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Gratitude Series: #3

by GinaD

Look at the two of you lying there, Vin in bed, and you in that chair.... Damn I felt my heart stop when that outlaw pointed his gun at your fancy red jacket. No way I could get a shot off in time. Then Vin stepped in front of you an all I could do was watch. I don't remember seeing either of you fall. Hell, I don't remember much at all for about a minute.

All of a sudden I'm standing over the two of you. Blood welling out of Vin's chest and you holdin him, tryin to stop it. Don't know who looked worse, both of you a bloody mess. I watched you while Nathan worked on Vin, you tried to hide it but I could see how worried you were.

I know what your thinking too. Your thinkin we would rather have you in that bed instead. Well, it wouldn't matter which one of you was in that bed. The other would still be sprawled in that chair waitin. Nathan would still have set up all night, that first night. JD would still be walking around looking like a ghost, waiting to hear it's gonna be all right. Josiah'd still be over at the church right now praying for both of you to make it through this with your bodies and souls intact. And Buck, Buck has been staked out on that balcony ever since we got both of you up here. Just waitin and protecting both of you from concerned well-wishers and busybodies. Wouldn't matter which of you was in that bed, he'd still be there.

And me, I'd still be standin here worried half to death, that one of you was gonna die and I'd loose the other to some demon of guilt.

And you, you long haired, sacrifice yourself for anyone, tracker. It's just like you to jump in front of a bullet intended for someone else. Couldn't just push Ezra out of the way, no you have to flat out put yourself between him and the bullet.

I'm tired of watchin you sittin there, willing Vin to breath for two days now. You almost look worse than he does, an it's drivin me crazy seein both of you suffer. When I decided to stay and lead this group, of all of you, I never figured I'd give a damm about a sneaky gambler. But you did it, you got to me.

When did we get under your skin? I watched, you tried to keep us all at a distance, with your fancy words and fine clothes. But it didn't work did it, you care and now your stuck just like me. You care and there ain't a damm thing you can do about it.

Well, I've had it do you hear! No more of this, I'm tired of worryin about both of you, about everyone. Next time one of you pulls a fool stunt like this, I'm not gonna let it get to me. And when the two of you wake up I'm gonna tell you just that.

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