the mattress as Ezra continued his massage in a strange mixture of teasing and comforting, one by one easing the tension in the back muscles, as he worked himself down Chris's back.

That was until something ice cold slithered down his back. Chris yelped in surprise, his head coming up, and he tried to twist around. Ezra's weight on his thighs and the sudden grip on his wrists kept him on the bed.

"Shhhh," he soothed him.

"Ezra! What is that?" he demanded, breathing hard.

Another cold drop touched his back and he shivered, twisting again, but not as violently as before. The cold fluid was replaced with something hot and wet, Ezra's tongue and lips. The combination was almost overwhelming.

"Ice cube," Ezra murmured, licking and sucking a blazing path over his back.

"ICE cube? Where did you get that idea?"

Chris was squirming now, the torture of hot and cold almost too much. He felt ready to blow a fuse.

"Done some reading lately," was the throaty answer.

Another drop, then again the heat. Chris gasped soundlessly. "You don't say," he managed, voice thick. "Ezra, I'm getting some serious problems here."

"You don't say," Ezra simply replied as he moved, his hands running over Chris's side and inner thighs, teasing and tickling, snickering at the sighs his lover gave him.

Rational thought left him as those talented fingers expertly manipulated his muscles. He knew he was close to begging for it, but Chris bit his lower lip, refusing to give in just yet. Finally Ezra allowed Chris to turn around, but was still was holding him down by sitting on his thighs once more. He poured some more of the scented oil on his lover's chest, rubbing it gently into the sensitized skin. Somewhere along the line Chris noticed the roughness of Ezra's pants and shirt against his skin and realized with surprise that the thief was still completely dressed. But what surprised him even more, and turned him on he had to admit, was how erotic the feeling of the fabric against skin was for him. Nevertheless, there was something he would liked to feel much more.

"Ezra, don't you think you're a little overdressed here?" he groaned as Standish moved and the clothes rubbed over his thigh.

"Patience, Chris." Ezra shifted a little and Chris knew he was up to something. He had sent his emotions over the Bond without holding anything back, and he had come so far to think that this idea wasn't that bad after all.

The burning sensation of icy drops running down his chest and stomach, immediately followed by a luscious mouth, licking and nibbling its way down south made Chris forget anything he was thinking about. Anything but Ezra and the deep longing he was rousing in him, if that could ever be possible. He had to dig his hands into the mattress more than once, feeling muscles twitch and he fought against the overwhelming sensation. Ezra spared the region Chris wanted his touch the most, and he growled deep in his throat. Larabee had to clench his fists tightly, otherwise he would take his lover right here and now, experiment be damned. Patience ...

He knew he sent his want and need, his own fiery desire, over the Bond because he felt the reflection that came back from Ezra. And his lover was really enjoying this. Suddenly the weight on his thighs was gone, making him gasp. He turned his head toward the sound of rustling clothes imagining Ezra taking off his shirt and pants oh so slowly. Chris knew exactly how his lover looked when he was undressing in that way, and he could almost see the mischievous look on his face. The image alone made him shiver in anticipation, and he had to fight hard not to reach out and grab the 'object' of his desire. The weight came back, skin against skin, and Chris wished for his eyes, but he held back.

When one icy drop landed in his groin Chris's hips bucked involuntarily, but were gently held down by Ezra's weight. He cried out hoarsely, almost sure he was punching holes into the mattress. The gambler ran a playful finger along Chris's cock and he hissed at the fire this simple touch aroused in him. He was panting heavily now, his heart thundering in his chest. He couldn't take much more of this!

"Ezra ... whatever you have planned ... do it ... please..."

He almost couldn't believe that it was him he heard. Commander Chris Larabee, tough as nails, strong and stubborn, never-give-in-Larabee, reduced to moaning and begging for mercy by a ... thank goodness!

Ezra chuckled, sending amusement, a little surprise and his hot desire over the Bond, which only added to his own. Chris wondered how something harmless like a simple silk scarf could change simple touches so drastically, but he stopped thinking coherently the very next second, as Ezra slipped down, following his plea with hand fingers and tongue.

His hands wandered down Chris legs and... Chris gasped both in surprise and pleasure at the unexpected movement of the oil-covered finger. Oh gawd... oh my gawd.....

"Relax...." A husky voice soothed him, the finger running gently down the cleft, evoking feelings and reactions Chris had never felt before. Never.

"Ezra," he managed, voice hoarse and shaky. "What are you doing there?!"

"Feels good?"

"Yeah... oh..." Chris moaned and sighed at the same time, his hips were arching, his whole body shuddering at the sensations Ezra's touch and mouth was sending through him. One slick finger dipped deeper and he cried out.

Just before Chris couldn't hold it any longer, Ezra had mercy with him. The thief slid up Chris lean naked body, the friction of skin against skin enough to launch a myriad of tiny shivers, into the awaiting arms.

"Ez ...!"

It didn't need much to trigger him. Chris moaned deeply in his throat, wrapping his arms tightly around his lover as he finally got lost in the eruption of his climax that Ezra shared with him both over the Bond and in a breathtaking passionate kiss.

Chris tossed the offending piece of silk aside, holding Ezra, who was snuggling close against his neck. Fingers ran over his twitching skin, soothing, calming, and Chris felt his heartbeat slow down, his breathing even out.

"Ezra, what the HELL have you been reading?" he asked, voice still breathless. "That was ..."

The green eyes of his lover were sparkling with mischief, pleasure and, still, desire.

"Incredible?" he asked, smirking.

"Yeah, something like that."

Chris let his hands slide over the thief's arms to his wrists, holding them back in a firm grip.

"Chris?" There was a slight note of panic, which was arousing in its simplicity.

"Revenge is mine," he growled.

And with that he started a rapturous attack on Ezra's throat with lips and tongue. Not to talk about other important parts of his lover's anatomy ...

"Chrisss... oh god ... "


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