What If I Stumble

by UnknownAlias

What If I Stumble
by Alias

What If I stumble

This one for the people
This one for them all
But do I simply serenade for things I must afford

We can jumble them together
My conflict still reminds
Lonliness is calling
In the midst of calling fame

Cause I see the trust in their eyes
Though the sky is falling
They need your love in their lives

What if I stumble
What if I fall
What if I lose my step and I make fools of us all
Will the love continue when my walk becomes a fall
What if I stumble
What if I fall

Chris Larabee held his position ready to lead his team into the building to reclaim their undercover agent and to bust the bad guys. He had only moments until he would call his team into action and no matter how many times he led them, the same thoughts came to mind. What would happen if he called his team in to soon? What would happen if one of his team wasn't ready? Or worse yet, if he wasn't ready.

His team trusted him. They put their lives in his hands every day. They expected him to make decisions. Hard decisions that could easily cost one or more of them their lives. It wasn't that as ATF agents they all didn't already make those types of choices everyday, but he was the leader. It was his responsibilty to see that they all made it out. What was it that his drill sargeant used to tell him? Never leave anyone behind. And Chris Larabee never planned on doing so. Never wanted to and would fight hell itself to make sure they all made it out ok, maybe not unscathed, but ok.

Damn, every time one of his men ended up hurt, it cut at his heart. He was responsible. He was the leader. He wasn't quite sure why he had taken this role. Or really why this role had been designated to him. Because whether or not they were on the job or off, he was still the leader and they looked to him for guidance. Just as they looked to Nathan for medical advice, Josiah for spiritual and psychological advice, Buck for feminine advice, JD for computer advice, Vin for advice on just about anything because he was such a good listener and Ezra, well they went to Ezra when they needed to do something a little shady. Ezra was always good for that.

He glanced around the building. If a normal person walked in off the street they would never see any of the rest of his team. They were all in their positions, well hidden from view, but easily able to access the area they needed to be to take the gunwielders down. They were ready as far as he could tell.

Maybe they all felt the way he did. Maybe right before Nathan tried to perform a medical procedure, he couldn't breath and had to run through how much all the others trusted him. Hell, maybe even Ezra--Mr. I never show my emotions, because I don't have any--even stepped back for a few minutes and contemplated failure.

Shaking his head and sending up a short prayer, Chris took a deep breath and called the signal out to his team.


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