I am calling it the Dark Knights Verse. It is a shapshifters/Were verse. It is open; I only ask that all stories be sent to me before being posted anywhere. I do as I said have ideas for where this story will go and although I welcome any stories that this may inspire I request the right to say if those stories are canon or not in my Verse.

were hard and made Ezra shiver but he refused to cower in front of the man, after all his gaze was nothing compared to Chris Larabee' s scorching glare. He tilted his chin up in resolve.

He tried punching and kicking but they just restrained him or ignored the blows he dealt out. Before he knew it, he was as naked as the two men were and panting and exhausted, pinned to the dirt by two men that greatly out sized him.

Creel took Ezra's mouth and pried resisting lips apart with a demanding tongue and the restraining grip on his hair as the other hand and knees began working apart the smaller man's legs.

The injured man quickly looked around a wondered if these new wolves would let him crawl away.